difficulty level 300,452,120 [#shorts] 👏👏

difficulty level 300,452,120 [#shorts] 👏👏

difficulty level 300,452,120 [#shorts] 👏👏


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22 Responses

  1. Bryceless Fishing says:

    That’s smart! Better safe than sorry man. Keep up the solid vids👊

  2. BIG MAN KAWHI FAN says:

    You’re taking you’re job serious and showing that you are reliable , nothing wrong with being extra safe

    • Possum says:

      yet nobody said it was wrong

    • no name • 8 years ago says:

      @Possum nobody said he was wrong for it BIG MAN was just on about that he’s being extra safe so nobody can complain

    • Thigh G says:

      @no name • 8 years ago his comment was written as if somebody said there was something wrong with it, otherwise why would he write “nothing wrong with being safe” as if somebody said there was? So yes, he implied somebody had said he was wrong for it BIG MAN

    • Aidan Gomany says:

      @Thigh G I think you misread this situation lol. He wasnt calling the guy he replied to a BIG MAN, the original comment here was made by a guy with BIG MAN as the start of his username. So he was just explaining what the original comment was getting at. But i get why you may have misread that

  3. CrestlineIceberg says:

    You take a lot of care with what you do. I like to see other’s who take their jobs seriously like that. Hope you keep doing well and be safe driving on and off the road.

  4. thesampion says:

    Imagine you’re just sleeping in your truck and you suddenly hear a muffled: “This is the lockpicking lawyer, and today…”

  5. prollyoli says:

    this dude seems like such a nice guy to hang out with, maybe he’ll pass through virginia some day

  6. thomas pavelko says:

    That first load lock..there extremely hard to cut seen those battery powered bolt cutters break on them,air powered cutting wheels will but takes a long time,regular bolt cutters won’t do it as well.
    Just keep in mind that since it’s going to be real hard to get that lock off they may come up front to get the key.

    • Carter Kallio says:

      He would have the key on him, most likely even in the truck, so if he was asleep, someone would have to try to get the keys off of him whiles hes asleep

  7. Mad Man says:

    OCD people love these jobs. If you’re OCD you should also try being a mechanic it can be satisfying making a mess into like it never happened. Also organization is HUGE to being efficient

  8. Kevin Tucker says:

    The load should be insured and the only thing you’re “on the line for” is doing your job. And you do your job very well.

  9. Big Country says:

    Being from the north if you intend to open those locks in the winter after they have road spray frozen in them your going to need a torch. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a small butane torch with you if you do deliver in northern states during the winter months.

  10. Dam says:

    I’m telling you bruv, that one day you assume it’s probably gonna be fine to not double lock it is the day you get robbed. DON’T EVER LET THAT DAY HAPPEN….I LOVE TRUUUUCKS.

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