Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+

Go beyond the making of The Mandalorian. Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, an Original Series, starts streaming May the 4th, only on Disney+.

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82 Responses

  1. Kyle O’Dell says:

    I thought this was another trick.

  2. The Liamster says:

    I thought this was a trailer for season 2 of the Mandolorian, this is still great though.

  3. Bruno Lind says:

    Pls take Disney plus to Norway I want to watch the series but I can’t:(. Pls Disney I’m begging 🥺.

  4. Finn Nebauer says:

    “This is the way”


    “I have spoken”

  5. Jack Slade says:

    Hope we get in depth making of documentaries for all the Disney + Star Wars projects

  6. Syrup says:

    Alright Disney + your move

  7. EW 20 says:

    Where would we be without Dave Filoni? He’s genuinely done so much for the franchise, thank you 🙏

    • Angelo Barovier says:

      @THENEVERDEADIV Dave Filoni would tell yoy you’re wrong to minimize the efforts of countless people in both minor and major roles. One of his strengths, by all accounts, is how much he champions a TEAM effort.

      Calling him the only reason for any success is not just antithetical to his family approach, it’s insulting.

    • the_attack_of_ geek says:

      @AusTerranX they would probably be about the new republic and that would be what star wars needed

    • Hotdog says:

      The Living Paradox I think it’s because Dave Filoni also did clone wars and rebels

    • Arrowhead Water Bottle says:

      Sad that no one realizes the inconsistencies he’s created with the film’s and the vast amount of EU lore he erased with TCW.

    • Erastus Mwandingi says:

      @Elliott Watt Lol, he’s been way more hit than miss

  8. Joseph Tonen says:

    I’m so glad we got such a talented group of creators who really understand Star Wars to create this amazing show which I think is Disney’s best Star Wars work. So pumped for season 2!

  9. Random guy says:

    When is the Mandalorian and the last season of Star Wars the Clone Wars going to be released on DVD and Blu Ray?

  10. Alan Torres says:

    I love what awaits for in The Second season of manalorian in a variety of aspects,
    I wonder though since this takes place after the Organized Galactic empire ,And we know that Mando has begun to trust Droids more favorably (Not to the full extent though of course) ,I wonder if the Separatist Super-Tactical Droid Kalani could have an appearance accompanied with maybe a small fleet of warships or a droid army ,Since we have yet to see an end to his story on screen.

    -“This is the Way”!

  11. Sheev Palps says:

    “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one” – Me

  12. Amisa Amer says:

    This cleanses my eyes from that trash ambitious fake trailer by IGN.

    • Jalda says:

      @Brad Neece they probably didn’t know it said parody and were expecting an actual trailer

    • Brad Neece says:

      @Jalda yeah. That’s the joke 😁

    • JACOB F says:

      Intially it didn’t say it was a parody though. When it first released it layed it out as if it was the real thing

    • El Mantishrimp says:

      Well I mean at first they actually titled is season 2 trailer and had to edit it as parody trailer, so i could assume people would’ve been mad

    • Jalda says:

      @El Mantishrimp it doesnt really matter i feel like the fact it said parody made it not that funny these guys just dont really get the joke

  13. Nick Franco Art says:

    If we’re just getting a doc on May 4th, I want it jam packed with Werner Herzog quotes: “Can I offer you a libation to celebrate the closing of our shared narrative?”

  14. Lucas Stchur says:

    “Don’t be cawahds.”

  15. Nicholas Damiani says:

    So right after the clone wars season finale, we are getting this.

  16. Danko Kucharík says:

    The thought, that we have a director in Mandalorian, who won THE OSCAR is just unreal

  17. Jay Cee says:

    They probably release this because of IGN and their BS trailer.

  18. Vignette Film says:

    “Remember to make these stories hopeful, to give that to kids because they really need it.”
    Grew up watching the prequels, and going back to love the originals, and remained hopeful with the sequels, Star Wars is such an integral part of my life I wrote about it for my degree’s graduation thesis. Star Wars will always be a time for me to be a kid again.

    • Vignette Film says:

      @Name Name I think Angelo is trying to say that Rey isn’t exactly a Mary Sue since she does have some character development across the different films. She may be the vessel of the Force in TFA but she learns humility and defeat in TLJ and TROS.

    • Vignette Film says:

      @aman shukla It’s like a cross between a western and a heist movie. It’s pretty good in my opinion.

    • aman shukla says:

      @Vignette Film That sounds great IMO. And what are your thoughts on The Mandalorian and the upcoming Obi-Wan series?

    • Name Name says:

      Vignette Film I can see the character development for Rey in TFA and TROS, but in TLJ it’s ruined, like all the characters for me. I also don’t remember Rey learning defeat in TLJ, unless you count the resistance being basically destroyed.

    • Angelo Barovier says:

      @aman shukla Amen, Aman!

  19. Bowen says:

    Star Wars’s Knights in shining armor.

  20. Bryan Hernández says:

    Si encuentras mi comentario es que:

    Así es el camino.

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