I Showed My Girlfriend What It’s Like to Take Her Photo at Coachella.

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19 Responses

  1. Jackson Leeds says:

    I get its a joke but this is legit why I don’t go to these things

  2. wackfree says:

    So…Did you get it?

  3. ItsBen says:

    Coachella just looks so shit

  4. EagleHard says:

    It’s even worse when they try an get you in the pic and still do this shit

  5. Macroscope Pictures says:

    Well done. Voodoo Festival bandana?

  6. echus says:

    i’m an alcoholic

  7. bnjkf9u3 says:

    OK, Bitch 1:10

  8. Al Swearengen says:

    I don’t get it

  9. piggy66 says:

    god i hate americans

  10. aaronthepea says:

    jesus! This never crossed my mind! That behind all those nice sexy IG pics, there probably was a similiar situation to what our friend here is portraying!

  11. XenobladeShulk says:

    Wtf is a Coachella?

  12. youtubasoarus says:

    LOL This was funnier than I expected it to be.

  13. Vivienne Gucwa says:

    Accurate AF

  14. Rasmusb says:

    A blind guy walked into a bar, then a stool. GET IT?

  15. Murray Herts says:

    I’m putting you on the news

  16. Liesmith says:

    Well she seems like a good sport.

  17. mohit thapa says:

    i have a very strong suspicion that this guy is gay.

  18. LoLAwesomechad says:

    I hate people who do this. Its so stupid. why you care about getting the “perfect” photo? You already know your friends will talk mad sht about you behind your back going liks “this bitch is so fake”

  19. Echocookie says:

    What the fuck is Coachella

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