Disney – SNL

Disney – SNL

A dad (Steve Carell) wakes his kids (Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day, Pete Davidson, Melissa Villaseñor) for a surprise trip to Disney World.

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68 Responses

  1. Chris G. says:

    I feel like ever since Mellisa was promoted to repertory player, they’re using her EVEN LESS.

  2. Deven Damji says:

    “Have some respect, I am your father!”
    “I mean, technically…”
    And then Pete’s high-five to top it off 😂😂

  3. jaisnav rajesh says:

    “You mean your dad”😂😂😂

  4. dropkickchester says:

    One thing Pete davidson can do about that A.G. tattoo is marry Art Garfunkel

  5. ScarlettP says:

    0:34 He reminds me of Drake Bell from Drake and Josh 😂

  6. DrGrumholtz says:

    Poor Michael Scott…

  7. WackyYoutuber137 says:

    “Joke from the sketch commented moments after the video is posted, in an attempt to get a lot of likes.”

  8. DigBick says:

    wasnt that funny tbh

  9. asdabir says:

    Idk… this was just a little sad…

  10. dennis says:

    Back in my day, cue cards were the 6th man. Now they are the MVP!

  11. Ulquiorra Cifer says:

    Clearly he has some type of Alzheimers

    • Drop Bear says:

      Or a raging alcoholic

    • shelji214 says:

      Which is absolutely NOT funny. Upsetting, actually.

    • Jae Lynn says:

      +shelji214 You can’t take SNL seriously. It’s sketch comedy and it IS ok to laugh at things that on the surface are not funny. We make jokes about things that are not really funny all the time, or else we would ALL be depressed and crying b/c this world is messed up. This country is the laughing stock of the world now b/c of Trump and all the corruption over the past 50 years or so. Lighten up. My relative died a year ago tomorrow from alcoholism and I can still laugh at alcoholic jokes. It’s how we survive bad things.

  12. King Skeletor !!!! says:

    That wasn’t funny , just really dark.

    • A says:

      I thought it was quite funny. Then again I am a Gen Z

    • Berta Hites says:

      yes actually, it made me sad somehow
      i understand that it’s dark humor but still

    • 1,000 Year Beard says:

      +Compa Nacho I believe finding something ‘NOT funny’ and getting offended are completely different. I think people dealing with dementia in their family might be offended- I’m not offended yet I find this skit humor-free and lacking in taste.

    • Glenn Rickard says:

      Dont you get it!? Dad with early onset Alzheimer’s finds out his disrespectful adult children are not even his and his wife is cheating on him. Ha ha ha ha!
      Tune in next week when he gets accused for a child abuse, gets testicular cancer and ties to cut his wrists but goes the wrong way.

    • slick vick says:

      Yea I couldn’t laugh

  13. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation says:

    Dad… and I mean this… What THE HELL is wrong with you?!

    • Erik Rife says:

      Jesus, the wording of your comment, combined with the timing of your comment, combined with your picture, paints a clear picture of a pathetic, unfunny boy

  14. John Wahlund says:

    This sketch was terrible

  15. Stephen says:

    I dont understand how some of these sketches make it past the brainstorming session…it just was not funny

    • NickBSick says:

      I mean sure its a funny idea but nothing about this sketch made me laugh. The whole thing is “the dads an idiot”

      Didn’t really think it was great. Didn’t think it was terrible. It was just straight meh.

    • Adam Loring says:

      This sketch was written, made the initial cut at the beginning of the week, was rewritten a few times, made the second cut at mid week, survived more re writes, made it through rehearsals, and then dress rehearsals, and finally survived the cuts that they make before air time. So… well there you go.

    • mrprl9 says:

      Stephen It’s dark humor, which a lot of people don’t like or understand. I personally thought it was funnier than most of the skits SNL has done in the last few years. People just have different senses of humor. A lot of the “funny” skits I think are just stupid and boring.

    • Mike Neil says:

      Well when u have this many chicks with input…. it’s probably a tampon commercial in the writers room

    • Arturo Ozuna says:

      I think it has a lot to do with how the sketch is delivered Steve carrel is great, but the new SNL cast sound like they are reading off a paper

  16. SLASHofGAMING says:

    I feel like this skit could be a very sad sequel to the office

  17. Christian Hernandez says:

    I shouldn’t have watched this.

  18. Zack Bedingfield says:

    Quality of the sketches this week makes it seem like Beck and Kyle were off/out.

  19. The Spanktuary says:

    It’s not unfunny because it’s “dark humor”. That would imply there’s any humor at all.

  20. Mrs. Shabooski says:

    I’m not saying this sketch was bad, but I think I speak for a good portion of us when I say: What the eff did I just watch?!?

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