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Track 1 is a track from music library

Track 2 is called “Near Enough” by “The Wilbur Project” which is Ricks band so go check em out here https://open.spotify.com/album/7pOKN12Ztx0S90ft01OC3U?si=tO9Aqk20RAW-KgQAgo7q4w&utm_source=copy-link

Track 3 is called “United States of Generica” by “MC16Band”

Track 4 is called “Parisian Addiction” by “ST Peters Dream”

Track 5 and 6 are by “Socks in Bed” and are “Getting Passed You” and “Taking Shape”

In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewers.

#colinfurze #secrettunnel #underground

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44 Responses

  1. Ryan Grant says:

    While everyone was panic buying bog roll, Colin was panic buying tea

  2. bdbgh says:

    Honestly I’m not sure why, but watching you digging a tunnel is really fun. Enjoying this series Colin, keep it up 👍

    • Camile La says:

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      Holy water : needed
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    • Dominic milkman says:

      6 bots on one comment o-o

    • jack delhotal says:

      Because no one else can do it.

    • Joe Smith says:

      @Dominic milkman I count five.

    • Dominic milkman says:

      @Joe Smith then 5 if you don’t count hitty design

  3. colinfurze says:

    OH it just gets better, Railway Line, built in games, and a loverly seat which i’m installing the hydraulic press in to. Thanks for enjoying this series, subscribe buy merch get the freetrade app or do nothing but smile its up to you but see you in the next update.

  4. Zero Divided says:

    Imagine the lucky people that discover this project when it’s finished and can binge the entire thing. Sickest playlist on the tube 🙂

  5. Travis Harrison says:

    If you end up with another section of empty space, you should install a window with a bunch of dirt and rocks behind it (of course surrounded by steel and concrete). Perhaps one of the fake potted plants on the “outside” of the window. I really like the idea of having a completely useless window purely to confuse people.

    • World Traveler says:

      In the Grace mansion in Fort Worth Texas the basement has an entire false wall with its own flower garden and lighting system and lighting system connected to a weather station to help mymic the above ground world!! 🤠👍

    • RageQuitter1 says:

      I like this idea. A window with a blind/curtain that opens just to reveal rock.

    • colinfurze says:

      its a great idea and have looked into it i just think it will condensate up as ground is quiet damp, even under the yard that never gets wet

    • Lachlan Crawford says:

      Or use the dead space to create a display of all of the tools used in the dig.

    • Jon Knight says:

      Build a window but with an old telly on the other side playing a loop of a beach at sunset with the waves crashing on the shore.

  6. Dylan Gross says:

    The amount of steel and welding wire he’s used for this project is MADDDD

  7. kher33 says:

    This is the kind of thing that puts your house on the historic building registry. I hope my grandchildren get to visit the Coling Furze House in 100 years to see all the cool stuff you’ve made.

  8. Farming Information says:

    Viewers: “Colin, when is your next tunnel video?”

    Colin: *literally has no spare time or holidays, just digging a hole under his house*

  9. RFAurora says:

    Just waiting for Colin to decide he needs a periscope that comes up in the middle of his driveway from his tunnel.

  10. Life of Tom says:

    Love it!
    Genuinely intrigued as to what you’re gonna build at the front of the house! 👀

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