Developer Update | Happy New Year | Overwatch

Developer Update | Happy New Year | Overwatch

From our family of heroes to yours: Happy New Year! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he takes a look back at what happened in 2017 and then looks forward to what’s in store for 2018.

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87 Responses

  1. Nyxspherian Wolf says:

    As a Zen main, please give us Zenyatta lore.

  2. Ham and Eggs says:

    Look at Jeff’s hands, he’s reloading like zen😂

  3. I need healing says:

    R.I.P Mercy rez

    • Mad Max says:

      Resurrect is the most powerful non-ultimate ability. All they did was make the ability require a bit of thought before use.

    • Ize says:

      Mad Max nah, it’s still really easy to cancel an outplay of The enemy. That Alone Makes her The easiest hero to climb on

    • Bastion 2 says:

      Rez me I have blade (blade is at 50%)

    • Jai Smith says:

      Mad Max You have no idea don’t you, even if you get knocked back it cancels, so the list of heroes that can easily cancel a mercy rez is HUGE. If you look at how many people played mercy post and pre nerf there will have been a big change. Just being a good mercy isn’t enough anymore.

    • olliecam _ says:

      No more healing for you.

  4. BSK says:

    I think the arcade setup could be improved.

    *Block 1* – 8 player Deathmatch, daily map variance
    **Block 2* – Lockout elimination, daily map/player number variance (3/6)
    *Block 3* – No Limits
    *Block 4* – Mystery Heroes
    *Block 5* – varying Brawl (Like Total Mayhem, This is Ilios, Shimada Bros, etc.) or just make Mayhem standard
    **Block 6* – current event (1v1 when no active event)

    *During events, make 1v1 a daily variant in the lockout elimination block (2)

  5. Georgi Lazov says:

    C’mon Papa Jeff for Chinese new year i think we want McCree skin

  6. Ninja Bommber says:

    Good work with the game. I dont agree with some of the nerfs, but im biased as a Mercy main so yeah. But everything else is great. I love the skins and events. Im excited for the new hero and skins for the existing. Keep on track with this amazing game, and please for the love of all holy, DONT kill another character because the youtube comment section wants a nerf XD.
    Happy New year!

  7. marsil602 says:

    already know who Hero #27 is: TheLegend27

  8. Wyatt Cusick says:


  9. *ᖇᏫᏣᏦᏋᎿ197997 or* *ᎶᏂᏫᎦᎿ255* says:

    Just add a spray where Jeff holds a cookie and salt in both hands plz XD!!!

  10. V Vrexid says:

    Save up your credits people, can’t wait for these Blizzard skins to drop.

  11. Ozpoz says:

    Yes thank you for letting me get NOT A SINGLE LEGENDARY in 32 WINTER LOOTBOXES.

  12. Shadow says:

    Lucio loreeeeee

    • Jai Smith says:

      animatedHumorist [AH] This is coming from a lucio main, and I think that lucio’s backstory so far is too bland, all we know is that he is a dj and he doesn’t like symmetra, if they had a cinimatic it would be boring unless they added a lot of new lore into, but in the end i don’t think it would turn out well because he’s very neutral with the rest of the characters.

    • Shadow says:

      Jai Smith But that’s the reason we need a cinematic of him. As he stands he is too bland.

    • Krush says:

      Bland lore, bland cinematic, let him just…exist.

    • Lunar Aura says:

      Lucio is an edm producer
      Theres your lore bye

    • Weltfenos says:

      Lucio is my favorite

  13. JT23 YT says:


    Loose all placements = Master

    Win all placements = Bronze

  14. Fafnir says:

    Most people see these as new updates.

    I see more material for Dinoflask to work with~

  15. Jack Waters says:

    I didn’t get a single Winter Wonderland skin 🙁

  16. The_TPF_Empire says:

    Let’s be honest.. We’re all scrolling through the comments while listening to the video.. 😛

  17. Zer0 The Assassin says:

    Jeff: “Happy New Year everyone.”

    Me: “Boye yur one day late get with the times Jeff.”

  18. Finnegan Charles says:

    You guys know 2018 is gonna be Dope he hasn’t been sleeping look at him.

  19. Joe M says:

    Jeff. I want to see the OW team make a hero of you. Not just saying that for the meme; I sincerely mean it. You already have plenty of potential voice lines! My favorite would be “if you have that negative comment, just try and hold it back…”

  20. Vinicius De Almeida says:

    Please stop nerfing Mercy 😭

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