Did you know that in TURNING RED…

Did you know that in TURNING RED…

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Did you know that in TURNING RED… When Red Panda Mei is startled, she throws her hands up in the air. Because real red pandas do this as a defense mechanism to appear larger.

Did you know that in TURNING RED…

Allen Tsai


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46 Responses

  1. Radical EgoCom says:

    That’s such a great small detail that was added to the movie; it just goes to show how dedicated the people behind the movie were in not just making an excellent movie (which they did), but also in accurately portraying the behaviors and mannerisms of red pandas.

  2. A Lonely Friend Of The Night says:

    I’ve never genuinely smiled so hard before

  3. DisneyVillainsFan 16 says:

    Huh, I thought this was just a reference to Monsters’ Inc, when Sulley scared kids. This was such an Interesting fact about Real Life Red Pandas.

  4. Red Forest says:

    Alternate version:

    When Red Panda Mei is startled, she throws her hands up in the air.
    Because she wants people to think she does not care.

    *Han Solo shrugs*

  5. commentary sheep says:

    That thing is so damn cute when I watched the trailer and the movie

    Wow 2k likes nice have a nice day people

  6. A Ferret with a Tophat says:

    Yoo! Me and my sister noticed that and we were looking at each other going “AWWW omg she did the thing!!!” our parents were probably so confused lol

  7. spiderdude2099 says:

    They actually had an animators field trip to the zoo to watch red pandas and their behaviors so that they could make Mei’s actions as accurate as possible to the real animal’s behaviors and quirks.

  8. I'm a potato says:

    Wow animators do a great job at small details like this its amazing

  9. Lumi Light says:

    The movie itself, personally, was just average and quite a bit too goofy with no emotional impact, but I could tell it was a passion project with a lot of effort put into it, and this is one of those things that show the creators put their heart into it.

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