Dirty Dancing with Idina Menzel and James Corden

Dirty Dancing with Idina Menzel and James Corden

Before he says goodnight to Idina Menzel, James wants to express he’s had the time of his life in a Dirty Dancing musical number.

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20 Responses

  1. Rada Bubnovskaja says:

    Woah! Well impressed. Stunning voice

  2. Andrew Bonomolo says:

    The people in this commenting section really don’t understand what’s going
    on here. They’re having fun, not trying to sing the best version possible.
    And stop nagging on Idina, there are plenty of young pop singers who are
    not as talented as her that you could nag on. Leave her alone already.

  3. Rada Bubnovskaja says:

    James should sell the records of his own, not to be on a talk show.

  4. Wolfspiritzero says:

    Welp, guess I need to start watching The Late Late Show more often.

  5. Catherine Elmore says:

    The Baker singing with Elphaba. Never thought I’d see it, but I’m enjoying
    the heck out of it!

  6. iamawombat101 says:

    Kumail’s expressions are priceless

  7. David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts says:

    Idina Menzel and James Corden had the time of their lives last night!
    #fridayfun #dirtydancing 

  8. animalasaysrauer says:

    My favorite part was Kumail sitting there looking so lost.

  9. dasgutz37 says:

    Oh we happy few. That we were so blessed as to be alive to witness the
    transcendence of angels who took the form of interchangeable light
    entertainment time servers. How the future will envy us. What a time to be

  10. Jim Livesay says:

    He’s making Seth Meyers wish he was back at SNL

  11. bobzyurunkel says:

    She looks like Nelly Furtado.

  12. FallOutKidd49 says:


  13. Maria Lorange says:


  14. Vera Fróes says:

    Amo Dirty Dancing(vi trocentas vezes)…amo Patrick Swayze!!! #saudades

  15. Marvelous Marv says:

    Wow! He is just awesome! From Doctor Who until now, awesome entertainer!!!

  16. ZodiacBryan says:

    So…. Idina Menzel is terrible

  17. Hopeful Dreamchaser says:

    God. I’m sick of the losers leaving comments like ”she’s losing her
    voice” and ”she was surprisingly weak”. Who the hell are you, ”grand

  18. Steve Holmgren says:

    James Corden makes me happy. That is all.