Dinosaur Treasure! – WILL YOU WIN?

Dinosaur Treasure! – WILL YOU WIN?

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the crew visit the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research gift shop in Hill City, South Dakota! This gift shop is full of dinosaur TREASURE… and one lucky Coyote Pack member may even win a real DINOSAUR TOOTH! Will you win?!

To enter the giveaway, be sure to comment which item you want to win. To be eligible, you must have your YouTube account activated so that we can contact you about your prize.

HUGE thanks to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Peter Larson and his team! Make sure to visit the Black Hills Institute website for more information: http://www.bhigr.com

Archive footage/media Courtesy of Black Hills Institute.

And don’t forget we have recently partnered with Universal Pictures to become the Jurassic World Explorers! Stay tuned, that series is coming this holiday season.

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

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26 Responses

  1. Gina Catania says:

    The velociraptor skull replica is SO cool! I would love to have it in my room. I am probably one of the biggest animal lovers you’ll ever meet and things like this are so fascinating to me!

  2. Matthew Ventura says:

    My heart would be swept away by pure joy if I could get that Carcharodontosaurus tooth. I’ve loved dinosaurs for as long as I can remember, I love them so much that I can’t help but cry when that brachiosaurus is first seen in Jurassic park. Carcharodontosaurus is one of those dinos I’ve been familiar with for quite a few years because it was in that PS2 game Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, so it would blow me away if I could own a fossil of it. I collect numerous things, mainly action figures, many of which are centered around dinosaurs. An actual real tooth however is not something you come across everyday and would stick out as a prominent piece in my collection, not to mention, it’s an ACTUAL DINOSAUR TOOTH, holy moly! Thanks for listening guys, hope all is well!

    • Kiley Kneib says:

      try ebay theyre not hard to find. nor very expensive 🙂 or just google “shopping” tab. this is NOT to say they arent totally amazing- just saying other truths

  3. Karder McGuire says:

    Trex place and poster because I’ve loved dinosaurs ever since I saw Jurassic park at 3 years old and know I’m twelve I loved the video bye

  4. Shining Silvally says:

    I want the velociraptor skull replica because it’s very detailed and it would look AWESOME on my desk!!

  5. Jane K. says:

    I REALLY want the dinosaur tooth because I love collecting cool items and that would be the most AWESOME thing to have!!

  6. alexander dumarey says:

    Ive always had issues with my teeth. Luckily after long painful years thats over now. The tooth would be pretty sweet!

  7. sebelge says:

    I would love to have that carcharodontosaurus tooth I’ve been passionate about dinosaurs since I’m a little child it would really make my day 😁

  8. Eli Nederpelt says:

    Well for the carcharodontosaurus that would be cool because when I was at primary school we had to do an assignment on an endangered animal but because I’ve always like dinosaurs I asked if I could do my assignment on one and my teacher said yeah. This lead me to the carcharodontosaurus because I wanted to find out about a dinosaur I didn’t know about. It caught my eye because of the name and it’s teeth. From then on it’s kind of been my go to hipster Dino. From then on I’ve always thought it was pretty cool.
    So long story short I think that would be cool to get and I don’t have any dinosaur teeth.

  9. Harrison Coleman says:

    I think the charcodontosauras tooth is the best because it is a real tooth from a living, breathing animal, that lived here way before us! It would go so well with my collection as I have dedicated my life to fossils and want to be a palaeontologist since I as 5! And I have an entire shed full of fossils!!!

  10. Tyler Davidson says:

    The velociraptor skull replica would be extraordinary for me. I have no dinosaur toys or fossils so it would be outstanding for me. I would really appreciate if I had it. But I wish for the person to have it has a great time with it.

  11. Spike Lally says:

    As I’m having 7 teeth pulled out I think that’s it’s only fair to add the carcharodontosaurus tooth to my collection, thanks

  12. Jacob Gillispie says:

    I have a fairly decent fossil collection most of which are trilobites, a few meg teeth, a Phytosaur tooth, a mosasaur sooth and a few Cretaceous fish fossils but no real Dino fossils so I’d appreciate ANY of the dinosaur fossils especially the carcharadontous TOOTH! Plus I’m a huge Coyote fan! Keep up the good work!

  13. Almost perfect perfect says:

    Because I love the Jurassic Park movies and all the new ones include the raptor and Indo raptor

  14. Smexy Taco says:

    I would like the big dinosaur with the big name tooth awsome vids guys

  15. Jurassic Park Fan2614 Dinosaur Forever says:

    I wish i got the velociraptor skull because I watched all Jurassic movies and the velociraptor is my favourite dinosaur and you are my favourite YouTube channel

  16. Pyro75 says:

    I like the carcharodontosaurus tooth the most, It it the so cool that it is an actual dinosaur tooth . I think it would be really awesome to add to my collection because I don’t have any dinosaur relics of my own nor do I have the cash and chance to get one and I would really think it would be amazing because it would come from my favorite youtubers of all time. It would be so awesome if I could get something from the amazing Brave wilderness crew.

  17. Viking Gaming says:

    The T. rex model would be amazing because I love dinosaurs and all animals but sadly I do not have any models or pieces of art like the one in the episode it would be on my wall for Everyone on my twitch or YouTube channel to see thank you guys for being amazing and even if I do not win I’m glad you guys did something so considerate for your viewers 🙂

  18. Wookie Cookie says:

    I think the velociraptor replica would be my vote cause starting with the jurrasic park series, the velociraptor was my favorite dinosaur. I really want it plz

  19. Trooper5921 says:

    I would absolutely love to have that raptor skull, I love your videos and I want to travel around the world like you to see all kinds of beautiful animals, I love dinosaurs but in my country (Chile) there’s barely any interest for paleontology. I don’t have a lot of money either to buy dinosaur figures, but I would really like to have a collection, thank you for your awesome videos, I love seeing all of them!

  20. Manjot Uppal says:

    Man I really want the Carcharodontosaurus tooth, but I know I’m going to lose it which would be a terrible waist of a specimen and someone else’s desire. So I’m going with the Velociraptor skull replica. The reason I’m taking this over the plaque and the poster is because I actually drew a raptor skull that looks VERY similar to the replica as well as I also, like Mario, have a T.rex skull replica. Also the Velociraptor is my second favourite Dromaeosaurid, second to Deinonychus. The reason for this is because of its size. I don’t think anyone can deny that a Velociraptor could absolutely tear you to shreds, especially the Jurassic Park version of it. The fact that it’s at about knee height is even more terrifying. Having that skull to go with my drawing and other skull would Meenu so much to me. I also have an unknown dromaeosaurid claw necklace. The only thing to add to that collection, If I got the skull that is, would be to have a poster. Which is not much work to obtain. So please, please, please, let me have that Velociraptor Skull. Regardless I’ll still love your guys’ channel. Keep up the good work and NEVER STOP THE DINOSAURS EVEN IF YOU PROMISED A MONTH!!!

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