Dialysis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Dialysis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

For-profit dialysis companies often maximize their profits at the expense of their patients. John Oliver explores why a medical clinic is nothing like a Taco Bell.

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20 Responses

  1. 葛長銘 says:

    I love you Stephen Colbert!!

  2. fidorover says:

    If a DaVita patient makes the wise decision to get a kidney transplant, DaVita could easily convince them that they’re insane, by showing them the video of their CEO dancing around like a madman in a musketeer outfit — after first telling the patient that they’re about to see Tom Cruise in _Risky Business_. The patient would then assume they’ve lost their goddamn mind — therefore, the kidney transplant idea was surely ill-advised — and they stay with DaVita.

  3. Jake Evan says:

    Who knew Richard Nixon was such a progressive? From starting the EPA, to a medicare for all system for people suffering from renal problems, to opening relations back with China. The more you look into it, the more you realize that Nixon is nothing close to as horrendous as Trump, no matter the scandal. *Nixon looked like an angel compared to our current man-child in chief.*

  4. MeisterYodarkus says:

    Wait. Murica only spends 2% of the federal budget on education? It all makes sense now…

  5. Xandrite says:

    I’d Been getting Dialysis at a Davita Dialysis Center for the past 5 years. Luckily I was able to get a transplant this February.

  6. r3dplanet says:

    Dialysis patient here. It’s a living hell for sure. The staff is always poorly trained, there’s only one nurse and she’s always busy, and it sucks the life out of us. Also, you can’t eat any foods with potassium or phosphorus, which is pretty much any food you can think of. I’ve asked repeatedly about a transplant but they just ignore the request. Black men are especially genetically susceptible to renal failure and their suicide rate is really high. It’s a horrible never ending nightmare. JO didn’t mention it but it also costs about $25,000 per patient per month. So private outfits like Fresenius just milk the shit out of the whole system. I personally never go more than two months without getting a blood infection from my tubes and it’s easy to get them infected. So hospital trips are many. If I were able I would have tried to get a transplant. It’s too late now for me but I hope other patients emboldened to seek a transplant. Don’t take “no” for an answer. If you have good kidneys please donate. Kidneys are “overbuilt” by nature so even operating on one kidney is more than you really need. Just FYI.

  7. Ashes Ashes says:

    man there are still Trump supporters…..sit and think about that for a minute. people still like him, and even if it’s only like 15% of citizens, that’s a lot of fucking idiots. it’s scary

  8. gumzster says:

    Profit as a motivator is the culprit behind most human suffering….

  9. ajain111 says:

    He failed to raise the main point, which was, how should America prevent so many people from getting kidney problems in the first place.

  10. Mohammed Hamza says:

    DeWalt ladders market share increases 500%

  11. Lisiane Lenz says:

    was missing the non-trump videos !

  12. Horny Fruit Flies says:

    Sigh… when will americans learn that it’s not critical to shove capitalism into everything? There are places when it does more harm than good, but of course, try saying that to a conservative without considerable autistic screeching about “communism”.

  13. Cadmus says:

    This is exactly what happens when you privatize healthcare, when the bottom line is the only thing that matters human life is thrown away.

  14. Harambe says:

    Let me tell you a good joke

    Capitalism is the only system that can care for all people and make everybody prosperous. The free market can decide best where to put rescources into

  15. Sage Feliciano says:

    I am 20 years I was born without functioning kidneys my first dialysis was the day I was born. Since then I have had 3 kidney transplants. one was from a donor, it wasn’t a very good match from the start. I was 4 when I got that one. the next one i got a couple years later from my mom. it lasted A year and A half. it failed because I went into a kidney biopsy. which is basically A surgery where they go in then use this tool to cut out A small piece of your kidney. When they did mine though they cut off to much, which in return did like 50% damage to my kidney. Then like half a year later the rest of 2nd kidney failed because I got a really bad ear ache. The 3rd one i received in 2007 November 13th from my dad. It thankfully lasted 6 years. That one failed because throughout the years I got a couple infection so little by little my kidney was damaged. Also one week my parents went out of town for business and I was like 11 or 12 and I never been off my meds so I was testing it, I felt like they didn’t do anything so I stopped taking them that week. Then I wound up in the hospital because my labs were really bad so that did more damage. I do regret doing that but also I learned A big lesson from that.Then that one finally failed when I got high blood pressure I forgot what from. A Month later I found out they never fixed the underlying cause from my new docs so they went in and fixed the underlying cause. My next kidney should last A lot longer. I am currently on the list in Chicago for my 4th. The only thing I am kinda mad about is that with every kidney failure it gets harder to find A new kidney because your antibodies get better at detecting foreign objects like kidneys or any other donated organs. So for example my rejection percentage is at 80% I think which means its hard for me to get a kidney I have been on the list for 4 years and still haven’t got one. There has been alot of other medical issues stemming from the kidney failure. so through my hold life i have had 75 surgeries, I have been counting since I was 10. I even died in one maybe 2. I have done my dialysis treatments at a couple Davitas the nurses Are usually nice but I see how they rush people. But you should remember they are saving peoples lives. maybe the company is corrupt but you shouldn’t blame the nurses. all this medical stuff made me who I am today. I plan to use my story to go to college to major in film and minor in voice. I want to make projects that show what its really like to grow up in a situation like that or just to live day to day like that in A funny way that people understand what its like but dont feel like they are being lectured also get awareness out. Then I plan to make businesses that I know people would like with dialysis or just medical in general. I would Also like to tell my story. I have made a 30 minute video that I was asked to make about my family’s perspective. it got alot of positive responses they wanted me to tell my story. Also I plan on starting A foundation. THANK YOU JOHN OLIVER FOR GETTING AWARENESS OUT! thanks for reading?

  16. Chris James says:

    Wait. There are people who don’t understand what dialysis does?

  17. Isaac Perez says:

    Watched this while on dialysis (Fresenius Machine), having just took Epogen a few hours ago, getting ready for my appointment at Davita.

  18. Harry Turner says:

    Does anyone else find it weird that none of his audience ever coughs or sneezes?

  19. Down Range Film says:

    It’s *ScreamIntoTheVoid* time again

  20. Laure says:

    In France there is a new law now. When you die, you become automatically an organ donnor. You have to say no when you are alive if you don’t want to. It.s a good thing.

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