Developer Update | Happy Year of the Dog! | Overwatch

Developer Update | Happy Year of the Dog! | Overwatch

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year celebration returns February 8! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he talks about what to expect from this year’s festivities—including a new Capture the Flag competitive mode, new Capture the Flag map, over 50 new seasonal items, and more.

0:27 – Jeff breaks down the new map Ayutthaya
1:17 – Updates to Capture the Flag explained
2:46 – Competitive Capture the Flag explained
3:34 – Jeff shares details on the new Lunar New Year skins

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64 Responses

  1. Gersi muca says:

    we dont need any more cosmetics we want fixed comp

  2. Shaizy says:


  3. 本田盾子 says:

    Please bring back old Mercy.

  4. Alec Macomber says:

    Still not gonna touch ctf tbh

  5. Enzick -_- says:

    Stop merfing nercy

  6. takapihantonttu says:

    Year of MY DOGGIE
    !tmobilemvp xQc

  7. Xzero [Gaming] says:


  8. Zotic says:

    Jeff is the new map also for quickplays,… possible to play?

    • *** oREMINISCENT *** says:

      Zotic its a capture the flag no lol its to small for a actually map and there would be no space to push payload or capture point lol.

    • Alonssosaur 42 says:

      *** oREMINISCENT ***
      I think the new map will be just like Dark forest and Castillo, to small for Quikplay and competitive games, but as good as so.
      And hopefully we will have a hole normal map in the same theme and country, just like Dorado and Castillo

  9. AndreDerp says:

    Please make orisas dog emote to a lunar dog

  10. CrimsonCreations says:

    “Mercy is the least played hero” Who’s fault is that? 🤔

  11. Piller Ábel says:

    is the widow skin at the star epic or legendary?

  12. Zain Ali says:

    Widow’s new skin looks THICC

    • Russo Wintergreen says:

      Zain Ali shes way hotter than any dark skin black woman. Its a good thing that Blizzard understands that black women that have darker skin than Rihanna are ugly and irrelevant.

    • Dabing Dab says:

      Russo Wintergreen Why do you exist its pains me since you are so rude

  13. Lafaty says:

    🅱eff from the Overwatch team.

  14. tbhunter000 says:

    i hope this stuff will stay, bc my PC is broken rn 🙁

  15. DO U KNO DA WAE says:


  16. AvatarLover98 says:

    Kills mercy, gives her a new skin

    • Niko Kolefski says:

      El Hoxo You’re actually so stupid. Believe me, I love the Mercy nerf, but you shouldn’t go around trying to state facts with your ignorance. OWL continues to play Mercy through stage 1 because the current live patch hasn’t hit them yet. At the start of stage 2 and up, the patch will be live for OWL.

    • Andreas Widding-Gabrielsen says:

      AvatarLover98 Your thought process (maybe):
      Hmmm mercy used to be broken and overpowered ruining overwatch competetive. Now she is not broken and OP.
      Not broken and OP=complete garbage.

    • Spectre says:

      Niko Kolefski they literally mention that every round too idk how he could miss that

    • HunterBlade says:

      El Hoxo mercy is kinda bad now.

    • Dwight K. Shrute Assistant To the Regional Manager says:

      AvatarLover98 – if you suck at mercy after the nerf, then you were never really good at her.

  17. Pico does Anal Sex says:

    “New skins for some of our least played heroes, Mercy- oh I was kidding about them being least played by the way”
    Just you wait, kiddo

  18. Shiggy says:

    Can we get Jeff’s back hair as a playable character?

  19. Deltoid says:

    if you’re really going to listen to our feedback, then please buff mercy. we don’t need anything much, just don’t nerf her into the ground again. please daddy jeff

  20. The Local Guy says:

    I bust out laughing at 3:50 every time he says “I know they’re two of our LEAST played Heroes” and then just pauses to glare at the viewer hahaha XD

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