Disney World

Disney World

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62 Responses

  1. Octavia Mundy says:

    Happy New Year ????

  2. The Real Tiger says:


  3. ImadeYouSadYT says:

    Lol I could barely go on a baby roller coaster without screaming

  4. Diffup says:

    Ya know I’m gonna be an old man and be riding the fastest most intense rides.

  5. High Caliber Garbage says:

    If Earth was a cell, Disney would be the Mitochondria.

  6. Za- zizi says:

    lol. I’m so late I’m watching this in 2019

  7. Chris B says:

    As a Disney World cast member, this video absolutely cracks me up

  8. Tank Bank says:

    Absaloutley love my trips to Disney World, watching the video brought back a lot of good memories!

  9. Garrett Brando says:

    During the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, I managed to ride 7-8 rides in a matter of an hour. MORE PEOPLE WATCHING THE FIREWORKS MEANT LESS PEOPLE WAITING IN LINE ?

    • Mr. Meerkat says:

      Exactly, at attraction/theme parks, typically when the final parade/show/fireworks happen, the vast vast vast majority of people go and watch so you can typically sit all the big ones at least once in less than an hour.

    • Stone Miller says:

      Garrett Brando oh my god you are a genius

    • Emily Hoss says:

      This especially if you get extra park time or the big show/fireworks have multiples! The second show will also probably have less children.

    • Dat Girl says:

      I went there 2 years ago and I rode 1 ride 3 times in half an hour during the fireworks ????

    • Jackie Fowler says:

      Lol so true I have seen them at least ten times so me and my mom just run from ride to ride while they are happening

  10. King0f Skinks says:


  11. TheRhythmicTale says:

    I went to the tower of terror in France once and I had to wait for 2 hours in line for 15 seconds of enjoyment.

  12. Hanakin Sidewalker says:

    I remember heading to Animal Kingdom back in April and the first ride we headed to was the Avatar: Flight of Passage ride, because we had Fastpasses for it.
    It wasn’t even an hour since the park had opened and the stand-by line wait time already read 240 minutes. People were ready to wait in line for four hours just to get on this ride, and the line stretched out past the boundary that the ride was located in.
    Moral of the story, if you plan on hitting Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom, get a Fastpass in advance.

  13. Pixel Bytes says:

    I never liked Disney World after the age of 10 or so because I always felt guilty that my parents would spend so much money. I rathered see family or stay home. I hated thrill rides and I have never had good self-esteem over how I appeared to others when walking around or waiting in line. Restaurants always had nice food but I always preferred the unbranded restaurants you’d see in places like downtown Disney as opposed to the mickey mouse and toy story restaurants in the parks. But those kinds of unbranded restaurants can be found everywhere and at cheaper prices. The best part I like about those places now I’m older (not by much but whatever) is all the merchandise not available outside the parks or just plain cute plushies.

    • Alex Siemers says:

      Although I haven’t been to Disney World specifically, I can relate to this whenever I go anywhere exotic. Compound all this with being super anxious all the time and having two brothers who don’t stop fighting, and I end up seeing vacations (and holidays as a whole, too) as just a time for unnecessary stress.

    • Lawliet Yagami says:

      Im the same. I constantly worry about the people around me and will refuse to go if there is a big crowd

    • ædan! at the disco says:

      i haven’t left scotland in 5 years uwu

  14. Geeky Pixel says:

    Yeah those black holes at Disney are a real problem. I know someone who used to have a brother…

    Got sucked into one of the black holes…

  15. 7th Hokage says:

    How to make a top comment:
    1. Say something about the animation.
    2. Say: who is watching in 2017/2018?
    3: Make a beat drop joke.
    4 write the lyrics.
    5.say a random joke.
    6. Do what I am doing now.
    7. Make a list.
    8 Being TheFatRat and saying something
    9. Doing the

    Read more


    10. Making a long comment.
    11.say: like if you’re still reading
    12 saying something about the content.
    13. Saying: Hi random person scrolling through the comments!
    14. Copy pasting like me!
    Like if you agree ( also one 😀 )

  16. Solutionizer says:

    0:10 “to get a VRV premi-”
    We will never know what he said…

  17. Vivienne Bird-Blob says:

    “What people don’t realize is that his name has been a typo this whole time.”
    “It’s actually ‘Wait-Disney’ ”
    Me: *inhales deeply*

  18. JAS TODD says:

    *Who els thought dom was about to make a story about not being tall enough for the rides?????*

  19. Nada Dealer says:

    You’re not saving money bringing children under 3 years old (despite having no payment for tickets). You still have to pay for their food which, by my guess, Is super expensive.

  20. hinghinge kook nuke says:

    I once saw someone who looked like my brother from behind. For some reason, I punched him, but not too hard. When he said “OW!” I realized he was not my brother. I took off my jacket cuz I was in a building with super high AC. After I took it off, I dared my brother to wear it for 30mins so he would get in trouble instead of me. It turned out okay. About one day later, he saw me with my same jacket. His parents didn’t believe him, so he started to try to beat me up, and his parents made him go on the scariest ride in animal kingdom, and the parents gave me $20. That was the most guilty day of my life

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