Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12

Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12

Watch all of these titles and more on Disney+, the ultimate streaming destination for entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Disney+ will launch in the U.S. on November 12, 2019 for $6.99 per month. Visit DisneyPlus.com to learn more.

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54 Responses

  1. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Now put ‘movies magic and more’ before the movies from that era and we’ll be ??

  2. Jochem Wijma says:

    And this is how you promote your streaning service. Well done, Disney

    • First Last says:

      by monopolizing the entertainment industry, edging out all the competition, destroying creative new content, and forcing everyone to buy your services if they want to legally watch the shows they used to see cheaper elsewhere

      yes well done

  3. Jayden Marvel says:

    *This is pure gold, a dream come true.*

    Eventually, every single Disney property on a single streaming service.

  4. everit pl says:

    Disney: there was an idea to bring all the best moneymaker movies together

  5. East Korea Official says:

    I’m hyped for The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, and the yet untitled Kenobi series

  6. Nevelnachos Theory says:

    Seeing the Simpsons on this just doesn’t feel right

  7. Adrienne Cameron says:

    All if our childhoods in one place altogether. It’ll be magical.

  8. Maclain says:

    I’ll give it to them, the nostalgia is strong with this one!

  9. Prince Cobra says:

    just like the simpsons said in an episode. I think disney has far more political power and evil force than anybody expects. watch out folks

    • GTA5Player1 says:

      @Magic Trick88 Well, I’m no pro, but one example would be the Mickey Mouse Protection Act.

    • Joelle Zima says:

      It’s not just about movies: there is almost no corporate competition in the film industry anymore. Name one company that’s equal to disney. You can’t! It becomes political when a single monopoly takes over an entire industry. Think of Rockefeller and Standard Oil: the government literally had to create a law banning one company from owning (and keeping all the revenue) from one industry

    • Ryan Nicholson says:

      Arthur Morgan Key word there is “yet”.

    • Ben George says:

      Hellodan Games yes Disney now owns Fox which means everything Fox owns.

  10. 422rds says:

    How many people weren’t expecting to see The Simpsons in the trailer?

  11. Crazykidstube 22 says:

    Anyone else feel like Thanos is going to snap on November 12th and Netflix is going to turn to dust?

  12. All Ripe Man says:

    Netflix: Hey look at our original movies!
    Disney +: Im aBoUt to EnD tHIS maNs wHoLE CareER…

    • your sleep paralysis Demon says:

      @Gelatinous Satrap did you only come to this video to bash on Disney

    • PandaBear29 says:

      @Gelatinous Satrap You must realize though that a lot of people love Disney. And while adult shows are great, so can kid shows. Furthermore not all Disney is specifically for kids. A lot of people love Marvel and Star Wars*.

      *good for all ages

    • Lil Schleep says:

      PandaBear29 and it’s extremely nostalgic for people who watched these movies as a kid. I’m very excited!

    • Brendon Shih says:

      Gelatinous Satrap Netflix is for adults? Didn’t realize Trollhunters and She-ra were made for adults.

  13. IM BLUE says:

    This video describes all of what Disney bought with there money

  14. AwesomeToysShow says:

    Disney has taken control of my wallet, my life, and everyone I know…

  15. unknown Unknown says:

    Imagine Walt Disney watching this seeing how massive Disney is now

  16. Satyartha Saxena says:

    Disney: buys Marvel
    Same Disney: cant buy spiderman

    • hd warrior says:

      The Person well that’s what they should do or leave Spider-Man to Sony. With the the help of Spider-Man Disney could make that money and much more. Besides Sony bought Spider-Man for like 7 million, and it would be poetic if Disney bought him for 7 billion

    • Alphonse Plays Games says:

      I mean Disney has other men in red they can bring into the MCU and also other heros we could eventually fall in love with like we did Spidey. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel had a plan b just in case Sony did something like this to begin with. I wouldn’t mind seeing some mutants official join the avengers. I mean there are other fish in the sea.

    • No says:

      The Person it’s not just Spider-Man it’s all that comes with him like the villains, the characters and last but not least Spider-Man himself. It’s like how buying the X-men includes all the mutants

    • Brendon Shih says:

      hd warrior 5-7 billion? lol. They bought Star Wars for less than that. Not just the rights to make Star Wars movies but the entire franchise including the rights to the old ones. No way will they spend more than they spent on Star Wars for just the film rights to one Marvel character that they already own the rights to for every medium outside of film.

  17. andrue cates says:

    Netflix: I am inevitable… Clank
    Disney+: and I am Disney… SNAP!

  18. Sjr says:

    Last 2 years I was wondering why I was paying for Netflix, but I let it slide ……. BUT NOWWWW ITS A WRAP loool.


    • anna r. says:

      After Netflix cancelled ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ this year I said ‘…wonder when Disney+ is coming out’. Goodbye Netflix (also heard that Disney+ is like half the price as Netflix, but I’m not sure if that’s a rumor yet or not)

    • Hunter Smith says:

      anna r. Disney Plus is 6.99$ a month and 69.99$ a year. But you can get a bundle with Hulu and Espn+ for 12.99 a month.

  19. Rachel McAfee says:

    Did anyone get emotional while watching this??? Or am I the only one

  20. Hammad Ali says:

    The thumbnail shows how big Tony Stark was. Out of the entire vast history of Disney movies, they showed Iron Man in the thumbnail.

    • Writing Geek says:

      Out of their entire history they showed:
      1. A B-level comic book character.
      2. A character from a non-Disney movie.

      Should have been Mickey Mouse though, much more iconic.

    • crocman2cool says:

      Writing Geek good thing they chose an A level cinema movie hero and the leader of the most successful film franchise of all time

    • PandaBear29 says:

      @Writing Geek
      Marvel started their universe with Iron Man. *Spoiler* And then ended the Infinity Saga with him dying (phase 1-phase 3). Therefore, he’s very predominate, and will probably get the most clicks. Honestly, if Mickey Mouse was the thumbnail, I probably wouldn’t have clicked..

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