Devin Haney Becomes Undisputed Lightweight Champion with Dominate Victory Over Kambosos | HIGHLIGHTS

Devin Haney Becomes Undisputed Lightweight Champion with Dominate Victory Over Kambosos | HIGHLIGHTS

Watch highlights from #KambososHaney featuring #GeorgeKambosos and #DevinHaney. Haney won by unanimous decision to become the undisputed lightweight champion of the world.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, WBA/IBF bantamweight world champion Naoya “Monster” Inoue is 17-0 in world title fights and only once has been pushed to the brink.

WBC bantamweight world champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire, the four-weight kingpin whose late-career renaissance cemented his status as one of boxing’s greatest lighter weight champions, has one more shot to stun the Japanese pound-for-pound icon.

Inoue and Donaire will meet in a title unification rematch Tuesday, June 7, at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Inoue and Donaire first fought in November 2019 at Saitama Super Arena, with Inoue overcoming a broken orbital bone and nose to win a unanimous decision in the consensus Fight of the Year.

#InoueDonaire2 and undercard bouts will stream live and exclusively in the U.S. on ESPN+ starting at 5:30 a.m. ET/2:30 a.m. PT.

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44 Responses

  1. Ghost Writer says:

    Haney was excellent in this fight. His jab, defense, footwork, and overall gameplan was near perfection. Congratulations to Haney, he took Kambosos to school!

    • Dee Jay says:

      @Jack Slacker you cannot hug your way to all those knots and scars on George Cambosis face hugging doesn’t do that. Otherwise everyone’s hands would be considered deadly weapons.

    • Dee Jay says:

      @Miguel Sanchez The only thing the fight was closer to was a one-sided ass whooping and that was Haney whipping Cambosis ass. That was a beautiful display of Haney’s boxing intelligence, understanding distance, fainting, and keeping the other fighter off balance.

    • angel ortiz says:

      @Elvis 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Matrix Seven says:


  2. Stevie says:

    This was the exact fight most of us imagined. I thought Kambo beat Teo Lopez, but Teo’s game plan was horrible. I don’t blame the injury, Teo with those injuries could have boxed Kambo and it would have been an easy night. Teo trying to impress the NYC fans went for the knockout and this gave Kambo the best shot and victory. The eye test for all Kambos fights clearly shows he struggles against boxers and Haney is an elite boxer. Congrats! to both fighters I did think the Kambo team did a good job getting Kambo as much money as possible knowing this could be the peak of his career.

  3. De bronx says:

    Haney looked so slick and smart in that ring, respect to all his success and hard work! he deserves this

  4. Les Ant says:

    Gotta give credit to Haney’s jab . His jab busted kambosos face.

    • THE-Xfactor says:

      @Noel “The Holy Fire” Echevarria
      Who you like or dislike is irrelevant sir🤣 It will have ZERO impact on Haney’s future plans.

    • Noel "The Holy Fire" Echevarria says:

      @John Brown Best American Ever !! Two different belts. Haney has the WBA Super, Gervonta has the regular. I know, sounds ridiculous (which is).

    • Sarg1611 says:

      @Stagmire Lupertazzi I would love to see Loma be able to come back from that war and go get them belts from Haney. Loma is the one Haney was calling out three years ago. Lomachenko would destroy that kid in 7-8 rounds because no other lightweight is better at working around the jab than Loma.

    • Sarg1611 says:

      @VIVA LAVIDA you are wrong. Rocky Marciano never threw a jab in his entire career as a heavyweight. Undefeated at 49-0 and never used the jab.

    • Sarg1611 says:

      @Mike Fitzpatrick finally someone talking with some boxing sense. One ESPN headline said Haney “dominated” George. This was far from a domination. Give me a break. Haney had the better strategy but he in no way “schooled” anyone.

  5. Goode Todd says:

    It’s just something powerful ,when a father is part of his sons Life . Congratulations on a good fight Champ .

    • Breezy says:

      @Jason yeah it’s a stereotype for the same reason people are “racist because the color of our skin” FOH 😂we know the real.

    • Jason says:

      @Breezy it’s a stereotype for a reason

    • TheBkdot says:

      @NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER actually there’s a very very very good explanation for for that. The current system doesn’t allow for black men to be in their child’s lives. Either through mass incarceration, over sentencing, wrongful conviction; or we can take it back to the 1600’s where black men were only breeders. Breeders is very much the role they’ve been stuck in and this is all by sophisticated design.

    • Yellow Bone says:

      @NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER Devin would never lose to a whiteboi and he confirmed it in this fight.

  6. b rob says:

    Props to Devin Haney! Think about what this young man had to go through. He has to fly nearly around the world, in another continent. They tell him his dad can’t go, nor his asst. trainer, which I think has been left out. This kid is literally by himself at 23 yrs old in a strange place in the fight of his life! And in front of roughly 55,000 ppl, none of which is rooting for you. Good job, young man!

  7. Dennis Hampton says:

    If Haney had power he would be unstoppable

  8. Troy P says:

    I’m so proud of what this young man has accomplished, he went and got it done against all odds! True champion! Congratulations Devin!

    • Roger Dana says:

      @Tray L Rolly should not be on the list. Rolly is probably one of the worst fighters i have seen. He does have more power than most in the division, but lacks skill, technique, patients, and brain cells. He shouldn’t waste time and go for belts. Tank davis should be next, and eliminate his paper belt.

    • David Cruz says:

      You’re proud ? That’s crazy

    • Prime E says:

      @Matt win 🤷🏿

  9. Jeff The Absurd says:

    Devin Haney put on a phenomenal performance. A legend in the making!

    • Stagmire Lupertazzi says:

      @b spoon Legend? Haney’s probably the only undisputed champion I can think of that 4-5 other top guys in his division would or should be favored to win against him. Most boxing heads thought he’d beat Kambosos but Tank, Loma, Teo, Garcia and eventually Stevenson, beat Haney. I don’t see any evidence for how Haney beats those guys based on what he brings to the table.

    • Richard Plascencia says:

      Really, landing five jabs a round makes you a legend.

    • b spoon says:

      he a legend now

  10. Danny See says:

    23 year old undisputed?! Crazy talent.

    • Carlos Aguilar says:

      He got handed them belts lmao he has done nothing his entire career. They just fed him a trash kambosos and yeah now he is automatically great lol

    • Alex Lilano says:

      It is crazy, but also he didn’t really beat anybody that good.

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