Developer Update | Introducing Echo | Overwatch

Developer Update | Introducing Echo | Overwatch

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses Echo, the latest hero that’s flying into Overwatch, providing insight into her back story and abilities.

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76 Responses

  1. Bodogato says:

    Community: “New hero is support, damage or tank?”
    Jeff: *Yes*

  2. DarkVizardBerryTan says:

    Jeff: She can turn into another character on the enemy team
    Flex players: laughs in triumph

  3. Gess Hugh says:

    “Rapid horizontal mobility”
    “If the target has 50 percent or less health, it does a lot more damage”
    Literally turns into a member of your team but better…

    Supports are gonna need a support group…

    • Marcus says:

      Ethan Donnelly plus her fly seems like genji dash or doom fist where if you try to play agro with it, you’ll be left without an escape and hitscans will shut you down

    • Ethan Donnelly says:

      @Marcus That’s if used incorrectly.

      You CAN use Genji dash to engage depending on the map. If you’re somewhere with high ground and the target is on low ground you can dash into them and fan for damage then wall climb to safety. Its not as good as a dash to get out but it is something you can do.

      Echos flight is kinda gonna be the same, you can use it to burst speed into the target and damage while flying but you need to have an escape planned out that you can use the last few seconds of flight to get to.

      Mercy is like that, her Valk gives you freedom of movement but at the end you gotta reposition somewhere safer for you so when it does end you are relatively safe

    • Rocko Rodriguez says:

      @Priseterqua you get there by gitting gud

    • Daniel Dobson says:

      Doesn’t echo turn into a member of an enemy team?

    • Marcus says:

      Ethan Donnelly yeah that’s kinda what I meant. Just suck at wording things 😂

  4. kingdulah1 says:

    OW: our DPS times are broken so to get people to choose Tank and Heals more you guessed it….We are adding a new DPS character to the roster

    • Imply Doods says:

      There are to many dps is

    • Matt Norris says:

      See, what they should have done to fix the DPS queue was make Echo a support and have healing provide twice as much ult charge as damage and then they could change into a DPS with their ult.

      You have to bait them away before they’re in the queue, not after.

    • Zakk says:

      it doesnt matter how many dps characters there are. If there are 13 support, dps, and tank characters, there will still be an overwhelming number of DPS queues. Not a lot of fps players want to be a reinhardt holding up a shield and getting bounced around the place, or stuck in the backlines while you get dove 24/7.

    • Gavin GG says:

      @Zakk but rein could potentially be replaced by a more fun tank…

      flaws in your argument

  5. TRG Lime says:

    Me: thank God 2-2-2 stuck around! Jeff: goats. Us: what? Jeff: goats is back 3 tanks. 2 rein ults in ten seconds here you go.

  6. Mygo51 says:

    Summary :
    There are already too many dps characters compared to tanks and supports, but since we’re stupid we add a new one… Thank you for your encouragement and enjoy the game.

    A bit early for april 1st jeff

  7. Lily Olkkola says:

    OW community: Force 2/2/2!
    *Blizzard Introduces Role Lock*
    Jeff: well yes but no, this hero can turn into any hero

    • Matt Norris says:

      Can’t wait for little 15 seconds spurts of GOATs variants to come back. Or for your Mercy to die, the Echo then to duplicate the enemy’s Mercy, res your Mercy and then have your actual Mercy res the next person that dies.

  8. Veronica Iacavino says:

    “We know for DPS, a barrier can get quite annoying”

    Me: *staring at Orisa’s 600 health paper shield*

  9. SpiritWolf_OW says:

    Can’t wait to play Echo and have my team still want me to use my ult on a support so I can heal instead of throw

    • Ethan Donnelly says:

      Thats huge value though. Depending on Ult charge speeds for supports you could potentially build a Nano in seconds, or have beat to engage with while letting your own lucio keep theres or Coalescence.

      Like the options echo has should make any support player interested

  10. Damon Seire says:

    Disappointing, her personality in the McCree short seemed so healing, was hoping for a support character ):

    • MoonGaming says:

      Damon Seire I mean technically she can turn to any support so that counts I guess

    • Damon Seire says:

      @MoonGaming yeah but in reality what DPS player is gonna decide to change into a healer rather than, say, a tank with a strong ultimate (Dva, for example), or another meta DPS for double op damage?

    • Cygus Lorman says:

      Damon Seire A DPS who wants to gain SR

  11. ARIAkhafan 2016 says:

    Our healer is trash and wont heal
    Echo player: heroes never die

  12. Luke Trainor says:

    “And then we get a boost-io” 😂

  13. Martin Schrentewein says:

    “For a brief period of time you’ll have 3 tanks”


  14. Carlos De La Garza says:

    Jeff: we are trying to fix the queue’s for DPS.
    Overwatch Team: Add another one

    • Finnツ says:

      You just don’t understand the higher intellect of team 4. This matter is very complex and the statistics clearly indicate that adding another fun dps character that is complete cancer to play against will actually lower the DPS queue times. And yes I know you are already asking yourself, these are the same statistics that lead to them banning Rein, Moira and Ana all in one week.

    • Hunter Ludwig says:

      Overwatch better add like 7 more support and tanks by the time overwatch 2 is announced if they actually want some freaking normal queue times.

    • hoqee says:

      SO true

    • Topher Reilly says:

      Finnツ the bans are random lmao just because its based of use percentage in OWL doesnt change the actual selection of the heros being random.

    • Zakk says:

      it wouldn’t have fixed dps queues if they had added a support or tank.

  15. PureZOOKS says:

    Jeff: now for the part that everyone has been waiting for.
    Me: Ah yes, the SFM po-
    Jeff: Her ultimate ability.

  16. Heather Chandler says:

    2:53 “it was actually quarantined”
    lmao us too tf

  17. Dar'ana Korovina says:

    Why in the love of God they made her DPS

  18. Maddie the Witch says:

    aw man, I was hoping she was going to be a support 🙁

    • Rocko Rodriguez says:

      Don’t worry, the next hero will be one (there IS a pattern to the release schedule) plus I’m sure they’re going to add multiple of both healers and tanks when OW2 comes out

  19. z e r o says:

    “enemy team has a widow”
    “We don’t have any long”
    Echo: hold my oil

  20. Nah says:

    •The beam now doesn’t damage the enemies. Instead, it heals your allies. The beam heals more the less health your ally has.
    •You can now stick stickies your allies to give them temporary shield.

    Was it that hard, Blizzard?

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