Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year Trailer [Dropout Exclusive Series]

Dimension 20: Fantasy High Junior Year Trailer [Dropout Exclusive Series]

The Bad Kids return for a new year at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy – filled with new challenges, new enemies, and new allies. Premieres January 10th on Dropout. To catch up on Fantasy High, sign up for Dropout today: https://dimension20.dropout.tv

An FAQ for the season can be found here: https://bit.ly/D20FantasyHighJuniorYearFAQ

Welcome to Dimension 20, Dropout.tv’s anthology actualplay show! Enjoy watching every campaign, every behind-the-scenes, every one-shot, and every talkback, only on Dropout: https://dimension20.dropout.tv/

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46 Responses

  1. @cmattss4 says:

    An actual high school problem arc is gonna be so sick. I can’t wait to see Ayda interact with the other characters!

  2. @ofentsekgatla3338 says:

    I love Dimension 20. But the love i have for Fantasy High specifically, its one that cant be explained.

  3. @cameronebaker says:

    Murph showing up each season with more arm tattoos is such a power move

  4. @jonsargent7836 says:

    I still can’t believe this is really gonna happen! Fantasy High will always hold a very special place in my D&D heart. Can’t wait to see what these 9th-level chaos goblins get up to next! HOOT GROWL BABY!

  5. @mynameiskrysta says:

    The last time we saw the bad kids, the entire show (and ally) looked ENTIRELY different

  6. @steegen101 says:

    I love those sketch drawings with everyone’s name card. Adaine’s especially

  7. @SeveralGhost says:

    Calling it that Riz has learned what Rizz means and has become as suave as his angel father

  8. @brennabailey2900 says:

    Freshman year came out when I was a freshman in high school, sophomore year came out when I was a sophomore in high school, and now junior year is coming our when I am a junior in college. Thank you Dimension 20. You all mean the world to me.

  9. @DepressedLaughter says:

    IM BEYOND PUMPED. Fantasy High Freshman Year was my comfort show during the pandemic

    • @hillmidget1326 says:


    • @SmudgedSketch says:

      Omg same, but I gotta go watch sophomore year cause I haven’t yet

    • @nizOnYT says:

      @@SmudgedSketch honestly for me it took a lot of effort. the sound quality is hard to bear, but to be brutally honest the aspect i’m having the most difficulty about is the fact that it is livestreamed and unedited. i don’t really enjoy livestream in general tho so it’s on me i’m 90% sure

    • @arcane7418 says:

      ​​@@SmudgedSketch It’s all here free on YouTube! So you have plenty of time! We are up to episode 16 and sure there are some hiccups it’s still really good! Just heads up they did this all live so it’s not gonna be like freshman year. But Sophomore year is awesome and really shows growth to each and every character so definitely give it a watch! Also, yes it is recorded live! Unedited but I think that’s the charm because when you play DND regularly it’s never edited! But I can understand the audio and quality isn’t up to everyone’s standards.

    • @casanovafunkenstein5090 says:

      ​@@arcane7418yeah, I think that it definitely has its moments, but I couldn’t get into it.
      One of the things that makes D20 so much easier to watch than any of the other major actual play series is the use of editing and dynamic cuts during combat to highlight certain actions visually.
      Without the dead air being cut out my brain slips off of it like a rodeo bull made out of butter.
      I do want to get caught up, so I’ll give it another punt.

  10. @LDIndustries says:

    To quote my D&D group, “This is our Super Bowl.”

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