Developer Update | Upcoming Season 6 Changes | Overwatch

Developer Update | Upcoming Season 6 Changes | Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan details some of the changes coming to Season 6 of Competitive Play later this month.

0:32 – Seasons will now be two months long vs. three months
1:50 – Competitive Points are also being adjusted to account for the shorter season
2:28 – Skill Rating decay changes are coming and will be less punitive
3:35 – Control maps will now be best of three vs. best of five
5:06 – Placement matches should now lead to more accurate skill ratings
6:31 – Higher tiered matches should now be more balanced, but queue times might be longer
8:14 – We’ll always be working to improve Competitive Play, it’s an ongoing process
9:01 – Your feedback is incredibly important and we look forward to hearing what you think

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20 Responses

  1. The Blue Shy Guy says:

    Nice, being yelled at to change a hero for 2 months is better than 3 months I guess…

  2. SulaTosi says:

    Hate the control map change because there is bi mode thats as long as control and I love Comebacks and you can‘t do that any more and even if the enemy team does the comeback I think it‘s interesting but then theres NO long game in Overwatch so competitive is now quick play

  3. offended badly then unsubscribed says:

    I don’t know if you will see this but I thought it was a good idea to add a “panic” or “help” button similar to the “need healing” button because when you’re a healer sometimes you’re being attacked from the back and your team has no way to know and even if you are in voice chat and scream for your life people don’t know where you are or take long to get what’s going and it’s too late. As a healer main this would make my life complete lol. thanks! I hope you guys see this(:

  4. Lavar Ball says:

    your matchmaking is a joke for as long as irrelevant ingame stats are used for the rating calculation.

  5. Dorramu says:

    How about fixing how leavers work? I don’t want to lose SR because someone on my team either raged because they keep getting killed or their internet goes down, I hardly think it’s fair.

  6. Abdulrahman Asiri says:

    Ps4 need typing chat and report i can’t play comp anymore its too toxic

  7. DunkovVon Sporder says:

    We need a server in the middle east… there are many arabic players in overwatch and were forced to join EU servers… 150+ping

  8. Bahamut Prime says:

    count every time jeff blinks.

  9. WolfSkymon says:

    Buff genji

  10. Johny Peperwinkle says:

    I was watching a youtube video by muselk his main for comp was zenyatta, he was in a game with 4 other support mains and one Reinhardt main that’s how dumb the matchmaking was

  11. Bryan Velasquez says:

    Why lose SR points when players throw? Not fair!

  12. Tin Marincic says:

    Please buff tracer i beg you overwatch she gets two shot and even 1 shot and i hate it

  13. It's Dat Hoe says:

    I love how this is #1 on Trending

  14. shadow plays says:

    Jeff how come the enemy team always have the better reply to me if its the same for u

  15. Ghavarus says:

    This is just a game updates, a patch! Why is this number 1 on trending?

  16. MarcelSSJ4 says:

    Glad my game overwatch is #1 on Trending!

  17. Wasif Anton says:

    Omg he is so boring

  18. Brock The Liberator says:

    Reverse roadhog nerf and I’ll play again

  19. Damian Elishys says:

    0:13 “Competitive Play has been going great”.

    You know, I usually agree with Jeff on almost everything, but unfortunately, this is an exception.

  20. Nick Flanik says:


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