Did We Really Violate Community Guidelines?

Did We Really Violate Community Guidelines?

How was YOUR week?

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Mortician and Writer: Caitlin Doughty
Producer and writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
Editor & Graphics: Timothy Meier
Thumbnail: Landis Blair (@LandisBlair)
Production Coordinator: Lauren Ronaghan

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30 Responses

  1. Disaster Breakdown says:

    I’m sorry to hear all of this. As someone who makes Disaster related content I can totally sympathize and relate. YouTube flagged and age restricted one of my videos for “violating community guidelines” for absurd reasons. Wishing you all the best with your move. You are a wonderful creator <3

    • Darelynn Borg says:

      Very educational, was not graphic at all. Sorry for your loss and for the public’s loss as well.

    • Here Be Subtitles - Manumelita Ngamai says:

      Other creators (even smaller ones) have had age restriction quickly overturned by tagging team YouTube on Twitter. The creator and their followers (those with subs) tag teamyoutube explaining the issue and real people look into it, as opposed to the bots who make the decision at YouTube’s end. Heck TeamYoutube on Twitter were even replying to people with 0 Twitter followers a month ago when YT comments were disappearing – they are pretty quick to look into things!! Caitlyn mustn’t be aware of this as she said not to tweet them, but Penguinz0 explained that Twitter is very public hence why YouTube have a human team constantly reviewing tweets and looking into issues (so they can publicly appear to be helpful). It’s worth trying! I’m replying to all the top comments in the hope Caitlyn will see this.

    • Nancy Hetzke says:

      I love your channel and liked the video. You bring out stories that have almost never been told

    • María Ordóñez Garza says:

    • Dragonchick27 says:

      Ey, one of my favorite aviation/railway disaster analysis channels! Love your work. It’s absurd that YouTube is enforcing this asinine crackdown on genuinely educational content under a flimsy pretense of looking like they’re doing something helpful when it’s actively the opposite. Please, keep fighting the good fight. Knowledge is the natural enemy of ignorance and hate.

  2. junejunejuniejune says:

    I am a Chicagoan who was never taught about this disaster in school. Your video had me in tears. It was only educational, nothing was graphic. Tweeting at YT absolutely works btw. There was a huge uproar on twitter when Fundie Fridays was flagged for false copyright claims. And enough people spoke out that it DID make a difference, it saved their channel. So I know you are saying this is not a call to action…but deathlings who use twitter, its one of the only ways to get YT’s attention, so do it for Kaitlyn!

    • Doña Ratona says:

      Agreed, maybe you can ask Chicago educators and academics to weigh in on this videos educational value.

    • Sarah Brown says:

      Yes!!!! Same here!!!

    • A Theatre Kind of Girl says:

      I think someone let the algorithm loose this week. Jessie Gender just got a community strike for their four hour long documentary reviewing the awful and factually false “what is a woman”.

      Also, the fact that they just spew guidelines at the creator instead of time stamping the issue! If you have a problem, I need to know what it is so I don’t do it again, because I don’t see it as a problem. Don’t make me guess.

    • Queen of Swords says:

      Yes it works, but it shouldn’t be the only way to get justice. Small channels with only a few subs ought to be just as able to get justice if their work is unfairly penalised.

    • Spam says:

      Tweeting also worked when the same thing happened to How to Cook That’s video warning about the dangers of fractal wood burning. Her educational video got taken down, while actual videos showing people how to do this extremely dangerous practice remained up. I can guarantee an actual real life human person hasn’t looked at Caitlin’s video yet. Youtube relies too heavily on automation and algorithms which fail consistently and encourage lazy, quickly produced work.

  3. SAFiSAYS13 says:

    Your channel is the only reason I found out it was ok to have a different “death wish”. My family only promoted burial in a casket or cremation, and then burial. I never knew any other way. You taught me that everyone has their own choice in how they can have their dead body handled. From a young age I’ve wanted a tree to “eat” my body, just buried in a shallow grave or turned into mulch/ fertilizer. Thank you SO much for letting me know that this isn’t a fridge wish and that it is possible! It really brings peace to my soul <3

    • marley says:

      @En2:P seems like your dad is more honorable than my family.

      To my family it was a business. Pushing the more expensive options was no different than a grocery store putting premium foods on eye-level shelves and less expensive foods on the bottom shelf. It’s just business.

      Of course the difference is that people don’t go to grocery stores because they’ve just lost a loved one and they’re grieving.

      I thought it was interesting that when the corporation took over, the only noticeable thing that changed was that the funeral home decor got even more bland and unoffensive. The way of doing business was unchanged.

    • En2:P says:

      @marley my dad only pushes the cheap casket/cremation even though he’s not a fan religious wise, but maybe they do expensive everything as a token of respect or love for her?

    • marley says:

      Oh man, yes to this so much. My family was the same. The expensive embalming/casket/wake/funeral/burial routine was assumed and pushed when sold to grieving loved ones, first by my family, then by the corporation that took over the funeral home. After my mother’s death, when I pushed back just a little on that routine (only getting the cheapest nice casket, instead of the deluxe gold-plated model they pushed) they were astonished. You’d think I had suggested tossing her in the dumpster.

      When I was a kid and started reading about end-of-life practices around the world, I was astonished. I grew up with the expensive song and dance, and I had no idea that anything else was even possible.

      So, seconded. Caitlin and crew, thank you so much for the work that you do. We need you.

  4. Nova Beam says:

    Actually tweeting at YouTube does really help in situations like this. In fact it’s the only way a lot of channels have gotten problems like this fixed. Spreading the word and trending has been a more efficient way of getting stuff corrected than going through all the options YouTube gives a creator. It’s sad because I find content like this highly educational and respectful. There is nothing grotesque or exploitative about the content provided on this channel. We laugh, cry, and remember the past through death here. We learn about the good death and the funeral industry. It’s beautiful and I appreciate every minute of it.

  5. Rebecca Watkins says:

    WTF!? I was fortunate to see the video before it was pulled, I cannot even begin to fathom how they could have come to the conclusion they did, the video was just as respectful, tactful, and educational as any of your others and definitely more so than some other channels. We Deathlings greatly appreciate the dedication, perseverance, and hard work of yourself and your team and you should be proud of yourselves, the content is of such a high calibre that at times I feel as if you put in too much for what you get back, then again all the best educators are like that.

    • Lucas Grape says:

      It’s probably because some clickworker dude in pakistan sees a thousand videos pushed by google where it detected dead bodies and just clicks the ‘confirm report’ button without actually checking the content because he gets paid by number of revised videos… or something like that

  6. MarMar says:

    I am both a member of YouTube Premium AND a descendant of a victim of the Eastland Disaster. I was so touched that you put so much into this documentary. And, I am severely disappointed in YouTube for continuing to “punish” some of my favorite creators who share true stories about real people.

    • Betty Marler says:

      So sorry for the loss of your family

    • Allan Monroe says:

      It’s likely that their algorithm being manipulated. Until someone raises a moderate stink about it on social media, no human will review this. The algorithm starts with a presumption of guilt & YT starts with the presumption that the algorithm is correct.

    • Gabriella Shimone says:

      It’s because of alleged breaches of morality that, in reality, do not exist. Morality, yes. The Google determination of morality, no. Reality is reality is reality. Caitlin _always_ presents *educational* material about the very real element of death and the failure of some people to respond to it responsibly and maturely, as in the case of that documentary. I grew up in Wisconsin not far from Chicago. I had never heard of that incident. The only thing I can think of as to why she was “dinged” was because someone involved on the irresponsible side of that incident whined like a 3 year old at Google then waived a lawyer in their face. Google’s only concern regarding morality is green paper with pictures of a Quaker on them, along with a number with the pictures of former presidents on them. Interestingly, all of _those_ men are *_DEAD_* …

    • Providence says:

      @Sunshine Hoover I would love to help but apparently YouTube thinks posting the name of adblocking softwares is worthy of automatically deleting my comment. This website is a joke.

    • Providence says:

      I honestly can’t believe some people here are blindly defending Premium. Stop giving money to companies that hate you! You’re literally wasting money, there’s other ways to support creators besides Premium though, so stop throwing that argument around. I have no sympathy for y’all, people will never learn and just keep feeding companies money, hand over fist.

  7. Aly says:

    Why does youtube punish its absolute best creators? Your channel has been so important to me for the last 6 years or so. Also, I hope your move to the East coast goes smoothly!

    • CaptainDuckman says:

      Smaller channels with fewer but longer videos don’t bring youtube a lot of income.
      Large channels that put out 4-5 5 minute or shorter videos a day that each get millions of clicks bring youtube a LOT of income.
      So youtube wants these smaller channels marginalised or better yet gone completely.

  8. Elva Methe says:

    I’m heartbroken for you and the entire team who worked on the SS Eastland video. It is an incredible piece of work, one that deserves awards and accolades, not censorship. YouTube is loosing many excellent content creators because of their new guidelines. I’m so sorry this happened. I learned so much for I had never heard of this disaster before. Thank you for educating me.

  9. 희도의 바나나 우유 says:

    Your channel has brought me such comfort regarding death (considering I used to stay up panicking about it). Learning all the history around it, the options for post death wishes, every beautiful video has been so helpful over the years and has given me a far more neutral view on death. Thank you Caitlin & Team, and everyone who committed to the SS Eastland docu, for all your efforts. We’ll always be here for you when you’re ready! <3

  10. Anna Vlasenko says:

    Its so frustrating that YouTube is treating your content this way, and its so scary that documentaries on YouTube may no longer be viable for you, but please keep making your videos, I can’t express enough how much I love your content and how much I learn from it, and I know I’m not alone. Best of luck, Caitlin, and I hope all goes well in the East Coast. <3

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