Devon Larratt vs. Game of Thrones The Mountain

Devon Larratt vs. Game of Thrones The Mountain

See The Mountain from Game of Thrones go up against WAL Heavyweight Champion Devon Larratt (an ESPN professional arm wrestler half his weight). The outcome is crazy!

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20 Responses

  1. boznia says:

    The mountain maintained his body standing up while devon almost goes under
    the table to win the arm wrestle! i say Devon cheated

    • Antti Salmi says:

      +boznia PS. cheating means breaking the rules and that is not against real

    • Antti Salmi says:

      +boznia What about that shoulder press technique that Hafthor tried to use
      in a oint 1:45?? He uses his bodyweight but it didn’t help.

  2. Mjolnir says:

    Come on… give me a break. How can people be impressed by this? He’s using
    his entire body weight – it’s like the “Mountain” trying to do a single arm
    bicep curl with 200+ pounds.

  3. dancho703 says:

    Well not really half his size.. and also a world champion, armwresterling
    is not only strenght but positioning and technique, i have seen this so
    many times in real life

  4. FanofScience says:

    Well if i hang my whole body weight to my arm, I also win the fight against
    my friends…

  5. Sebastián Méndez says:

    you’re not supossed to use your body to win

  6. lord flowerpot says:

    SO much butthurt. You people were honestly expecting this arm wrestler was
    gonna lose at his own game? Different sports, different muscle training.
    Why not respect both?

  7. Manuel Perujo says:

    Volume VS. Strength

  8. Emmanuel Rapheal says:

    Gracious in defeat. Real man.

  9. Dan Abih says:

    Ok, how about fighting?!

  10. D Rodd says:

    It’s called pulling, the whole sport is called pulling by most professional
    arm wrestlers, it is a technique, and although weird looking to the common
    viewer, it is legal.

  11. Zack Frailey says:

    is it legal to use your weight like that?

  12. KingofDuelZZ says:

    step 1: move all your body weight to your arm. step 2: win.

  13. Ben Parker says:

    Looks like Hafthor is a pretty cool dude. I don’t know why, but I expected
    him to be a sore loser. Props to him

  14. donald johnson says:

    I guess I thought arm wrestling involved using primarily the arm as a means
    of competition. Not swinging the entire body around like some kind of ape.

  15. Michael Barrett says:

    Only way he could win was leaning of the table, if the mountain leaned his
    400 pounds of the table…?

  16. Rayzxb says:

    im so disappointed