Did you know this about SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Did you know this about SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Here’s all the easter eggs, references, and hidden details you probably missed in Sonic the Hedgehog!

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  1. Jack Bishop says:

    I honestly feel so proud to have grown up with such amazing games such as sonic.

  2. Ben Schubert says:

    3:08 We have an answer. YES. In a recent interview Sonic was asked “Who’s better at video games?” Sonic: “Uh, me? Tails tends to die a lot then fly back in a few moments later.” So yes, it also exists in the movie universe.

  3. MegaRayland says:

    One important distinction: the VFX studio behind the work for Sonic 1 DIDN’T close because of this movie. That was a business decision made by the corporate office regardless of the Sonic movie and the other projects they had. And the closure was a cost saving measure that took place AFTER the work for the movie was completed.

    • Jordan Pera says:

      It sounds to me like they made Sonic look purposely ugly for the scenes in the trailer, just to get people complaining, then reveal his redesign as “a way to please the fans”. The speed at which they did the redesign considering they had to redo the whole movie was just too convenient

  4. Toxic_tomb123 says:

    8:12 actually he’s ambidextrous, cause he throws it with his left hand but he stands on the right of home plate(from pitchers mound perspective), also he has his right hand above his left hand while holding the bat, it would be reverse if he were exclusively left handed, it’s not impossible to have your less dominant hand above your dominant one but that’s not recommended because when your dominant hand is on top you have more control over the swing.

  5. MrDrSkittle says:

    These were some cool facts! I definitely wouldn’t have noticed them because I’m not a huge sonic game (I’m personally more of my mario fan but I do play sonic here and there) but these facts did make me learn more about sonic as a whole and not just the movie

  6. EDH8900 says:

    I really hope that the Mario movie would put a lot of hidden details and easter eggs like this in the movie. I’m a big Nintendo and Mario fan so I would love to see some.

  7. Stripe the Video Maker says:

    When he says is Sonic right or left handed, he says he’s left handed, two things, he can be able to use both hands as equally well and thus doesn’t mean Sonic is officially left handed, this is kinda of a reboot Sonic, although it’s based on Sonic and lore from the games that doesn’t mean everything said and shown in the movie is cannon to the games.

    • The Official Rhythm Heaven Fan Anime Channel says:

      @Jessica Jennings we also need to Look Up Game Sonic to compare

    • Jessica Jennings says:

      In the bar scene, he writes his bucket list and throws darts with his right hand. He also plays with the paddle ball from the gift shop with his right hand. I’d say he’s functionally ambidextrous but right hand dominant.

    • The Official Rhythm Heaven Fan Anime Channel says:

      @The Blue Werewolf Amazing? More like Amazing Shit for non Sonic Enthusiasts!

    • The Blue Werewolf says:

      Guys, why are we talking about only 1 thing about this amazing movie, there are so many more things!

    • S says:

      the movie is it’s own canon

  8. Divine Goku Black says:

    Actually I did catch this, I even said it as it played. Pretty neat detail, also for those who haven’t seen it, Sonic 2 is better than the first. You are going to love it

    • Mohammed Haj Ali says:

      Reads sonic 2 is better than the first. You are going to love it me . Me thinks that sonic 3 will be ultimate like Alan Becker animation vs Minecraft. Does anyone watch Alan Becker animation vs Minecraft.

  9. definetly not thereal_sans27 says:

    for the safe worlds part, theres also a checkered planet which is a reference to the special stages in some sonic games

  10. B Maguire says:

    I wanna see longclaw return, I have learned that in movies, if you don’t see someone die…. they are usually not dead. And to be honest, she really gave me guardians of Ga’hoole vibes (some may know what I am talking about), which was a really co book series/movie. I just think it was such a beautiful character design just for her to instantly die 😢

    edit: I just thought that my first point is wrong in terms of a multi-verse 😐

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