Disarming Conversational Land Mines

Disarming Conversational Land Mines

Watch out. This Thanksgiving dinner is covered in live opinions.

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Raphael Chestang
Ally Beardsley
Grandmama – Ina King
Granddad – Cullen Chambers
Uncle Dante – Guy Groves
Aunt Tiffany – Tabitha Brown

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Raphael Chestang
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Editor – Brittany Joyner

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92 Responses

  1. David Hopscotch says:

    I always do this at Christmas.

    • Rick Irons says:

      David Hopscotch Same here bro, there is just so much fires to put out during thanksgiving, especially when a certain relative drinks too much wine. 😣


    Pretend I said something funny.

    Now give me likes.

    Edit:1 holy jesus of garlic bread
    how did i get so many likes well better
    take advantage of it , please check out
    my channel and give me some critisism

  3. Alex The Gamer says:

    Lol that grandad looks like Morgan Freeman

  4. Sophia Elaine says:


    • Niklas Hansen says:

      “Absolutely Oprah” – “Doctor” Phil.
      Don´t let her bite your head off…

    • Jess Hammond says:

      Sophia Elaine I promise a whole lot if white people don’t. I’m white so I hear all their racist rants they say aren’t racist. Lol And I’m gay. All racist hate gays too. Thanksgiving is actually torture.

  5. -Dash™ says:

    Didn’t know morgan freeman is an alcoholic

  6. Deiman Flores says:

    The hurt locker parody…. only a couple years late.

  7. A J says:

    This was an *AMAZINGLY ACCURATE* parody ! Props to Raphael

  8. JRP says:

    Ralph: Oh no…
    Grandma: That’s why we need to make America great again–

    Mama: Ain’t Oprah runnin for President?

  9. Jason Anderson says:

    my family literally had the nfl kneel conversation for a solid 10 minutes

    • Code Red says:

      Honestly the whole flag thing is kinda insane to me, living in Europe. Like In England where I live nobody has a British flag. It’s just not a thing, hanging a flag outside your house would be super weird, there aren’t flags in schools or anything either. Like, they don’t play the National anthem at sports matches so it would never be an issue. I don’t think I even know all the words.

    • Space Age Quice says:

      Jason Anderson only 10? You got off lucky! I’m still hearing about it!

    • arizakaa says:

      Jason Anderson Wtf is wrong with america? Why can’t you just stop whining about your flag and anthem, it’s not like it is of any importance anyway. Focus on something real instead like healthcare or whatever.

    • Eagle 367 says:

      Code Red they do play then during international matches though

    • Fastertrack says:

      As protests go it’s the most harmless. Regular protest can be easily distorted by police and people wanting to cause trouble.

  10. MaximumTrouble says:

    Who else doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving?

  11. franky horn says:

    See, on my dad’s side of the family, this happens on every family get together, but on my mother’s side of the family, it hasn’t happened ever. Not once. I think I have my favourites.

    • oapy says:

      Yeah I my favorite side of the family is my dad’s.

    • Quartz says:

      Plot twist: yall both have the same family

    • franky horn says:

      I prefer the none landmine filled dinner, on my mum’s side, and I don’t have siblings, unless this is star was. Then we’re all related.

    • Isaac Kramer says:

      It’s just the opposite with my family. My mom’s side has so much family drama plus her and her 5 siblings represent 6 different political ideologies. My dad has only one sibling, and they both fall on the same side in poilitics

    • franky horn says:

      It’s something similar and different with mine, my mum’s side can all agree to disagree, but my dad’s side are all so stubborn it’s their way or no way

  12. ThisIsAUser Name says:

    If you’re scared of this then you must be terrified of F-bombs

  13. David Hopscotch says:


  14. Joey Nathan says:

    Thanksgiving looks like the worst holiday of all time, like you are forced to spent the day with family members you don’t like talking about things that make everyone uncomfortable all because a few hundred years ago some Italian dude slaughtered a whole lot of Native Americans and stole their lands… WHY IS AMERICA DOING THIS TO THEMSELVES??!

    edit: Guys this wasn’t meant as an attack on American customs or whatever, just a playful jab on media portrayed stereo-types from an outsiders perspective! Though if you want to tell me about your Thanksgiving in your homes by all means go ahead and do so 🙂

  15. Emil Sosnin says:

    Hire this guy. College Humor is funny again!

    • Anthony97531X says:

      Emil Sosnin raph was already a member of ch for months
      he is in a lot of skits recently

    • MissingName - Lyrec & Krinh says:

      they are funny sometimes, but they have like 2 REALLY dudsy writers. Like 75 percent of them are funny. just avoid the comments on the not funny ones because people feel the need to over-analyze and just be plain mean to the writers.

  16. TheObsidianX says:

    I like how grandpa is continuously drinking the whole episode

  17. Marianna Kouznetsov says:

    CollegeHumor just redeemed themselves

  18. Wise Traveler says:

    Wish the ‘disarm’ isn’t him just changing to a relatable topic. Maybe find a common ground in the argument?? Something along the lines of that. Also, I have to say that ending…👌

    • Bp Elliott says:

      Not everyone will agree and that’s fine, just don’t bring up politics at the table.

    • Ender Skies says:

      @Bp Elliot No its not fine. “Agreeing to disagree” is why we still let people who believe in invisible sky fairies hold public office and make life or death decisions for a nation.

    • MissingName - Lyrec & Krinh says:

      you can’t force someone out of a job or political position just because they don’t fucking think the way you do, you fucking psychopath

    • Ender Skies says:

      @Missing Name – Lyrec and Krinh Unless it is a government job, you have a specific contract, or you are in one of the few non RTA states, then, yes you absolutely can fire someone over a political belief.

      It was made clear both during the trump election, the previous Obama election, and the gay marriage SCOTUS decisions with employers informing employees that could and would be fired for support a specific candidate or stance.

      Chik Fil A for example will not hire homosexuals or those that support them, and will fire anyone they find out is / does.

  19. UnPhayzable says:

    Top 10 Anime Fight Scenes

  20. UnitedRaccoon57 says:

    Twist: This is just a exclusive recording of College Humor Thanksgiving dinner last year and they all died

    At least it explains why they’re not funny anymore

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