Did Led Zeppelin Steal The “Stairway To Heaven” Riff?

Did Led Zeppelin Steal The “Stairway To Heaven” Riff?

Stephen remains impartial as he investigates claims that guitarist Jimmy Page stole rock’s most iconic guitar riff from another song.

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20 Responses

  1. Ed Egg says:

    Plant and page are innocent! #freeledzeppelin

  2. Dominic Labriola says:

    Pink Floyd never stole shit. That’s why Floyd>>Zeppelin

  3. darkstonecastle says:

    Led Zeppelin will win.

  4. The Boss says:

    Sick of shilling for the liberal agenda and decided to lighten it up a bit?

    Too bad this is old news for anybody familiar with the band. Zeppelin
    always did it better and one of the problems with art these days is that it
    has become industrialized and thus nobody lets their creation become apart
    of the public domain for the sake of the almighty dollar.

    They could have been written by moonmen and they’d still be fuckin’

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    IDK why this is getting even a court case, even if led zeppelin stole the
    riff that’s only the beginning riff that KINDA sounds like the one spirit
    did cause they use some of the same Penatonics, I should fucking know I’ve
    been playing guitar for years, and just even if they did steal that they
    aren’t even identical let alone if you take the riff out you’re forgetting
    FAMOUS GUITAR SOLOS IN ALL OF ROCK HISTORY, which if you listen to the
    spirit song IT DOESNT HAVE THAT

  6. wolfgang flywheel says:

    led zeppelin the greatest cover band ever

  7. beatleme2 says:

    hip hop / Rap use the same ol Boom BOOM bass lines, why don’t they get sued

  8. stfwho says:

    Just to shut down all the fanboys desperately trying to defend LZ…

    Spirit opened for LZ WITH THAT SONG not very long before LZ started playing
    Stairway… As a guitarist, I can assure you all Page did was rip off the
    original progression and added a couple notes on top, that’s it.

  9. SamandRie says:

    That was just a snippet and I havent heard the whole song of the “original”
    but its hard to create and maybe even impossible to have a good chord
    progression that hasnt been used before, and also arpegiating up chords
    isnt a totally new idea, but if Led Zepplin does have other songs that bear
    similar resemblences to other songs, then it may not be out of question
    that they took ideas from the “original” song.

  10. The Magic Conch says:

    There are plenty of songs that sound the same. Just google “songs that
    sound the same.” Btw the entire song is not similar just the beginning.

  11. Luke Russell says:

    i only heard the first 3 notes that were the same and then they went in
    different directions

  12. TYCHOMONOLITH13 says:

    Colbert’s a fuckin’ panzy.If anyone’s offended I do apologize for stating
    the obvious.

  13. James Ellis Osborne III says:

    Al-‘Uzzá was Simonetta Vespucci of Dutch Belarus, who wrote the Agathius
    Manuscript of Diodorus Siculus. Al-Lat was Anna Waser, who begat Amenhotep
    & Martin Klaproth of Ross Castle and Later Latvia. Manāt was the bird who
    begat Catherine of Bar Hebraeus Bunratty Castle. Together they make up the
    Order Of Zähringer and The Most Exclusive Zaher of Israel.

  14. cobie smold says:

    Led Zeppelin is the greatest cover band ever!! I don’t care what anybody

  15. Alberto Cortez says:

    people do know that lots of bands get inspiration from other songs. yes
    they do sound similar in tone but it’s not like they stole it.

  16. Grayson Myers says:

    Stairway is from 71, why is this lawsuit just coming up now?

  17. Aldo Raine says:

    before I watch this, yes they ripped that shit

  18. Ric Ng says:

    If somebody thinks what you played sounds similar to their thing, they will
    accuse you of stealing even if you did not. It pays to be dissimilar to
    what you do not listen to or like or even what you hate musically.

  19. Starlyn Morel says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised since they copied several blues songs too.

  20. Justin Deckers says:

    sweet joke