Disney’s ‘First Openly Gay Character’ Isn’t Gay – (Beauty and The Beast)

Disney’s ‘First Openly Gay Character’ Isn’t Gay – (Beauty and The Beast)

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To Disney, an ‘openly gay’ LeFou means he ‘loves to sing and dance’ … literally just like every single character in Beauty and The Beast

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According to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers an “openly gay superhero” means… not that… Sorry, Yellow Power Ranger.

Disney’s ‘First Openly Gay Character’ Isn’t Gay

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20 Responses

  1. Blue hair don't care says:

    let’s be real Lafou was gay in the original

  2. ibBIGMAC 100 says:


  3. grancrackers 428 says:

    I hated all the people I knew that wasn’t gonna see Beauty and the Beast because there was a “gay” person in it ?

  4. Jennysweret says:

    To be fair, Lefou was pretty damn out there in the original. Being a very “flamboyant” gay person doesn’t have to be a bad thing, does it? I do think it suits the character, honestly. Sure you want some more variety in gay characters but I think it fits here.

  5. Flameo Hotman says:

    I always get really annoyed when creators say one of their characters is gay in an interview but then there’s no sign of it in the movie/book/show. It’s really not so difficult. All it takes is one line. “I’m gay.” There ya go, you’ve created an openly gay character. Congratulations.

  6. Jonathan Stern says:

    Timon and Pumba were lovers. Rattigan and Basil are exes.

    Deadpool, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Black Widow, and Mystique are all bisexual in the comics.

  7. blehTM says:

    if you see an article that *announces* that they have lgbt+ characters, then you can be sure that the character was not executed well and that they’re just looking to be praised for their nonexistent diversity. lgbt+ characters shouldn’t need to be announced that they’re lgbt+ ffs, you should know if they are when you watch the movie. that’s just my onion tho

  8. James Burgess says:

    I feel why mention it if it adds nothing of relevance to the story or character. Movies act like being gay is character trait, when it’s not, just like being straight isn’t a defined trait.

  9. Jesse the Smartass says:

    The issue with gay characters in films/tv is that their whole persona revolves around being gay rather than just being a fact about them.

  10. DrMechano says:

    The best kind of LGBT character is one where their sexuality/identity is incidental to their character, not something that wholly defines them. Y’know, like they’re being written as actual people or something!

  11. DeathBlackWish says:

    These writers and production companies don’t give a fuck about actually making diverse characters. They just want to cash in on diversity by attempting to pushy diversity boundaries in Hollywood. fuck them.

  12. DrMechano says:

    I actually feel like Undertale does a really good job with this, honestly. Undyne’s gay and Alphys is bi, but both of those things are just incidental traits about both their characters, not something that completely defines who they are. Their sexualities are important, obviously, since they’re romantically attracted to each other – but they still have fully fleshed-out personalities outside of that, and that’s really important to writing a good character.

  13. Playfulpanthress says:

    How can Hollywood not get gay characters?? Isn’t half of Hollywood gay? Open a window and ask someone.

    Or here’s a thought: write a complex and complete straight character, better than you always do though, then simply switch their sex. But only theirs and you should be good.

  14. Kit Kateline says:

    Honestly, the best representation is when a character is incidently gay and their story doesn’t just revolve around them being gay and their main characteristic is not that they’re gay. There are several TV shows and movies that have accomplished this, even some with a gay main character whose sexuality isn’t their defining feature:
    In The Flesh: Kieren Walker (pansexual), Simon Monroe (homosexual), Rick Macy (homosexual)
    Star Trek Beyond: Hikaru Sulu (in a homosexual marriage)
    Class BBC: “Charlie Smith” (homosexual), Matteusz Andrzejewski (homosexual)
    Eyewitness: Lukas Waldenbeck (homosexual), Philip Shea (homosexual)
    Black Mirror/San Junipero: Kelly (bisexual), Yorkie (homosexual)
    Hannibal: Margot Verger (homosexual), Alana Bloom (bisexual), Hannibal Lecter (pansexual), Will Graham (heterosexual in a homoromantic relationship)

  15. Mallika Banerjee says:

    It’s just a cash grab. There shouldn’t be a need to “announce” there is a gay character.
    This only causes homophobic groups to boycott movies without even looking at the context in which these characters are shown.

  16. Castiel Winchester says:

    For once I want a character who is openly gay but not the only character trait he has. Like not all gay men dance flamboyantly or talk in a high pitched voice. Some of us like sports. I play soccer and I was on the track team in high school. I love comic books. One of my favorite comics is Batman. I also like reading. And I’m going to college to be a lawyer. And I’m minoring in psychology What I’m saying is I have other interests besides men.

  17. Danny Boy Jango says:

    Oh boy, they did an Overwatch. Litcherally who cares?
    Fun fact: one of the graphic design artists for Cracked is gay. Give them money now.

  18. Chinedu Opara says:

    Disney is torn between trying to be culturally relevant yet not piss off the traditional heterosexual conservative ticket-buying parents (or their corporate shareholders).

  19. Amaranth says:

    I can confirm that magic wardrobes make you gay.

  20. Max Is Mad says:

    Then what was the point of all the controversy!

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