Did Harry Styles Audition to be the New Han Solo? | The Graham Norton Show

Did Harry Styles Audition to be the New Han Solo? | The Graham Norton Show

Could Harry Styles be a young Han Solo?

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19 Responses

  1. Amir Yaligar says:

    video uploaded jus about a few seconds ago..the length is about 2:10 minutes and already a few dislikes????
    grow up people watch it before disliking

  2. Blossom says:

    He’s gonna be the reason for my death

  3. Dimitri Bitu says:

    Han Solo isn’t a emo hipster millennial douche.

  4. Shrawani Mendes says:

    His smile killed me. Why is he so cute? ??

  5. shahrin prity says:

    Harry pls be Han solo

  6. John Laurens says:

    graham : you had a sexual relationship with…

  7. Oakley Bhati says:

    his voice has become so sexy

  8. M A says:

    Harry Edward Styles♡♡

  9. Zia Young says:

    He’s so funny. A very short time of happiness.

  10. fastlane says:

    This kid is super cute and his song is so good. I wish him all best on his solo adventures.

  11. rosey 1DHS says:

    Those pants… only you Harry..only you..

  12. Unguided Reaper says:

    No. No. Hell no! There’s no need to have a boy-band pre-teen play Han-Solo. Sorry. He needs to stick to music.

  13. rockstarkicking says:

    #Hobama is real. Never forget.

  14. gabby says:

    “legally I’m not allowed to say” the funny thing is it’s true

  15. Bryce Flint says:

    “Do you wanna’ see a picture of him?”


  16. dania efe says:

    He’s seems like a very chill and nice guy , has a great sense of humor also his debut song is really great , very likable guy

  17. nobody survives even one bit says:

    So his hair is back to 2013.

  18. Fandom Trash says:

    Graham Norton and Harry Styles are the best ❤️

  19. Alain Bruno says:

    That smirk on his face says it all. ??

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