DeVon Franklin On ‘The Truth About Men’, Mastering The Dog, Love Vs. Lust + More

DeVon Franklin On ‘The Truth About Men’, Mastering The Dog, Love Vs. Lust + More

Author and producer DeVon Franklin stopped by the show to talk about his new book “The Truth About Men”, mastering the dog and much more.

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DeVon Franklin On ‘The Truth About Men’, Mastering The Dog, Love Vs. Lust + More

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


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88 Responses

  1. Marrow Morrison says:

    Rise in the morning My black brothers and sisters and be great. Have a wonderful day ✊?✊?✊?✊?.

  2. Chiemeri says:

    Love VS Lust. Seems like this one should be good. Ready to learn. Morning y’all!!! Happy Wednesday make it a productive one!❤️

  3. Eric For President says:

    Happy Humpday everyone. Have a blessed day and do your best always!

  4. Breezeme105 says:

    *Whoever reading this, I pray this will be the day God blesses u* ?

  5. Chiemeri says:

    “ why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothing but the *DOG* in meeee?” ??

  6. Chiemeri says:

    Omg.! I thought Charlemagne was going to say he’s been completely faithful since like 2008… He really just said since 2016… OMG I guess we all start somewhere??

  7. Loreaiga PrimeGaming says:

    Cant lie it’s hard to listen to this because he is mostly right. But I cant help but grind my teeth.

  8. Elliot Lambert says:

    Charlemagne is still learning but this devon Guy has massive points and I understand I really do!!

  9. Sophisticated Swanson says:

    Shout out to the real men like me who never cheat.

    • Real Advice says:

      +Necee Bash because he’s portraying himself to be the definition of a real man by telling women what they wanna hear…that’s what players do (just so know)

    • Sophisticated Swanson says:

      +Real Advice dude this is ABC 123. The point of video us relationships. If you respect yourself and othrre you’re king if you not you a loser. Cheating and disrespecting your partner makes someone a loser in the relationship department. The end.

    • Necee Bash says:

      Real Advice he said one sentence, you don’t know this man like I don’t how do u know if he’s lying or not?.. sounds like for YOU being faithful is impossible and u don’t like that being associated with the definition of a “real man” because that wouldn’t include you… ijs it’s weird y’all are taking this personal

    • Sophisticated Swanson says:

      +Necee Bash I got references. Lol.

    • Retrokidbk83 says:

      Much respect my man. Here is the thing you’re missing though…..sometimes the “real men” get dragged through the mud by cheating inconsiderate women as well. “Many” of the women clapping for the one sided discussion in this interview have broken a few good man’s hearts and from that pain brought the dog out of some of the men they described in the interview. It’s kind of like PTSD. I was cheating on by a woman back in the day and she could never give me a valid explanation as to why. That hurt made me never want to feel that pain ever again….so I reacted like most young men…..I chose to be single and keep my options open. I would also let every woman I befriended know what my intentions were before we took it anywhere as to not lead them on…but with many women they thought they could change me. Most men are honest but women thrive off emotions and “Real Men” thrive off logic. We can constantly tell a woman we’re not looking for anything serious but they’ll blame you for leading them on when you’ve never once uttered ” I love you or I want an exclusive relationship”

  10. Mike Tank Brown ll says:

    I have never cheated, but, I been accused of cheating many times. It got to point that I said to myself, ?I might as well do it, since she keeps on assuming that I am.??‍♂️
    I ended up not cheating, and just breaking up with her, because it was just a toxic situation.

  11. DatPucking Guy says:

    Nothing to say because what he is saying is true. I’m not going to deny or fabricate an excuse on why I don’t agree. I’m happily married 10 years and a baby. Gotta master the dawg to the point of euthanasia

  12. FitBetty says:

    Be Amazing today!!!!

  13. S Boy says:

    This guy really gifted w speech communication

    • Close Enough says:

      Only to simple folk he is. That fast talk is deceptive. Listen closely and you can hear his message clearly. The word play is irrelevent. Listen for the message and you will know this man is full of shit selling books to woman.

    • Ralph L. Baer says:

      Close Enough a pimp graduates to be a pastor. Don’t ever forget.

    • FLgirlinTX says:

      +Close Enough Oh please. Any man who has a problem with what he says is a grown boy, who is a slave to his dick. Real men understand that running through women isn’t manhood. Black men are the only group of men who think being community dicks makes them a man, when in reality, it makes them a sex addicted ho.

    • realrell3 says:

      He’s a pastor

    • Jawan James says:

      +Close Enough Yup…???

  14. Alfredo Diaz says:

    These are the things that happen when you let GOD be the head of your life. Thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. ??

    • Alfredo Diaz says:

      Crystal Lay my personal encounter with GOD solidifies my belief. I know he’s real I’m not persuaded by men.

    • howdydutt1e says:

      +Alfredo Diaz Brother I love you and I hope you get a better understanding of evolution. We did not evolve from Monkeys but share a common ancestor. The god you believe in was given to us by our slave masters and was influenced by many other stories of gods. The bible is full of many contradictions and you don’t have to look far to find any. If you see some coincidence between prayer and the good things in your life it is not god but simply coincidence. I stopped praying and giving money to the church 10 years ago and my life has changed for the better. No more burdens, I hope you don’t believe blindly and do the same, I promise no lightning will strike you from the sky.

    • J Good says:

      +1ightskin 1eo ?????? savage

    • Alfredo Diaz says:

      howdydutt1e the devil will bless you on earth. I know that. Been there done that. In the end we gain the world and freedom from GODs will put at an eternal price. I respect your decision to walk away from GOD but it’s your choice. I hope you find your way back to GOD before it’s over. Im going to pray for you. Have a good day brother. ??

    • Lew D says:


  15. The Real McKoy says:

    Stay blessed peoples! And drink plenty of water! We all struggle, that’s apart of life. The fun part is overcoming the struggle. ?

  16. Pele Kama says:

    I’ve never been that “i don’t need a man” kinda woman. Nah, I’ve always needed men in my life from a healthy approach. Interdependently. The work inside, facing the mirror is the hardest shit to do for most of us. I can just imagine what men have to deal with because so much is expected of them. They’re expected to be providers, great in the bed, be handy, to deny their emotions outwardly, to protect, and to be a plethora of other expectations. Protect our men with respect, but be firm on accountability, trust and believe men need that. Level each other up.

    • Papa Lewis says:

      Wow. Thank you.

    • ya city nothing like new Orleans says:

      Pele Kama thank you queen.?❤?

    • safizzleful says:

      pick me ?

    • Ivan Jimenez says:

      Now you are the definition of a #REALWOMAN who knows what’s up! Men, especially black and latino men, are hounded by the media representation of us every singe day. I use to never care because the hood showed us that. But as I continue to matured throughout my 20s and early 30s, I do see a difference between fuckboys and actual men. Men don’t cheat without a really good purpose. The men in my life have been tempted by sex, pussies, dicks, and ass like yall won’t ever believe. Some did cheated just to taste the sweet side of life, but let me tell you, there is no known cure for HIV/AIDS, STDS, and other diseases. Some of my brothers have died, others are currently suffering for their sins, and the brothers who I’ve grown to respect are in a loving relationships without all that toxic masculinity bullshit. A boy will one day need a powerful woman to help him be a real man, but only after he starts to acknowledge his own immaturities, lies, stealing, and cheating ways.

    • Devotion Music says:

      ???Well said ?

  17. The Thirty Journey says:

    So many women out here are already “doing the work” We’re going to the seminars, reading self help books and know the importance of what it means to be internally better to exude and be a better person overall. Men, not to take away anything from the ones who do, but there are plenty who arent doing the work. Black men I love you all so much but not enough to continue to pacify toxic behaviors. Black women are surpassing a lot of you in so many areas and now it’s your turn to really learn how to heal, love and lead. I could not be more grateful for Devon taking the time to bring light, share and open up dialog for great conversations especially from a spiritual aspect on these topics! Definitely will be purchasing ?

    • God Body: Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle says:

      +RajOfColumbus Brutha if that’s the case, then your attitude and views are in alignment with the lady who made this post. When do we as black men and women start to hold each other accountable for the betterment of our people? There’s no civil duty to one another, no civil duty to the opposite sex as both sexes want to elevate and leave the other behind.

    • RajOfColumbus says:

      +God Body: Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle that’s a question that will never be answered because of both sides are stubborn and black people have too much of a victim mentality. It is what it is homeboy and I meant what I said forget these women and focus on getting shit done these dames ain’t going anywhere, can’t call yourself top dog if you’re too busy chasing the pussy all up and around the block I rather a man stay single and handle his candle before worrying about some random fem. No black woman or any woman of that matter has a say on a boy becoming a man it’s not they’re call.

    • Christian Ellis says:

      +1ightskin 1eo I swear they love this ego boosting bs. Then be the same ones complaining that there’s not enough men recognizing their “greatness” lool

    • Mo Mo says:

      The Thirty Journey lol black women is not passing black men at all they are nothing but whores and users

    • Christian Ellis says:

      News flash: All your self worship is only good for people that have gotten accustomed to being alone. Saying things like “surpassed” is characteristic of the kind of ego monster not worthy of real commitment because let’s be honest, no matter how high you think of yourself theres always something just a little better.

      Be humble

  18. Pele Kama says:

    I’m so glad I met my guy @ 37 years old. My dude started to shape up right at that age. He’s turning 40 in a few months, and he has grown so much since I’ve met him. Ups and Downs, but we prevailed so much.

    • Junior FlyBoiiAnt says:

      37?? Oo I got a lot of years left to be out here wilding lol
      Jk jk so chill

    • Mia Loik says:

      I just left my boyfriend he is 43 & 30 we been together for 6 years. He still wasn’t ready to be a responsible man

    • ricmen1890 says:

      Nigga ain’t gone be ready until he ready. It’s case by case.

    • Mia Loik says:

      +ricmen1890 yes I got with him I was 24 and he was 36. And for 6 years he manipulated and lied his ass off. Now at 30 I had enough, I gave him my 20’s I refuse to give him my 30s

  19. Actual Factual says:

    This is fire… So honest… I cant wait to get off and get this book… sad part and this scares so.e men to know what’s the issue really is…

  20. 2019 says:

    I’ve always said if people would just THINK and play things out in their heads before they do something like cheat, steal, lie, etc, they wouldn’t do it. The consequences of those actions aren’t worth the 5 seconds-1 hour of joy.

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