Did Mike Pence Upstage Trump With His Strong Debate Performance?

Did Mike Pence Upstage Trump With His Strong Debate Performance?

People who watched the debate, and there were several, said that Pence did well. Maybe a little too well for the comfort of his fragile running mate.

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20 Responses

  1. Mr.Perfect says:

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!

  2. Temp User says:

    If you Google “acumen” you will find Google’s robot pronounces it the same
    way as Trump.

  3. fidorover says:

    JOUBERT: *(his breath visible in the cold morning air)* It would happen
    this way: You may be walking one day, maybe the first sunny day of the
    spring. And a car will slow beside you, and a door will open. And someone
    you know — perhaps even trust — will get out of the car, and he will
    smile — a becoming smile — but he’ll leave open the door of the car …
    and offer to give you a lift…
    — *Max von Sydow’s words near the end of Three Days of the Condor — a
    scene Mike Pence might wanna take a gander at*

  4. Kyle Anderson says:

    What if I told you bigly was a word…

  5. incongruousa says:

    Fuck you Colbert, it’s a valid pronunciation.

  6. Gabriel Larena says:

    ´´QUOTATION“ Jon, 2016

  7. bg4tification says:

    Seth Meyer and Stephen Colbert must have the same writing team.

  8. Charlie Hutchinson says:

    I would honestly vote for either of these vice-presidential candidates over
    the current presidential ones.

  9. TheCatpuke says:

    The Dems are LUCKY this go around, Hillary is such shit that anyone other
    then Trump could have taken this election.

    It’s a Giant Douche vs a Turd Sandwich, but sometimes in life you just have
    to suck a turd.

  10. Lowie Visser says:

    Left wing nutcase

  11. Miquib says:

    TRUMP campaign collapses in on itself

    TRUMP kicks out pence

  12. Mario Krastanov says:

    Trump was doubting Obama’s birth certificate, but now I’m doubting Trump’s

  13. Nathan Roon says:

    Quick question. What is a good reason that anyone shouldn’t be allowed to
    deny anyone service for any reason? If a business doesn’t want to serve all
    then that is a company that won’t receive my money but in no way should the
    government play a roll in who individuals can serve. The only entity that
    should be FORCED to serve everyone equally is, of course, the government.

  14. Mrlegitbeans says:


  15. Uncommon Judgment says:

    It proves he’s better at hiring the right person for jobs that hillary and
    Obama are not worried about creating. So hillary is the one that got
    Trumped. When you look with both eyes.

  16. The Learned Soldier says:

    8:03 It was Mike Pence.

  17. Andrew Z says:

    A cumin lollll

  18. Donnie Darko says:

    Colbert has Hillary’s dick in his mouth. How does it taste?

  19. BenRangel says:

    Why is there suddenly a 2nd rate Kevin Eubanks/Paul Schaffer making
    comments in the background?
    They don’t even listen to him (at 4:20 he goes “I thought…” and Steven
    immediately cuts him off before he can finish and moves on with his

  20. brandon frey says:

    stephen can’t joke about democrats even though Kaine is a penis?