Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?

Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?

Four vacationing Swedish police officers subdued a fight on an NYC subway while waiting for the NYPD to arrive. One brawler held down by a Swedish officer screamed “I can’t breathe,” but many people are commending the officers on their non-violent takedown.

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19 Responses

  1. BUTLER SFB says:

    If anyone wants to see more of the scandinavian police, I’d recommend you
    to check out “The Norden – Police”. It’s a documentary about an american
    police officer travelling to scandinavia to see how the police there does
    their job. /watch?v=jbM9uCxEJDM

  2. jerzeykid2006able says:

    +boob72 lmao they would have feared for their lives and Shot up the Whole
    train including innocent bystanders caught in the line of fire

  3. flahr1 says:

    Weird, I didn’t hear “Don’t tase me!, Don’t tase me!”

  4. Khorney says:

    I feel it might be worth pointing out that the train conductor was publicly
    asking if there were any cops on the train. These 4 swedish cops waited a
    short while to see if there were any local cops answering first. They were
    definately NOT overstepping.

  5. Omar says:

    The officers repeatedly asked the men if they were injured, and told them
    everything would be okay and they needed to calm down.

    NYPD getting clowned in the comments. 

  6. Omar says:

    The officers repeatedly asked the men if they were injured, and told them
    everything would be okay and they needed to calm down.

    NYPD getting clowned in the comments

  7. Frank Marion says:

    We had cops like these guys back in the olden times. Big
    strong,smart,common sense and mellow disposiions. The old cops knew how to
    handle themselves on the street. They could disarm someone with a knife
    with their billies or batons. A lotta bruises,but everybody went

  8. Fishfingers232 says:

    If you look carefully, you’ll notice that they didn’t kill him.

  9. Orlando Valerio says:

    I think the American police force should learn from them.

  10. Arturo de Gheaubinoo de Fleurieu says:

    Northern Europeans doing zoo keeping / animal control duty in 25% black New
    York City.

    If this video is not screaming proof of racial hierarchy. I don’t know what

    The feral negro criminals (just look at them, as mean as that sounds), are
    zoo animals, and dangerous ones at that ; the Swedes are models of decency
    and leniency. The chimping blacks on the floor are too stupid to understand
    that they are being detained by non-American cops.

    The black African living in America is a Plague Upon our House ; unlike in
    other parts of the world where black africans (90% of whom only exist
    because of White Western Food Aid and intervention) live among non-black
    peoples, the negros of America have had years of indoctrination, telling
    them they are victims at the hands of Whites. Thus their chimpy behavior.

  11. Steve Smith says:

    Welcome to Niggerland.

  12. Dixon Gomez says:

    No they did NOT overstep their boundaries!!! And yes, they did display
    proper use of force with out having an ” I am king of the land ” attitude.
    This is definitely something ALL cops in the country should make a note of.

    and yes, i am very well aware that this is just one incident and we would
    have no idea who things would have turned out if the situation was a lot
    more threatening. But still even so, we have seen cops do a whole lot
    worse, from far more lesser situations!!!

  13. AntonNZL says:

    The thing with American cops is they rely too heavily on their guns. Where
    as most other countries will train their officers in close quarter
    fighting, will set an IQ or intelligence standard, will set a fitness
    standard, and will set a strength standard. American cops weigh up their
    options, what is easier? Use strength, some intelligence, some fitness and
    keep the suspect alive or just shoot them and get the job over and done
    with easily. Sadly a lot of the time they choose the latter.

  14. poopmenot says:

    They interrupted what could have been a win-win scenario: one homeless
    kills the other and goes to jail–that’s two smelly disgusting violent
    homeless off the streets.

  15. MN NM says:

    Swedish cops are used to this becouse of out controll migration

    200 shootings each year, several deaths this year

    6000 rapes each year being reporded

  16. Nay Htoo says:

    that’s pretty funny, if they had NYPD uniforms on, the homeless guys would
    see nothing but a payday and do anything they can to aggravate the
    situation, the cameras would turn on only after the cops protect
    themselves, and regardless of being justified or not, the city would make
    the homeless guys rich by settling the case because it’s cheaper than a
    lawyer. But even with people treating cops as a walking paycheck, they
    answer 24000+ calls per day but will always be judged on the 2 people they
    kill every year, please. Cops can handle 20+ of these fights per shift and
    so does almost every cop that works in certain neighborhoods of our great
    city. But they’ll still continually be judged by the 5 calls that go wrong
    per year. Funny that the NY Police Academy opens its doors to cops around
    the world especially Europe for the best training available.This boy band
    probably has NYPD posters up on their bedrooms.

  17. Mikael Grön says:

    Bra ingripande av våra svenska poliser, kanske dom skulle börja jobba för
    NYPD istället? ;)

  18. Kenneth Brubaker says:

    First question should be: Why are these chimps allowed into sacred
    Sweden??? Next question should be: Why aren’t these chimps expelled before
    they can rape and kill? Ah the questions we all have!! lol!!

  19. Shedon Chambliss says:

    no shots fired no one got choked bring in sweetish police. now