Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

Episode 5 of Murder Drones drops 9th June 2023.

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44 Responses

  1. Coleman Holt says:

    It all makes sense now! I feel dumb for not realizing Cyn is the Absolute Solver herself, rather than an actual person. Back in ep 1, you can see Cyn telling the AS program to not use its full potential when regrowing N’s head. Cyn was the hollow spooking snake crab that was in episode 2. This whole time, I thought she was a person keeping tabs on the program but she IS the program. But now I’m curious as to the relationship between Tessa and Cyn. But hey, we also have confirmation of many other disassembly drones existing, which was well assumed from ep 1 but now we have confirmation of at least 6 more out there.

  2. Cosmic Kitsune says:

    Y’all never disappoint. Every trailer looks so much more awesome than the last. I’m so excited.

  3. Likou5 says:

    I’m so surprised how a channel with 1m subscribers can create shows better than multi million dollar companies 😳

    Excited for episode 5!

  4. Surasit Chonwatanakul says:

    Everyone is hyped with murder and lore on the line. We all want to do what we want for the upcoming episode of murder drones, whether that being theorizing, painting, hell, even making custom drones of our own. All we’re saying (in general) is that we absolutely love this series and can’t wait for more.

  5. EmulationNation says:

    I am SO GLAD we don’t have to wait as long for new episodes. I just hope they don’t rush this show because it deserves all the time it needs.

    • досидания says:

      Оно только через 4 месяца выйдет
      И в это ебанный месяц сентябрь

    • chibu17 says:

      ​@досиданияНет, глава выйдет в следующем месяце, в Соединенных Штатах даты расположены по-другому: сначала день, затем месяц и, наконец, год. Надеюсь, вы это понимаете, я не знаю русского языка и пользуюсь переводчиком, надеюсь, перевод получится нормальным

    • досидания says:

      @chibu17 вроде я понял
      Спасибо за обьяснение

    • chibu17 says:

      ​@досиданияИзвините, я ошибся, видео, если оно выйдет в следующем месяце, но я ошибся в объяснении: сначала месяц, затем день и, наконец, год

    • досидания says:

      @chibu17 может 09 насамом деле означает месяц а не день?

  6. yuh says:


    EDIT: gee whizz thanks for the likes

  7. [TRF][TE]JJXM says:

    We all get that feeling inside when glitch tells us something about any episode or any series

    EDIT:thx for all the likes and replies btw

  8. Abobik_kot🐈 says:

    I look forward to seeing the fifth chapter. Lots of questions and lots of things hidden. It’s a pity, of course, that the series will be released already in September … but I’ll be waiting for it all summer! I literally can’t live without it. Thoughts constantly about what will happen in the new series? How will N, V and Uzi treat each other? Will Uzi be able to control his new Zombie Drone abilities? What kind of memories do drones have? What will Tessa and J do when they arrive on the planet? What are the unknown characters? and much more I would like to know

    • basil says:

      its coming out july 9

    • Avrillace says:

      ​They are reading the date as day, month, year.

    • Abobik_kot🐈 says:

      @basil sorry, I’m just from Russia and we write in the date first the number, then the month, and then the year. I already read Glitch’s pinned comment and realized that I thought wrong. And then I was already disappointed thinking that the fifth episode will be released in September 😅😅😅

    • basil says:

      sorry june

    • basil says:

      @Abobik_kot🐈 its okay! i understand i use the 24 hour time so its sometimes confusing for me but also i accidently said july i meant june 9!

  9. Ender Night the Drokain says:

    Sometimes I feel like I have to rewatch this series so far because everyone’s noticing things that my brain didn’t even bother to store. Reminds me of my experience with gundam.

  10. Driver 6918 says:

    By just the trailer, I already have predictions of the episode:
    1. This episode is likely a prequel of N, V and J’s past, so maybe Uzi won’t appear much in this episode.
    2. Considering the probable lack of Uzi, maybe we can see more N x V scenes (I’m strongly an Uzi x N shipper but I don’t really mind N x V too).
    3. Origins of the AbsoluteSolver might be in the episode too, jugdging by the voice at the end that sounded a lot like Eldtrich J’s voice in Episode 2.

    • JustAGuy@YT says:

      And with the many murder drones in the trailer, it will probably also show the other murder drones in the roster whether their normal self before they were converted to being murder drones or just straight up show them as murder drones. They’d be probably the other teams since N is on a squad number with V and J.

    • x Coyo x says:

      This may be off topic but in episode 4 doll is Spy on Uzi and N just had to look closely for any red eyes or something unexpected to possibly see where she at

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