Did you catch this in RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET

Did you catch this in RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET

Did you catch this in Ralph Breaks the Internet? When Ralph goes to eBay he’s bombarded with “pop-up” ads, and if you look closely at the one that says “sassy housewives want to meet you” you’ll see that the picture is actually of someone from another Disney movie. The sassy housewife is Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6!
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41 Responses

  1. Danny says:

    This just proves that they know exactly what they are doing when they’re designing mom characters

  2. ༄Marcy༄ says:

    Guy, it’s confirmed, Cass has an onlyfans, we just need to find it

  3. Siri says:

    I mean I knew she looked familiar but I never paused/slowed it down to see that it was Aunt Cass 😅

  4. Siri says:

    Well… I don’t think I’ll ever see her the same way 😅😭

  5. NookBear says:

    Aint no way they put that in a kids movie lmao 🤣

  6. Autism Cat says:

    I laughed so hard at that scene . Thinking they know how horny the internet could be

  7. han says:

    big hero 6 is an underrated movie that’s all

  8. Zynix says:

    Can we just appreciate how entertaining these shorts are💗

  9. Nothing says:

    Of course we want to meet Sassy Housewife 🥰

  10. Just Some Guy with a Mustache says:

    Another thing, when the ad about aunt Cass shows, you can see that Ralph’s mouth says it all.

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