Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

While researching for a wrap-up on the June 7 Presidential Primaries, we discovered evidence that Google may be manipulating autocomplete recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton. If true, this would mean that Google Searches aren’t objectively reflecting what the majority of Internet searches are actually looking for, possibly violating Google’s algorithm. According to a research paper cited in this video, that kind of search result manipulation has the potential to substantially influence the outcome of actual elections.

SourceFed Host: http://www.twitter.com/mattlieberman
Additional Research: http://www.twitter.com/spencercolereed
Editor: https://twitter.com/kencreatemedia

Google Search Results Can Change Elections: http://bit.ly/1MTSboF
Wikileak’s Julian Assange Links Google and Clinton Camp: http://bit.ly/25LaEPF
Eric Schmidt, Head of Pentagon Board: http://bit.ly/21HREvG
Eric Schmidt Funds Groundwork: http://bit.ly/1FWIXar
Official ‘Groundwork’ Website: http://bit.ly/1WP53z3

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20 Responses

  1. noah reinhard says:

    Switching to Bing !!!

  2. Mike H. says:

    Or Google isn’t poisoning the well. By suggesting a search it is lending
    legitimacy to the search. Just because you or anyone else is whipped up in
    a frenzy ready to sentence someone who isn’t even indicted yet, doesn’t
    mean Google should help you along. There are plenty of people that would
    like actual information about Clinton. And is it just Clinton? hell no.

    Go do a search of Donald Trump and see the results, you have to get pretty
    specific before anything truly negative shows up for him. Now search Bernie
    Sanders, anything immediately come up about any of his weaknesses? No? It
    looks like everyone is getting the same treatment.

  3. xArcticChaos says:

    people need to share the snot out of this

  4. Ryan Mcgaha says:

    When I entered “Hiliary Clinton ind…” into my google search bar, the top
    item was “Hillary Clinton Indictment”

  5. The Spectator says:

    did you guys have a control? because i know google uses information in your
    other open tabs/history to mess with the auto complete.

  6. psp785 says:

    Facebook also manipulates the news in favour of Clinton

  7. DestructiveElements says:

    Man. You are going to be assassinated

  8. YuGiOhDuelChannel says:

    why is everything around Hillary unethical!!! Why are people casting votes
    for this crime lord!!!

  9. 师巫 says:

    Schmidt is a big outsourcer of American jobs, H1-B Visa etc. They screwed
    Bernie , vote Trump and save American jobs.

  10. lonny barreto says:

    Same thing happens when you type “Muhammad Ali ra” same things concerning
    race show up for Yahoo and Bing, but for google it’s different!!!!!!! O.O

  11. bunchofpenguins says:

    What an embarrassment of a video. Take off your tinfoil hat and delete your
    account from the internet.

  12. edward li says:

    What is Google Doing? Bushit!

  13. Stevan Lohja says:

    I think this jackass who talks too much needs to clear out his computer
    cache cause when I do the test on a military grade secure vpn the test
    doesn’t work and all search engines are “similar”. He’s just a dumb YouTube
    media arts major that’s but hurt Bernie isn’t winning statistically

  14. Darlene Nawrocki says:

    Anyone contact the W3 Consortium about this? Although not breaking laws
    like they mentioned, there are standards that the web has regarding content
    (i.e. keyword stuffing in meta data on sites could get your site shut
    down)… Would this fall into the same category?

  15. YDP says:

    That’s despicable. And it still does it today. What happened to “Don’t be

    Also, side note, that’s not what “beg the question” means. Good reporting

  16. Ron Watson says:

    I love the disclaimer at the end. You don’t want to get added to the
    Clinton body count.

  17. Freeman Li says:

    Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, reload or
    go to another page. 此網頁發生問題因此重新載入.

  18. Dominic Cheung says:

    I tried searching for “Donald Trump cri” and I got “Donald Trump cripple
    America”, “Donald Trump critique”, “Donald Trump cries” and “Donald Trump
    cringe”. Given his statement on “Crime is rising” a few days ago, I thought
    this would be autocomplete right?


  19. WinSDFina says:

    Yeah one time I typed “Crooked Hilary” out of curiosity, and it only showed
    me positive news about her and no articles related to her

  20. theo willem says:

    Great job Sir