Disney Trivia with Mickey Mouse 2 (@Wafellow)

Disney Trivia with Mickey Mouse 2 (@Wafellow)

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36 Responses

  1. Shrekwazowski says:

    Wafellow’s laugh is just the cherry-on-top for this video.

  2. Gloria Ramos says:

    At least he’s honest about his father’s career path

    • Salvation says:

      @Notconnor01 Germany was fascist Italy was fascist Japan was fascist Spain was the last country to last as a fascist regime in Europe

    • Jay says:

      @redfear77 Nazism is right-wing. Yes, Hitler got elected by a party with socialist in the name, but that means shit. The leftist, especially socialist were one of the tons of groups hunted by Hitler. Nazism IS NOT socialist.

    • sop sop says:

      @Nobody Nobody Nazis aren’t white supremacists, there were definitely a lot of white people killed in ww2 for a variety of reasons.

    • German Nava says:

      @blue it’s in the pudding

    • Jermaine Crutchfield says:

      Walt definitely was a Nazi sympathizer.

  3. Katsuki's Anime Edits💥 says:

    “He was a Nazi” got me laughing hard😂
    (thx everyone i never got this many likes😁)

  4. Ricegaming Yt says:

    It’s funny how he doesn’t know his own dad Walt is his uncle walt’s friend named Ub Iwerks is his dad😂🤣

  5. Thatpoisonmushroom YT says:

    Actually, Mick was wrong about Steamboat Willie being his first cartoon. Actually it was “Plane Crazy”. For shame Mickey, for shame

  6. Matt T. Julien says:

    I won’t be happy until Disney hires Hassan as the official voice of Mickey.

  7. Pinecone Moonshine says:

    Mickey’s resting faces are something else. It’s like a mix of dropped on the head as a child, thinking about minneys tail, and being guilty.

  8. Thunderlina says:

    If anyone is curious, Mickey’s nephews are named Morty and Ferdie!

  9. Apollos Gadfly says:

    The reason they called it “Steamboat Willie” was because when Minnie first met Mickey on set, she said, “I’ll steamboat his willie.”

  10. Hendra Fuady says:

    Atleast He’s Honest with His Father’s Career Path.. And I Love How He’s Popular As Leni Riefenstahl 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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