Devil Giraffe

Meet our new friend!

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20 Responses

  1. Pyroguy Productions says:

    It sounds like they tried saving money on not lubricating the gears (that
    or it’s been on the shelf WAY too long). Ever heard a car with a slipping
    belt or bad bearings in the tensioner pulley? Same thing.

    …but then again, I’m not wearing a fedora, so my input is moot.

  2. Sazz Matter says:

    This toy needs to replace the radio in Silent Hill.

  3. Dumpstermuffin1 says:

    Good for scaring away house cats

  4. Josh Hat says:

    Why is this comments section so flooded with neckbeards?

  5. JP Engineering says:


  6. NJ Havoc says:

    Burn it and bury it, or it will kill you in your sleep

  7. dantonm3h says:

    this is why giraffes dont make a sound

  8. Ovsyankaser123 says:

    Скиньте трек

  9. Matt Quinton says:

    We need an exorcist! And therapy for the kids!

  10. Ashencrowe says:

    It sounds so real. Just like the ones on the Serengeti Plains.
    If they used dial-up modems.

  11. Scott Strong says:

    This is outstanding.

  12. dleemarch1 says:

    Ye it’s broken, not possessed! No devil to possess so….

  13. vultur311 says:

    something went wrong.. nothing unusual here

  14. Michael Crenshaw says:

    Where did you obtain this thing? I need it for my friends son.

  15. Shaifudin Baruchah says:

    Lol kinda lame for a toy.. well not to toddlers :)

  16. martin kleiven says:

    Are the batteries fully charged? I have many toys that sounds like they’re
    possessed by the devil when batteries are almost dead/dead.

  17. Victoria M says:

    That thing creeps me out as an adult I feel bad for any child that ended up
    with it. 

  18. D. Djinn says:

    Fedoras, To those who wear them. Thank you for taking yourself off the
    market! More chikas for the rest of us lol. 

  19. VIDSBYPB says:

    Oh GOD I want that so bad

  20. viktor star says:

    after drinking that Coca Cola