Did you know this about TURNING RED

Did you know this about TURNING RED

Pixar / Disney just released their newest movie Turning Red and just like with everything they do it is absolutely jam packed with secrets, references, and easter eggs. Let’s look at 21 of the best ones that Pixar hid in Turning Red!

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36 Responses

  1. Movie Logic says:

    Trying this new format more. Let me know how you like it and if I should stick with it or what I could do different. Loving all the feedback I’ve been getting so far!

    • Narrow ETT says:

      @Distory With Andrew mine broken after 3 days. And from that day I knew about Made in China meme.

    • Extremblox says:

      Also when 4 town are flying up in the air they are making a “4” with their legs

    • Distory With Andrew says:

      I use to have a tomigachi and I accidentally let it die

    • flooshar says:

      As I said last time, love the new format, but I’ll give you some feedback, hopefully useful. Be very careful in choosing which movies to do the long format with, as, in this case, you might find people turning off as they either didn’t like, or haven’t seen the movie you’re doing the longer format with and might “skip” the video. I find the longer format might be better with already established blockbusters like Matrix, or Shawshank Redemption. In any case, as previously said, I’ll keep watching.

    • Broken Bridge says:

      Nice video. It would be nice if you did a video on Apollo 13.

  2. Sarah H. says:

    Also the Aunties, Grandma, and Mei’s mom all wear green. Green is opposite red on the color wheel, and they’ve all sealed their pandas away. Mei, who has chosen not to seal her panda away, wears red

  3. Telladactyl says:

    You know how you said that Devon is also a four town person? You missed one! Mei’s dad at the end of the movie is dancing with a 4 town head band to one of their songs.

    Edit: Ok I realize how many people DO know that it happened. Yes, some people knew it happened, but I said “you” as in the creator. Thank you for some of the people who said that the creator apparently didn’t know. Yes that is correct, or they just missed it.

  4. Dvq Jacks says:

    Did u know this about Movie Logic?
    In their last Pixar references and easter egg list for Luca, they included 24 facts. Why is this interesting you ask? Well, this could be a reference to Luca being the 24th movie Pixar has made. 24 movies: 24 facts

  5. ⛈ Thunder ✨ says:

    About the number four unlucky part at 7:35…
    It’s not just Cantonese, but Chinese in general. In Mandarin, “four” is pronounced “sì” while “death” is pronounced “sǐ”.
    Later on in the movie, at the end, Mei’s grandmother shows her new item that holds her red panda, which is a 4*TOWN charm-thingy, and says, “so unlucky!”

  6. Jaza says:

    There is one thing you missed…. When mei is trying to convince her parents to go to the 4 town concert, the statue next to the screen is the same one that Anna dropped into Elsa’s cake during the song For the First time in Forever in frozen.

  7. %•L!ła•% says:

    The book Priya was reading at the start “Night Fall” also shows up in the anime “Little Witch Academia”.

  8. tren says:

    I thought that the Nightfall book Priya was holding was a reference to Twilight. She even says “Are you a werewolf”, which could be a referring to the characters in Twilight(I mean Twilight had Werewolves and Vampires)

  9. Aries ツ says:

    When Mei Mei’s grandmother told Mei Mei that her Mom’s red panda was big the grandmother started to rub her scratch on her eye. Now we know that Mei Mei’s Mom scratched Mei Mei’s grandmother in the eye with the red panda, this also refers to when Mei Mei kicked her Mom in the eye at the concert. And Mei Mei’s Mom even told Mei Mei that she hurt her Mom when the grandmother and all of her kids were letting the panda out.

  10. Makashiyo says:

    Did you know that the blonde pony tail girl who Mei meets in the bathroom when she accidentally unleashes her panda at school due to her mom is diabetic? She’s wearing one of the special diabetic arm things (I don’t know the name)

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