“Dinner Invitation” Clip – Disney’s Beauty And The Beast

“Dinner Invitation” Clip – Disney’s Beauty And The Beast

“Show me the smile ?.” Watch a new clip from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, in theatres in 3D March 17!

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20 Responses

  1. Ben Pauley says:

    The animation in this looks stunning.

  2. Marichat Agreste says:

    i love the smile of the *BEAST*❤❤?
    it so funny ??

  3. EverydayDisneyMagic says:

    Gotta love that smile! Disney transformed Dan Stevens into Beast! So awesome! Can’t wait!!!

  4. William Laws says:

    Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BATB IS GOING TO BE AWESOME……like if u agree:)

  5. jasobres says:

    I hope he says, “YOU COME OUT OR… I’LL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR!!!” That was my favorite line in the original film.

  6. ToucanLDM says:

    “Fine! Then go ahead and STARVE!!!” I’ll loose it if that’s in this movie XD

  7. Gallaxy says:

    “lol nvm rip”

  8. AiliSima says:

    That floating bird thing is supposed to be a feather duster, correct?

  9. Sab Lee says:

    “The poor thing is probably in there scared to death!” *shows Belle escaping*

  10. matthias psaila says:

    i wish they made plumbette (the feather duster) a little more fluffy. she just looks like she only has three feathers. anyone else agrees ? but other then that its perfect

  11. Christian Salgado says:

    This will be the best live action remake Disney has ever made

  12. Christian Salgado says:

    I don’t care what everyone else say about the Beast he looks so amazing

  13. ajmrowland says:

    “Shot for shot remake” my ass. The fact that she’s having none of this and is trying to escape just makes this scene even funnier than in the animated version.

    Also just realized this scene is a combination of two scenes in the animated version.

  14. VeronikaaX says:

    0:38 When you’re on the edge of killing yourself and your parents tell you to smile when your whole family is over for thanksgiving.

  15. TheOMGsee says:

    I hope at the end he roars “THEN Go Ahead and STARVE!!” and storms off

  16. Vincent Mancini says:

    did you guys read the news that they are going to have a gay character in it? i wonder what that will mean or how they will explain it

  17. Stuntin.2.Star says:

    I just realized something, one thing the original Belle didn’t think of was escaping. Smart move Emma

  18. Jacyln Jaggar says:

    gone is the princess who wept on the bed and just took the imprisionent, here is the new belle 2.0 full of bravery, heart, and enough smarts to know bed sheets + low room = my escape, my goodness I can not wait for this movie

  19. AWorldWithoutTenors says:

    Noooo! Why!?? This scene completely undermines Belle’s sacrificing herself for her father. That sacrifice means absolutely nothing if she’s just planning to escape. The whole emotional stake of the sacrifice is that she had to stay with the Beast FOREVER. She would never get to see her father again, and would live her entire life in a monster’s dungeon. This is what showed the audience just how admirable and strong Belle really was. She was willing to give her life to save her father. That’s how strong her love was for him. That’s what helped to thaw the Beast’s hard heart. The Beast is the epitome of selfish. He cares only for himself. When given the chance to extend basic historical hospitality and save the life of a poor old beggar woman, he turned her away to die in the freezing wolf infested forest. He had tons of empty rooms he could have put her in for the night, but he was too selfish. Belle is the complete opposite. She gave everything she had to save her father, thinking nothing of herself. This beautiful, subtle plot point is vitally important to what makes this whole story and romance work. That is the whole point of “Beauty” and the “Beast”. It’s not their looks, it’s their hearts. But noooo, Emma Watson is determined to infuse her feminist views into this story, so Belle has to be strong and stand up to the Beast and try to escape and stuff. Ugh. This is why you can’t bring your personal agenda into a project like this.

    Not only that, all of this makes the Beast look so much wimpier and less scary than the original. He’s no longer a “horrible monstrous beast”. Belle isn’t even remotely scared of him. This not only undermines the Beast’s character, but it also undermines Belle’s character development. In the original, she was terrified of this horrible monster, but over time she came to see past the monstrous shell and even love him. In this, he’s an animal, but he’s not remotely scary. Aaarrrgh.

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