Diddy Speaks On New Energy, 50 Cent, Mase, ‘The Four’ + More

Diddy Speaks On New Energy, 50 Cent, Mase, ‘The Four’ + More

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76 Responses

  1. Solomon IV says:

    Diddy is absolutely indispensable to our community.

  2. Sassy Besos says:

    DIDDY is actually hilarious!! Like, I can appreciate the balance of humble vs I AM DIDDY NIGGA!

  3. Anyeta lael says:

    I love Diddy! you have to give the man his respect.. he said his desire to own the Panthers is a collective effort. he also said if we don’t want nothing we wont have nothing how true is that?

  4. ItsGippetto says:

    Say what you want about Diddy, the man has consistently stayed relevant and helped the culture. He’s one of my biggest inspirations.

  5. tommy lee says:

    Now Charlamane, u heard it from the horses mouth, the CEO of BAD BOY Entertainment that Ma$e had great Lyrical ability. Let that MA$E Hate go bruh…. Let it GOOOOO!!!!!

  6. Chris Peezy says:

    50 said it best “he says shit and he doesnt even know its fruity”

  7. Barack Obama says:

    throughout the whole 50 topic, diddy was guarded and nervous, playing with his watch and hands together in front of him or those who don’t know body language/human behavior lol they switch topic and hand finally separate and stops playing with his watch

  8. Pyrex DaDon says:

    Angela tried to ask that 4hrs question for like 10mins 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. v3z says:

    Lol! Diddy proved Ma$e to be correct. CThaGod tried hard to sway him. 😂

  10. Ruben Cee says:

    10 Years from now we styll be on top.. 🙌💯🙌

  11. buck 4oe says:

    17:58 is wen Diddy talk bout Drink Champs Actin Suspect. UR WELCOME GUYS👍🏾

  12. FluGameQ says:

    “I want to be the example of a man that evolves”…

    i felt that Diddy 😢😪🤧

  13. Fanta Kane says:

    why he acted like Angela not even in the room?😩💀😂

  14. TheHolyMakaveli says:

    19:54 50 talk 31:58 Mase talk

  15. J Bby7 says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Diddy lowkey don’t care about Angela Yee??! 👀 lol 😂 There was a weird vibe between them!

    • Codie Boyd says:

      ceris sawyers I feel u on that everytime a guest comes on the show she finds a way to include herself in whatever they are talking about and she always has a “friend”for every situation on earth

    • Alexander F says:

      She’s just there cause affirmative action

    • KBRACK_27 says:

      She too childish and nosey….she either talk about her own life or says something wild….like 10% of the time she actually sound like media and not a 10th grade mean girl

    • MyOpinion_FukYourThoughts _ says:

      Most the men do her like that…they dont want to deal with her questions

    • MissCoco Bulls says:

      Codie Boyd I just wanted to say tht it’s cool we have the same name and exact same spelling.

  16. King Bond2k says:

    Yo Charlemagne let the Mase thing go brother you’re starting to look crazy out here lol…. seriously

  17. prince1131 says:

    He got proposed to from a guy he’s fronting lol what girl has the same size hands as him.

  18. Couch Tomato says:

    2:22 look at the dude in the back reaction to Envy…

  19. T Johnson says:

    He’s not a mook? Wearing a cheetah print shirt #niggaplease “fabolous why we never partied together?” Fab says “puff u came to my party ” puffy says “No I mean me and u ” #homoquotes

  20. JO PILOT says:

    Legend has it Angela has never finished a smoothie

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