Diablo 4 Beta Impressions: Initial Review

Diablo 4 Beta Impressions: Initial Review

My initial Diablo 4 beta review based on gameplay from rogue, barbarian, and sorceress classes. Druid and necromancer coming next week.

Rogue build gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfEsmvHksXI
Sorcerer and world boss Ashava gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od5s0wy3TtE
Barbarian gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIJJhhnal2M

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, Zaeith

Special thanks: John Dwyer,
Joshua Dotson,
Nazgren, Arcthorin,
Lamer of Sweden
, Neme5i5,
Nicholas Lautner
, Remiehneppo,
Tony Duran,
Valentine Judnich,

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28 Responses

  1. Beerody says:

    Id love to see more tiny villages and stuff scattered in the world. Like some ruins with buildings you can go into with enemies just to spice things up so you’re not just running around in the open constantly.

    • Jared Tandle says:

      It don’t follow the basic rule that 90% of the population inhabits 10% of the space. The countryside is pretty empty with some farms and animals, the ocean is huge and not a lot of it has fish, “the top 1% own 99% of the money and the bottom 90% live in shacks and on the streets” (lol)

      But really though, a lot of the world is empty so blizzard doing the same is fine.

    • Vlammenzee says:

      @Vigilante Live As someone who has played the full game (endgame beta), and explored everything a 100%, it HAS not.

    • Nicku says:

      @Vigilante Live Ayo when you done, pass me that hopium…

    • Beerody says:

      @Alex Davis ???

    • Beerody says:

      @AscendantGaming no I don’t mean cellars. I mean houses and ruins etc, like I just said lol. Cellars have a loading screen, they arent really a part of the open world.

  2. John McManus says:

    The Butcher randomly popping up every so often was crazy! I like the game so far

  3. Codama Design says:

    Fully agree on the town layout, it was one of the most annoying things to me: having to walk slowly to spots so far apart. I’m hoping there are better towns in other acts, and that the first one is the most story-spread out!

  4. DeadMERC says:

    It will be interesting to see their end game deep dive after the beta. Also traveling the world with a mount instead will change things up quite a bit. Cant wait to play the full game!

    • jetah says:

      @jasin butler these betas are usually on an old build of the game. it look like the campaign isnt available and we’re just doing some of the side quest to level up.

    • Maddog says:

      @Reptar Zeus I mean shit a 5 act campaign with all the fluff as well of a normal Diablo game supposedly above 35 hours just to finish base campaign with so many more levels after that filled with seasonal events too. I mean it seems like they’re making a complete game here. I’m not trying to defend them in any way I’m just pointing out that it may not be completely half-assed. Let’s just see how it is once it releases

    • jasin butler says:

      @Reptar Zeus What you see is what you get, two months too release it is not going to improve

    • Reptar Zeus says:

      Idk the world seems drastically small for an open world. What we’ve explored already felt dull and empty with enemies to insta kill. I hope they make changes before release but really the games half assed

    • FlamingOtter says:

      yea im gonna try to open beta, but not gonna purchase until i see what endgame is like

  5. Gromass says:

    You got me at ”combat mechanics”. It’s exactly what I was waiting for in D4.

  6. Kent Cori says:

    I played the closed beta and now this one. I played both on Veteran mode. The closed beta was focused on post-campaign features while this one focuses on the early campaign. I didn’t perceive a significant difference in the two betas relative to difficulty. However, I found this one was a bit easier because I already understood most of the features and protocols this time around.

  7. Viive says:

    You can gamble in the Yelesna. Way closer to TP. Also blacksmith and armor vendor is next to your portal so this is fastest hub to empty your bags.

  8. TunnelHog says:

    I like that the barb was a slow grow. I know it feels inconsistent and why? But, it’s a traditional feel where the barb starts to really scale with time. Cant wait to see how wild barb gets later

  9. Lone Irregular says:

    I personally like scaling, it keeps older content relevant besides the fact that it further adds a weight to combat, rather than just being a turret for the most part as in D3. Eager to try harder difficulties though 🙂

  10. Philip Crisp says:

    I really enjoyed the beta weekend. Game felt responsive and combat was great. The environments looked very good and the story was cool as well. I also enjoyed seeing other players in town and while running from quest to quest or seeing people join in while doing a random event. It really made the world feel more alive. There are things I would like to see improved but there is a lot more game to see and enjoy than what was available this past weekend. Overall it was a blast and I can’t wait to play some more

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