Bruh took hating to another level.

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34 Responses

  1. Lord Cinder says:

    Fun fact: Jonathan Joestar was the only one DIO called and acknowledged as Jojo. He may have hated his guts, but he ultimately had massive respect for the only man to give him multiple Ls

  2. Edward E. Nigma says:

    You gotta admire Dio. He found what makes him happy in life and pursued it. We should be more like him. Bro said imma dedicate my entire life and make a cult off of hating one dude’s entire bloodline and you know what. He succeeded. Follow through people. Follow through.

  3. Esteban says:

    Fun Fact: Dio is Italian for “God”. So when he calls himself DIO, his god complex is basically on a whole other level than it was already.

    • DemonicRemption says:


      It’s ironic in that sense, because when he was fighting Jotaro in the English dub he says:”I am God in all but name.” Which had me like:”Bruh, do you know what your name means?”

    • DemonicRemption says:


      I was wondering if someone was gonna point out how Polnareff climbing the stairs to meet Dio was him looking up to God. And how in part 5, him being approached by Diavolo was him bein approached by the devil from Hell.

      Also him having had too much trouble in his life? Understatement given what he’s been through.

    • Joseph Kelley says:

      Does this make giorno jesus

    • Black piccolo says:

      @spear tfs reference. Vegeta has or used to have a god complex.

  4. The Cooldog says:

    I’m amazed this didn’t hit past the half-hour mark, this man was evil incarnate he transcended time to keep hating.

    • TheNerdy Lad says:

      ​@rubix master Greetings! I’ve been doing art for a minute now and I think I’m making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks !

    • rubix master says:

      He had to miss afew, like that throw killing the policemen and breaking speedwagon’s arm, or how he nullified the “thunder cross split attack”, or how he put the senator back in the car after he tried getting out.

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The best part about this is the fact that even Jotaro deserves to be in the roundtable of black air force activity. He ain’t a slouch either my guy.

  6. D _ says:

    The part that gets ne with the staircase scene is that you know DIO had to have pracriced that shit. At that point he could only stop time for a few seconds, so he had to put a throne in a room near enough to grab while time was stopped. Not to mention the effort to perfectly move Polnereff a step down the stairs and move back into his stance. DIO is somethin else man.

  7. Amber Williams says:

    You could easily do Jotaro on the table aswell. Folded a 100+ year old vampire while he was still in school, folded his uncle on their first time meeting and abandoned his daughter so much that they both met first time in prison. That’s just straight up Youngboy activity

  8. Jake Hxllxws says:

    The best villains of shonen history would never exist without DIO. He’s a template for what evil is.

    • TheNerdy Lad says:

      Greetings! I’ve been doing art for a minute now and I think I’m making progress 🙂. Kindly take a look and lmk what u think. Thanks !

  9. secondsun says:

    Within 10 minutes of the show, Dio:
    – spits on his dad’s grave
    – kicks Johnathan’s dog
    – beats Johnathan in a fight
    – steals all of Johnathan’s friends
    – kisses Johnathan’s girl
    – kills Johnathan’s dog
    This is all prior to becoming a vampire/gaining a STAND, truly a generational hater

  10. Jerome Hopkins says:

    Dio was so petty for what he did with the stairs. This man literally stopped time every time Polnareff tried to go up the stairs, placed him back on the step he was at, and was having the time of his life messing with him like that.

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