Did Obama Fail On Russian Hack? | The View

Did Obama Fail On Russian Hack? | The View

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20 Responses

  1. Jaz G. says:

    I want to give Jed babies

  2. nello says:

    Jed is so trash everytime she talks I feel like starving myself

  3. Brown Suga says:

    The deflecting is real

  4. Reply Comment says:

    Obama was weak

  5. furnessfurnace says:

    The applause for what Jed is saying is positively deafening!


    Both Clinton and Sanders talked about the Russian hacking on the campaign trail, and it was talked about in the debates. A sitting president is not supposed to talk about an on going CIA or FBI investigation!

  7. TransientClassic says:

    I respect Jed so much for being the only conservative on this panel. Such a strong woman!

  8. Simone H says:

    I dont understand why people keep saying he did “nothing”. He, and other intelligence agencies and agents were doing a lot actually. It wasn’t aggressive (or enough) in the least bit, but they were doing something.

  9. Fx Garden says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! What a bunch of hypocritical idiots. If this was Trump and not Obama, they would be saying something completely different. Its just unbelievable how they hang on to theories about collusion when in 6 months there is not a single proof but when there are unfavorable facts about Obama admin, they act like he is a saint and can do no wrong. They should not be talking about politics, they are just not intelligent enough to be able to see things objectively.

  10. Donnavon Smith says:

    Go Jed Go, I appreciate your input.

  11. Pamela Major says:

    Jed, please shut up!!!

  12. rockstar11671 says:

    This Russian junk is bs. There is no evidence. Sick of hearing about it. No one cares.

  13. Nashanta Stanley says:

    Doing nothing IS DOING SOMETHING…! Obama chose not to interfere, cause people was on a witch hunt on Hilary….! Plus if he had said something then they would have said he was helping Hilary…!

  14. Noneya Business says:

    Jesus Christ … Whoopi is the most ignorant person Ive ever seen on TV. Just acomplete and utter moron about the big picture. She will make up all kinds of BS excuses for Obama, but in reality he was the worst president in this country’s history when doing the right things for this people.

  15. Dawn Di Eigidio says:

    Someone needs to put crazy glue in Jedidiah’s lipstick and stop that enormous mouth from spouting stupidity.

  16. Adam Greenan says:

    So in Trump’s Mind, Obama didn’t do enough to stop the Russians from hacking the election that the Russians didn’t Hack???

  17. Liza aguirre says:

    The meltdown continues..sweet!

  18. Patricia Flores says:

    Send Jed back to Fox New’s she is too biased!

  19. Tony says:

    Sums up the 8 years of Obama in general. DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!

  20. ThatOneGuy Plays says:

    1.9K Views = Trending

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