Doing the yoga challenge with a really old friend of mine, Thiccasaurus Rex. Thanks for watching babes! Stalk Thicc and I on our other social medias down below!
Music Creds:
Jou Beats – Brasil
Panjabi MC – Mundian To Bach Ke
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Thank you, lil dinos, diyess


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53 Responses

  1. Jayden Kouli says:


  2. Kameryn Pillay says:

    0:10 – cough – I relate 😂

  3. Kameryn Pillay says:

    Liza and her puns I swear! LOVE THEM ❤️😂

  4. Kameryn Pillay says:

    1:05 ive always wanted to see the person’s face, coz you never see it in other videos

  5. Kameryn Pillay says:

    1:45 the picture! BAHAHHAHAHHAHA

  6. Kameryn Pillay says:

    1:50 my mind had to process that the song was from Dora the Explorer BAHAHAHA

  7. Kameryn Pillay says:

    where’s my Indian crew at? ❤️😂

  8. Nastasija Nedeljkovic says:

    Nothing special let’s be honest

  9. Hannah Aquino says:

    The freak that was freaking awesome and funny. I just can’t. “The T-aurus sex” like what!! I can’t help me…

  10. Marcos Gonzalez says:

    Liza is my childhood friend!! Elizabeth remember me!!! Me and Britney miss you

  11. Pyschopath 17 says:

    The Dora song killed me😂

  12. Rainbow Life says:

    I miss old videos i just hate when youtubers get to the point they wanted to and they dont care about content anymore just want money

    • Katie Beattie says:

      Rainbow Life . She cares but it is hard to come up with new content all of the time. I love her no matter what

    • YasTrickYas says:

      Katie Beattie I forget what video but she even admitted she just doesn’t have time. Liza is so creative she has content, trust me lol. Also is anyone here paying for YouTube red?? :s

    • Selena Piñon says:

      I’m so tired of these comments! GUYS. NEWS FLASH! Liza has a life too! She’s spend many days trying to make us laugh, and it has nothing to do with money. You don’t know what’s going on in her life, so before passing so much unwanted judgement how about u go to another YouTube channel and hate them bc Liza is AWESOMEEEE

    • Moon The Artist says:

      Selena Piñon
      Thank you!

    • Saiyara Islam says:

      well you are the one watching so you would think that but guess what Liza has a LIFE too wow did you ever think that! Its really hard doing what liza does ok so stop hating and saying she wants money when she work so hard! you try doing what liza does its not that easy and liza is the last person who cares about just making money!!

  13. WinterWynd says:

    I have died every day watching you!!
    (I a good way)

  14. Bismah Suhail says:

    I am Indian and she is my girl

  15. Hello :3 says:

    What did yoga say to its dog?
    *Nama, stay*

    I may have stolen this from Google cause I’m unoriginal…

  16. Rachel Gao says:

    That laughing in the end. 😂😂😂
    Love you Liza! 💖

  17. Samantha Agosto says:

    Using tampons in 4th grade, ain’t even on my period yet😂😂😂

  18. Reese Grindstaff says:

    WHERE DID U GO? or is my iPad broken

  19. jheevanesh Gunalan says:

    OMG doraaaaaaa

  20. ziljin says:

    That’s one flexible dinosaur.

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