Digestive System, Part 1: Crash Course A&P #33

Digestive System, Part 1: Crash Course A&P #33

Nachos are delicious. And versatile because today they’re also going to help us learn a thing or two about your digestive system. Nachos can provide us with energy and raw materials, by first ingesting something nutritious, propelling it through the alimentary canal where it will be mechanically broken down, and chemically digested by enzymes until my cells can absorb their monomers and use them to make whatever they need. And eventually, there will be pooping.

Table of Contents
Ingestion 6:24
Propulsion 7:00
Mechanical Breakdown 7:38
Digestion 8:01
Absorption 8:30
Defecation 8:50


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20 Responses

  1. Alex Sandalis says:

    I wanna ask some unusual questions. Okay as an antler who eats a lot of
    food to help me gain muscle mass sometimes I will defecate multiple times a
    day. Gaining weight is difficult for me, so why is my body rejecting all
    these nutrients so frequently? Also what determines whether the fecal
    matter is soft/hard etc? What does that tell you about someone’s nutrition?

  2. Nagarath16 says:

    Timing Crash Course of this is amazing. And in away ironic.
    I’m still hanging on in long line to get sorted out what’s wrong with my
    Stomach and I know this system already too well – cause I’m not getting
    enough help and I have to figure stuff on my own to get some pain relief to
    my life. I might have Cronh disease or not – help is coming way too slow..
    So I’m pretty much alone only with the knowledge of digestive system. I’m
    pretty glad of Finnish school education but thank you for this Crash Course

  3. Mohamed Edris says:

    do physics!!!!! PLEASE

  4. lamastar11 says:

    Dr donut from adventure time <3

  5. RockTheMatYoga says:

    I don’t plan to try it, but could someone elaborate on the ‘other reasons’
    why we shouldn’t ‘be’ upside down? And Hank, do you mean during eating or
    in general?

  6. Erik Ernst says:

    jaay Mr hankey :-D

  7. Clove Jones says:

    Hey CrashCourse! If it hasn’t been said enough already, I’ll have it known
    that you guys are the reason many of us are taking an interest in learning
    and actually, for once, studying. So a huge THANK YOU. Also, I wanted to
    know whether you’d be continuing your Psychology course. For starters, it
    would be great to have imminent psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, etcetera
    highlighted. A philosophy course would be lovely to study on this channel
    too. 😀 Thanks so much for the great work. I appreciate it. Keep being
    awesome! Cx

  8. Parker Bettag says:

    I don’t appreciate being called a doughnut, Hank!

  9. Skip6235 says:

    If you guys ever want to do CrashCourse: Urban Planning, give me a call!

  10. Karl Ramstedt says:


  11. Karl Ramstedt says:

    4:28 MR.HANKEY!?

  12. Kate Dela Providencia says:

    Shocking, I was hoping to watch the part two naw because we will have a
    quiz laterr. Anyways, thanks!

  13. AwesomeVindicator says:

    at 4:25 you mention that the Alimentary Canal runs from your mouth to

    thats a LOOOONG tube >.<

  14. mark patterson says:

    Hank, you’re my lil’ Nacho Bae

  15. alana !! says:


  16. ElBosso says:

    Don’t you mean 100 kcal, not 100 calories ? Otherwise I would be surprised

  17. Tharkz says:

    The human body is not something that you just dump food on, is’t not a big
    truck, it’s a series of tubes!
    If you don’t know how much to eat, those tubes can be filled! And when you
    put more food in, it gets in line and anormous ammounts of “material” is
    clogged up.

  18. Max Crownover says:

    You guys are awesome! It would be great if you guys did-
    European History
    Asian History
    I don’t even take any of those classes, I just want to learn! Thank you for
    being a really big driving force in my education. Love you!

  19. Onodera1980 says:

    Thanks to fire, we start our digestion outside the body.

  20. Surgical says:

    lipids are not polymers