Digital Underground | The Humpty Dance | Muppets Version

Digital Underground | The Humpty Dance | Muppets Version

The Muppets perform their version of the Digital Undergound classic, “The Humpty Dance.” Starring Gonzo as Shock G, featuring the chickens on backup vocals. Video by Mylo the Cat, aka the guy who did the Beastie Boys/Muppets mashup.

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That Earl Sinclair mashup by Benjamin Roberts was damn good, but don’t you dare forget about Mylo the Cat! I’ve been in this game for years, it’s made me an animal. But seriously, after I saw that Dinosaurs one blow up from being made on a staycation, I literally immediately put in for time off from work, like any rational person would do.

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People forget how good hip-hop used to be back in the day, which is why I plan on reminding them, one mashup at a time.

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16 Responses

  1. bert ortega says:

    *I know this is some silly stuff but I cannot help myself*

  2. Brandon Moore says:

    Wow. That was well done. Kudos.

  3. movros ninety-nine says:


  4. PikenEl says:

    This cut was great back in the day…great today but this video takes it to
    another level. Rad! 

  5. Nick Jackson says:

    I like my oatmeal lumpy…

  6. Randy Rorschach says:

    I’m spunky i like my oatmeal lumpy im sick with this straight gangster mack
    lol love that this song is finally noticed.

  7. Michael Linkovski says:

    I didn’t know Gonzo was a nigger

  8. RODNEY P says:

    Go Gonzo, do your thing (lol)

  9. Cameron Fernandez says:

    my fifty shades of gay video is way shittier than this…

    and that’s saying a lot

  10. fatpatMC says:


  11. sponggiexoxo says:

    I love this:-D

  12. Antonio Eades says:

    This is what I needed this morning! Get it Gonzo! Straight gangsta Mack!

  13. Nic Stanislao says:

    I have no words for why this had never been in our lives before now.

  14. Lori Kober says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  15. jonporter527 says:

    love Gonzo!! Always was my favorite

  16. Brandon Bautista says:

    I can’t *not* share this.