Diplo – Wasted (Official Video) ft. Kodak Black, Koe Wetzel

Diplo – Wasted (Official Video) ft. Kodak Black, Koe Wetzel

Official Video for “Wasted” by Diplo feat. Kodak Black & Koe Wetzel

Listen & Download “Wasted” out now: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted

Amazon Music: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/AmazonMusic
Apple Music: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/AppleMusic
iTunes: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/iTunes
Pandora: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/Pandora
Soundcloud: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/Soundcloud
Spotify: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/Spotify
YouTube Music: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/YouTubeMusic
YouTube: https://diplo.lnk.to/Wasted/YouTube

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17 Responses

  1. 45rivera says:

    Kodak never disappoints!

  2. B D says:

    i’m grateful there’s Diplo in this world, doing great collaborationss and being able to express so many styles of music.

  3. Ben Hiler says:

    The collab we didn’t know we needed but the collab we will never forget, my whole personality in one song

  4. Young Orange says:

    I will have a song with Diplo 2023, speaking it into existence 🗣

  5. Amir Sharif says:

    diplo never disappoints 🔥

  6. Totyo YungPiper says:

    Love to see Kodak doing good

  7. Bruce Wayne says:

    I love when rappers get creative with the collabs.

  8. Big Sig says:

    I’m here cause I’m a die hard Koe fan. But man, Kodak was an absolute vibe through the whole video. Love this song, love it all

    • Brendan Soliz says:

      @Ch Stewart I still really enjoy the song but the entire first listen I couldn’t get over that they didn’t give Koe this chorus. It was actually baffling to me that shit would have been straight lithium !

    • Ch Stewart says:

      I’d like to hear a version of just Koe singing the entire song. I’d bet it would be 10 times better. To me the song has a completely different feel between the chorus and the verses. The chorus falls flat in my opinion.

    • Ashley Anchondo says:

      On repeat! This is a jam Koe as always is perfect and Kodak chorus is perfect! 🤌🏼

    • Matteo Stoddard says:

      same here, long live koe

  9. appleslicah says:

    The Kodak and Diplo country arc needs to continue.

  10. Zoemafiasgktb says:

    In Kodak we trust🦅⚔️

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