did this guy just INSULT MY MOM?!

did this guy just INSULT MY MOM?!

I stop by the offices of Talk To Me In Korean to see if they’re actually a better teacher than my own mother. Also I get in a fight with a small child.
BREAK THEIR WEBSITE ► https://talktomeinkorean.com/

EDITED BY ► LIXIAN https://www.youtube.com/user/LixianTV

Oh and no he didn’t insult my mom. Hyunwoo was very nice.

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58 Responses

  1. fnaf lover says:

    13:50 “I give you, your good looks.. THANK GOD”
    -Momiplier 2019

  2. k a t h e r i n e says:

    *“You have caused my mother emotional distress from your mere existence.”*

  3. DestroyGram - Bobinsonplayz says:

    Mark: *does something in “Korea”*
    Lixian: *edits*
    Fans: *laughs in American*

  4. Ertan Şahin says:

    %50 Korean %50 German %50 American,%200 a captive in an underground bunker.

  5. Lars Sarada says:

    Mark, don’t look him in the eye unless you’re ready to challenge him.

  6. Luna love naruto uzumaki says:

    Mark’s next video: “Almost threw hands with 11 years old”

  7. PR3 VN1 says:

    Now i’m just waiting for Mark’s cousin to challenge Shaggy

  8. Luka Stojicinovic says:

    Markiplayer sounds like an evil anime character when speaking Korean

  9. gameo7 says:

    1:37 “Are we in Korea right now?”
    Momiplier: “No we are in North Korea”

  10. Whaterry says:

    Today’s news: Local Small Child Beats Up 30 Year Old Man with more at 7

  11. McMuffin03 says:

    im from costa rica, i speak spanish… im trying to understand what an american is trying to say while learning korea

    This is confusing as heck

  12. Rodrigo Santos says:

    Only Markiplier (And his Video Editor) can Make a Korean Lesson Interesting

  13. chicken stripss says:

    * brings child on screen *
    Markiplier: *Ok so I’m going to beat you up*

  14. jackthebull 666 says:

    I just watched a man who is very good at teaching get beat the shit out of by mark and momiplier

  15. Its ya boy Jio says:

    Momiplier ruled over the world for years untill marks cousins finished his training

  16. Captain Rick says:

    Ok, So small child = God of Destruction…

    Good to know.

  17. M says:

    Petition for Momiplier to make a learn Korean Youtube channel.

  18. King_ Cody says:

    I now have an addiction to watching Mark fight small children XD

  19. Greatest Loser Alive says:

    Markipler and his cousin are the most wholesome duo I’ve ever seen ?❤️

  20. Zachary LaFlure says:

    Markimoo family has a habit of punching the table

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