Did Donald Trump Bribe the Florida Attorney General?

Did Donald Trump Bribe the Florida Attorney General?

Pam Bondi, Florida’s AG, accepted a campaign donation from the candidate just days before dropping a fraud investigation into Trump University. Was it wrong, or so wrong it’s right? Guess what Donald Trump thinks.

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20 Responses

  1. TONY says:

    That T. University logo resembles pretty much to Porsche’s (colors, forms
    and shapes, mmhh, coincidence ?

  2. István Mága says:

    what a cheap whore. she sold her soul for 25K

  3. Uncle Bad Touch says:

    So um, if both candidates suck, then why not simply abstain from voting. Or
    is that not a thing in the US?

  4. supyoist says:

    Crooked Donald

  5. Captain Jack says:

    Why not believe Donald? Why wouldn’t you want Donald to have the nuclear

  6. JoeBee9 says:

    Donald Trump is clearly trying to appeal to way too many people/groups and
    now his words are getting contradictory. He says he donates and people
    return the favour when asked only to then say he never expects that special
    treatment from those he gives to (which is it?). Given that dishonestly,
    you can imagine what he’ll do when he has real power. Granted I don’t think
    he’ll ever set foot in the oval office in the end; the lying will only get
    him so far before something backfires in the worst way.

  7. Sara R says:

    Thanks Stephen. You ruined cold pizza for me forever. Thanks a bunch.

  8. brian jensen says:

    how can anyone stand this cuck ?

  9. Steve Thomsen says:

    Liberal logic: when Trump gives political gifts, he’s a horrible con. When
    Hillary accepts gifts while actively in office, and then gives the gift
    giver preferential treatment thereafter, she committed no wrong doing.

  10. Wake Up Mr. West says:

    Call Hillary crooked if you want, but oh no not if you support Donald
    Trump, the most corrupt man in North America

  11. Mr. Gabe says:

    Trump and Bondi just have a special bond for both being trice-married

  12. alexc773 says:

    Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the fact that Trump had to pay
    people to come to his wedding…

  13. Steveaux says:

    Talk about the Republican mouse in the room. Ignore the multiple Democratic
    elephants in the room.

  14. mustang6172 says:

    I would have cut the dog in half. Whoever offers me the better bribe gets
    the front half. I would have made a great judge.

  15. Joseph Digristina says:

    ….and Trump’s ass is really, really ” YUGE.”

  16. Kyle Aman says:

    This topic reminds me of the time the Clintons bribed Loretta Lynch.

  17. James Nash says:

    Not sure, but Killary did bribe the FBI

  18. HM Mix says:

    Colbert fire his hair stylist?

  19. isaac creary says:

    This man is so disgusting. And some bone heads. Supporting him for

  20. Dale Gribble says:

    still not anywhere near as bad as benghazi