Did We Just Change Animation Forever?

Did We Just Change Animation Forever?

ANYONE can make a cartoon with this groundbreaking technique. Want to learn how? We made a ONE-HOUR, CLICK-BY-CLICK TUTORIAL on http://www.corridordigital.com/

Watch the full ROCK PAPER SCISSORS anime on Corridor ► https://youtu.be/GVT3WUa-48Y

This project has been a huge labor of love, and it is due to the amazing open-source community that we have this technology available to us. We hope that by sharing our discoveries and techniques that we can help push this technology forward for everyone. If you want to dip your toes into this tech, there are many amazing online communities ready to help teach you, including ours!

With Your Support, We Can Make More! ►
This project exists because of the amazing members of CorridorDigital, our INDEPENDENT STREAMING PLATFORM. All memberships begin with a 14-Day Free Trial and you can Cancel Anytime. Consider becoming a member yourself! http://www.corridordigital.com/learn-more

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Design by Kendrra Thoms https://kendrrathoms.com/

Gear Used ►
Puget Systems Computers: http://bit.ly/PC_Puget_Workstations
Lighting by Aputure: http://bit.ly/CORRIDOR_LIGHTS

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30 Responses

  1. Corridor Crew says:

    We have an HOUR-LONG TUTORIAL on corridordigital.com for anyone that would like to learn step-by-step how to do this.

    • Jerry Beichner says:

      This is the most impressive video yet! Bravo!

    • C. T. Nelson says:

      Guys, it sucks a lot that you are blatantly using and promoting this technology which is dependent on stealing and scraping data online without considering the consequences.
      Please Stop using these tools as it’s hurting so many people in this industry.

    • Nicholas Halderman says:

      You guys need to check out both Controlnet, which is kind of an add-on thing for stable diffusion that helps with some of the frame-to-frame consistency stuff, and also Runway’s Gen-1 Video-to-video ai, which is also aiming to do the same kind of thing you did in this video. This stuff is moving so fast it’s unbelievable.

    • Sgt D says:

      So how long did this take to make?

    • NightWolfx7578 says:

      I wish I could hit like more than once 🙂

  2. Jalex Rosa says:

    Awesome job, I’ve trying my own version of this for a while and its almost ready, things are getting very interesting right now!

    • It Hurts Because It's True says:

      @pawlie10000 Of course I value my artistic skill more. That’s why I learned to do it. And it’s not about painting. It’s about drawing one drawing at a time… that will be seen so rapidly that they blur together and something that was never there emerges. It’s called animation.

      Putting an AI filter over live action and making it look “animated” is NOT animation. It has nothing to do with drawing something and breathing life into it one drawing at a time and producing the ILLUSTION of life that only exists as it emerges from those drawings, and from the imagination. Not captured on film in a few seconds and filtered. That’s not animation.

      To ape and steal that aesthetic as a paint-over of life action? Why shouldn’t I find that offensive?

      And no, it’s not meaningful art. It’s a technical mathematical algorithm manipulated to appear like the art style of something that IS art.

      Film and VFX are an art on their own right. If that’s your art – do that art. Why intrude where your talent doesn’t go – but where AI has empowered you to violate? Why not have respect for those who can draw instead of acting like their talent was somehow not democratized???? It’s a drawing. Anyone can afford a pencil. It was plenty democratized. The only limit was a thing we used to call TALENT and SKILL.

      I’m not concerned that the wall of fire in Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments will never be hand animated ever again. That evolution of FX made sense. That displacement was totally different than this AI abomination.

      AI does more than the work of a tool. It IS doing the work of the artist, even when being guided by an artist.

      And it WILL improve to need less and less skilled and artistic guidance. And it will be used to commoditize art more and more, not democratize it.

      Movies have already become cheap factory knock offs of themselves. AI will be used in replace of artists at the drop of a hat.

      Bottom line.

      A: OF COURSE I care about my artwork over their theft of it’s aesthetics. But I also RESPECT other art as well. For what it is. And don’t revel in it’s erosion either.

      And B: that it needs their expertise and knowledge to pull it off is a temporary barrier that will vanish rapidly and allow very very uncreative people to not need creative people anymore.

      and it isn’t good for artists, for industry, for the economy, for people’s livelihoods – or for our culture.

    • BrenoHD says:

      ​@It Hurts Because It’s True The real problem is using Vampire Hunt D to train the model, have they done with their own art, no problem.

      And as you can see in the video, they generated a lot of images themselves and they paid for Unreal assets, so created and funded art. People replicating this would still need to hire artists as start point at least.

    • pawlie10000 says:

      @It Hurts Because It’s True Do you not see from the whole process in this video that they may not have the skill to paint the animation like you do but they use variety of different technical and ARTISTIC skills to achieve this? There is loads of value in that.

      Why do you value your artictic skills of painting more? Is it just because it’s harder to achieve the same result with them than with their approach? Are practical effects automaticly immensely more valuable because they are harder to pull off and CGI is nearly meaningless?

      When people start using the process in this video they will still be artists. It might require different skills and it may be easier in some aspects but it’s still meanifully art.

    • It Hurts Because It's True says:

      @DiSCERiTY No one is talking about your ability to do unfunded art to please yourself. Sure. AI won’t necessarily destroy your ability to NOT make a living off of art.

      We’re talking about the industry, for one thing – as far as the destruction goes. No one is saying that somehow ai is going to force you to put your pencils down or your paints away. That isn’t even the point.

      It’s about destroying the value of working artists.
      And quite honestly – also respect.

      Why should I, as an animator, have much respect at all for the Corridor Crew to make animation when they openly do not have the ability to draw the aesthetic, and aren’t working with people who do either. Why don’t they stay to the art that they CAN make… instead of replacing and replicating the art of other very talented, very skilled artists. There is something I find very disrespectful in that, and I don’t mind saying so at all.

      The glee that people are exhibiting as they run towards this with open arms. It shows what little respect they have for people with actual animation and drawing talent. So easy to replace them, and mock them in the process.

      It’s not good. And that is why it’s dehumanizing. They want to adopt the artistic results and NOT be the artist that makes it. That is openly what Corridor themselves were doing in the video. And openly what people cheering this on are saying.

      There is zero reason I should appreciate this. I know it can’t be stopped. But that is no reason to call it a good thing.

    • Kaushikq Ravindran says:

      Hey @JalexRosa , big fan here. Any info on when you’ll be putting any courses out?

  3. Peter Coffin says:

    Good on you for putting the process out there. Also incredible result.

  4. Mike Glasswell - Gameplay says:

    The reason we record dialogue first. Is so the animators can draw lip sync to the sounds. And helps with timing our shots. I guess now you can time your motion and action to the dialogue tracks. Sometimes the audio can inspire certain actions

  5. G O says:

    I’ve done a few animated videos using Ebsynth with filmed footage and manually drawing keyframes with other artists. After watching this idk if its actually more work, I guess if you aren’t an artist it is, but from my experience with that workflow you get a lot more consistency. I could see maybe a workflow where you did something like whats in this video for the rough draft of the scene and then had actual artists with ebsynth keyframe details like the faces so they don’t lose consistency. I think what you guys did with this video is really cool, but it’s also very obvious it was done with AI, even though it is really well done. I think this video touches a little bit on the “using AI as a tool” but it genuinely would have been a much more interesting video if you actually brought in a couple of artists to create a unique data set to train instead of just training off an existing film. That sorta dives headfirst in to the whole issue lots of people have with AI generation being considered “art theft” whether people agree on it or not.

    Yes as an individual it would be a ton of work to draw a whole set of animation data to train off of, but it also gives the work its own artistry and creative vision, which ultimately I think is what people appreciate the most about the finished product over the process and tools (granted maybe not on this channel, since its all about process and tools here). Either way interesting video on how you went about trying to solve all those problems. I just would have loved to see this where you actually brought in some artist friends to guide the style and vision instead of just ripping an existing anime.

    • Hellsong89 says:

      How about using motion capture suit and face capture to get realistic movements, put that in 3D model, then run it trough AI to get base frame and then artists have frame work to alter how they choose, so lots of it has been done already but fine details and fixes to AI crapping out can be fixed by human to get best result. Given anyone can do the motions based on what original artist drew and imagined. Hell one could 3D animate this and then run it trough the AI to least improve the shitty 3D animations. From 2D to 3D to back 2D via AI and human finalizing might be the best possible result one can hope for smaller budget artists that havent had chance to get their own animation series.

    • Gurren Rodan says:

      This approach does seem like a prime opportunity for the likes of concept artists, background artists, etc. Even if the AI dominates the animation, the program still needs data to work with; so hiring a select team to craft the visual style of a given project (instead of just telling the AI to “copy X/Y show”) would be the ideal strategy for projects going forward.

      I also see cleanup artists being an important position; there’s still lots of jank in the individual frames (check out the eyes and hands in particular), so having artists on hand for “post-render” editing will improve the final product that much more – at least until the AI gets better at those details, I guess.

    • michael marshall says:

      I feel like if your criticism is that it feels like “too much ai” and your solution is to “bring in more human artists” then you missed the point of why this tool is useful . Also the solution is a little self serving

    • Tasteful Tuna says:

      If you want an exaggerated anime style, Ebsynth is probably not going to be very helpful, because it doesn’t do well with altered proportions. It just follows the movement of the input video.

    • Hund Redfire says:

      They explained their rationale in a previous corridor cast session. The idea wasn’t to make a ‘proper’ anime short. If these tools didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have hired an animation studio to produce this.
      They wanted to demonstrate what they could do by themselves with this new workflow that they figured out.

      The controversy around artists vs. AI is nonsensical. The first people to benefit from this will be artists. In a few years, this is going to sound like the automobiles vs. horses argument.

  6. Andre J says:

    I’d be interested in seeing animators react to this.

    • Gibson Flying V says:

      I’m an animator, this isn’t earth shattering, it’s just rotoscoping aided by AI and using digital tools instead of a real pencil to trace over the real image. Instead of a human doing that with digital tools its an AI now, not really that game changing. Especially if you’re a traditional animator.

    • Gibson Flying V says:

      @Fedora Bunny It’s only a shortcut for digital 2d animation, you’re just going to have to adapt and go back to hand drawn cel animation.

    • Lane Atkinson says:

      ​@Pikapetey Animations I’m hoping this will be more like artists turning from traditional animation to digital animation. I’m a traditional artist (not an animator), but I have been learning to make art digitally because I can produce results that just aren’t possible with pencil and paper. If established artists find a way to harness this AI technology to make their jobs easier, instead of soulless corporations using it to replace artists, think of how much could be achieved!!

    • Goji Candle says:

      ​@Dustin Lopez Yes and now the grotesque devalueing is literally becoming worse, and thats why, if you were treated like shit only to find out you were about to be treated WAY WORSE wouldnt you also be pissed? And then people have the gall to tell you this is a good thing

    • It Hurts Because It's True says:

      @Narko Marko Yes, cause google translate is the best that technology will get, too, right??? good lord.

  7. Fisayo Fosudo says:

    This is crazy! 😮 Just saw the anime and it’s so beautifully done 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  8. cer spence says:

    You guys are insane geniuses.

  9. FuzzyPieFTW says:

    That’s actually crazy that the 2d images in the background and foreground worked so well. Watching the video I thought they put the characters into the full model of the building.

  10. dvore may says:

    This is a reminder that ai art generation can be a tool “for” artists not just a way to replace them. Human creativity and problem solving will always be the difference between art as a commodity and art as a form of expression and creativity.

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