Disney Descendants | Arrive Trailer

Disney Descendants | Arrive Trailer

The children of both the Disney heroes and villains come together this summer in the new original movie Descendants on Disney Channel! #DisneyDescendants

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19 Responses

  1. DynameshFLESH™ says:

    Disney’s Diversity


  2. alfonzo mendoza says:

    ? This is worse than the disney channel shows they’re airing ! They can do
    way better than this smh 

  3. LadyGrinningSoul says:

    This looks delightfully cheesy and stupid. I can’t wait!

  4. Hey, Ellen. says:

    The principal idea of the movie is great. I was expecting a lot from this,
    but Disney made this project turn into a “new Disney style” and it is
    This is not going to be great and I’m really sad with it. This movie will
    pass a hundred of times at Disney Channel and will have the same poor
    audience of Teen Beach Movie or those shits that keeps coming out.

  5. LoveCrumb says:

    I thought this was a joke. A fake trailer. Nope. This is happening, people.

  6. Wade D McGinnis says:

    Why is it that we are seeing tv shows and movies where the heroes over step
    their bounds as heroes. It is one thing to lock away a villain, its another
    to lock away an innocent child of a villain.

  7. Louise Kane says:

    #DisneyDescendants The Next Generation has arrived

  8. Fred Krapinsiten says:

    Disney Stars AKA future Porn actors. Miley Cyrus , Britney spears prime
    examples Good work disney turning young role models into whores.

  9. StingrayX says:

    Remember when Disney Channel movies used to be awesome?

  10. MNSportsJunkie101 says:

    I always wondered what a movie based on Disnyluver248’s fanfiction would
    look like. Now I know! Thanks Disney Channel!

  11. jadarr1 says:

    Looks like shit.

  12. PrettyFly4AWhyteGurl says:

    What even is?

  13. theatergeek82 says:

    So the secret is out…Glinda the Good Witch is actually Maleficent

  14. Hello Kitty Addict says:

    Disney villans have kids? SHOCKER!!!!!!!(not really)

  15. Chad Quandt (QuandtumTheory) says:

    Now I’m thinking about Jafar and Cruella Deville having sex.

  16. Richard Schrader says:

    One must respect as they get taste, they lose perspective on the younger
    generation, who clearly like REALLY BAD SHOWS

  17. Kristin Livingston says:

    What has been seen, cannot be unseen. >.<

  18. Sevta22 says:

    Why can’t I rate this? I have my own away to rate *thumb down* 

  19. iuri gazzina says:

    killer?ahahahahhahaahahhahahahaahah Carlos is absurd