Did He Really Just Pull This Off in the Middle of a Game…

Did He Really Just Pull This Off in the Middle of a Game…

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37 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Steph simply doesn’t miss, the man has aimbot irl

  2. x Drifft says:

    Everyone: “That’s such a weird and specific stat, no way there’s a graph for that.”

    Jxmy: “…and I took that personally”

  3. James Harden says:

    I’m not a steph fan but what this man has accomplished is once in a generation. Easily one of the most dominant players to ever play.

  4. JustYourAverage2DSimps says:

    Its quiet sad that one day we’ll be the old head that will tell the future generation how impressive Curry feat was in his era, compared to the “future era” where players will drop 15 3s with ease.

    • slackerofhell says:

      It’s the same as the people that talk about how Wilt played plumbers and all the players nowadays have his athleticism. But that’s why Wilt was great. He had athleticism of players from this era but played in the 60s-70s. I don’t think people understand that.

    • MerlinTheWiz says:

      @Ghost-shadows Proofread before you try to correct someone next time

    • Dee Jay says:

      i honestly hope this game will get back to the post area. all it takes really another shaq to apprear in this league. easy to say tho

  5. Abdi Mo says:

    Truly a generational.. let’s appreciate him while he’s here.

  6. Yahli Savir says:

    Let’s not forget he’s got an all-time handle and his movement off the ball is the goat

  7. Kingdoms Hand says:

    As a fan since 2007, I can’t say first hand I’ve seen how Steph starting in 2015 changed the game. 3 pointers were a nice addition but not required to win. Now, unless you have 30 foot snipers and a big man that can shoot, you aren’t winning. He’s revolutionary!

  8. Yuukun69 says:

    Bruh i swear this guy is so good at telling stories he could convince me a hippo could fly

  9. is0morph says:

    As a casual fan, it’s mind-blowing to see how in a game that’s about shooting the ball in a hoop a man can revolutionize the game by shooting the ball in a hoop really well. Takes a special talent to pull this off. True unicorn!

    • Fatherhood In Flight says:

      @Gary O it was sarcasm. So yea no surprise you didn’t get it.

    • Ziwuri13 says:

      I’m left wondering the same thing. Like how did nobody before him figure out just trying to get as good at shooting the ball as humanly possible?

    • is0morph says:

      @Ziwuri13 I think it’s a bit of a 4 min mile thing. Nobody thought it was possible. My guess is we’ll see more of it.

    • lucas santos says:

      brother, I feel you. started watching the nba in around 2015 and watched a lot of gsw and steph, took me very long to understand that before him people weren’t pulling from 3 like it was nothing- and banging them

    • Primus Phallus says:

      @Ziwuri13 the game wasnt played the way it is today back then. The thought process is that in a game about shooting a ball in a10 foot rim, i should be played thorugh the tallest guy on the team since he has the best chance to easily shoot that ball in said rim. To put that into context, Michael Jordan was drafted 3rd behind 2 big men, it was taller guy= easy time shooting in a taller hoop.
      Along came Stephen Curry who abused the 3 point line, yes I use abuse because that’s what he did. He took the thought process of basketball and made it into 3 point shot> any other shot. That’d his greatness and stamp for the game

  10. Viggo Macintosh says:

    I remember, 4 years ago, hating this guy and his squad with all my guts. Now I just can’t get enough of watching him play. Just truly amazing.

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