Disney Star Cameron Boyce Dies In His Sleep At Age 20

Disney Star Cameron Boyce Dies In His Sleep At Age 20

Boyce’s family has confirmed the news of his death, indicating that he suffered a seizure and died due to an ongoing medical condition. Joy Benedict reports.

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34 Responses

  1. · Mewelii · says:

    oh my gosh. this hit me hard. I really want to believe Cam didn’t pass away. I’m so glad to grow up watching Jessie when i was little, and see Cam grow too. Rip Cameron Boyce ??

  2. Dylan Stephenson says:

    Man this sucks so much first xxxtentacion and now Cameron both stars not even past 20 it’s so sad to see such young talent pass rip Cameron Boyce

  3. Riya Ajmera says:

    He was too young… Rest in peace Cam ❤️


    R.I.P he will be missed. I really liked the shows he was in. I grew up watching Jessie and loved Luke. He was such a good person too…

  5. Trembling Rose says:

    R.I.P i really wanted to watch desendence ?? 1999-2019??

  6. King Freddy says:

    What about China Anne McClain. They actually grew up together,

  7. Zin Ellen says:

    Rest in peace ??❤… when ı was a child ı always watced he in TV … but now.. it is so hard to hear he is dead ????

  8. e_mtymind _. says:

    He was my entire childhood and now it’s broken now

  9. Jasmin Callejas says:

    R. I. P Cameron Boyce you will always be remembered ??? 1999 – 2019

  10. D'Angelo Clark says:

    First Nipsey Hussle, then Etika, now Cameron Boyce.
    People are dying way to young. I was so ready for 2019 but these deaths just punch you right in the face. R.I.P. to everyone who sadly passed this year.

  11. Diamond Knight says:

    One of my favorite.child stars ever

    He may rest in peace

  12. Golden Girl says:

    Think reminds me of Caleb Leblanc (from Bratayley) RIP Cameron. We’ll all miss you ???

  13. Tristan Game mechannel T says:

    Oh my God did he really die I am Really sad ??
    And we can never see him again?????

  14. celeste hernandez says:

    May he Rest In Peace? all my prayers are with his family and loved ones❤️

  15. Brooklyn Williams says:

    When I first heard this I thought this was fake and it wasn’t. R.I.P Cameron Boyce you were our child hood crush,made our childhood amazing ?????

  16. Charles Dowling says:

    Growing up watching Jessie, my deepest condolences go to his family along with Peyton, Karan, and Skai. They knew him well and I cannot ever know the pain they are dealing with hearing this news… ?

  17. Kit Kat says:

    It’s hard to believe it
    He was a big piece of my childhood
    It’s really hard to believe it
    Coming deep and personal from me,
    Rest In Peace
    Cameron Boyce

  18. Trininator says:

    No celebrity death has hit me so hard… he was such a good guy never in a million years would I imagine this happening.. R.I.P Cameron ???

  19. Naynay Rodriguez says:

    He was so adorable! People say “oh he died of drug overdose!” Nope! Not every celebrity die of drug overdose!

  20. anglx_ HD says:

    He used to be my crush when I was young, it’s so sad that he passed away so young. All he wanted to do was help and protect people. So long my friend ????

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