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45 Responses

  1. unfaithful says:

    I’m confused why you haven’t gotten professional help from a nutritionist/dietitian and personal trainer. Some therapists also focus on alcohol abuse. You have the means and access to not do this on your own and overwhelm yourself to the point that you backtrack, take advantage of that! 💕

    • C Lea says:

      I love Jaclyn, but she needs some truth serum and needs to own up to her mistakes. She’s causing herself to fail EVERY DAMN TIME because she KEEPS CLINGING ON TO HER MILLIONS OF EXCUSES AND PHONY PROMISES. She needs to hold herself accountable, face the facts and, YES, GET PROFESSIONAL HELP. She’s an alcoholic with an eating disorder and self medicating DOESNT WORK. she ain’t ready to change!

    • C Lea says:

      She’s a drama queen. Loves attention. She keeps falling back on ” anxiety, depression, stress, ” blah blah blah… And is a privileged millionaire who can buy basically anything she wants… That means she can eat anything she wants. She likes making excuses then tries to validate EVERY EFFIN EXCUSE she friggin makes by blaming anxiety, depression , stress. Never wants to address the problem at the roots lol. It’s just a cycle of drama ! She absolutely loves it. Has all the resources but chooses not to utilize them because her addictions and excuses are more valuable to her than fixing her problems. This allows her to live out her gluttonous lifestyle and keep making validation videos after binging pretending she’s getting back on track. All the drama, excuses and bs repeats.

    • Zenn Exile says:

      @Alexia Vincent ahhh bless yer heart.

    • me♡ says:


  2. Sarona says:

    Its nice to realise when you need help but the victim mentality seems to be an addiction these days and its more dangerous than anything else because you ultimately become your own downfall. Im glad she notices her issues, I hope she uses that knowledge to seek professional mental, physical and spiritual health. Otherwise- you just become a “victim” and the more u talk about everything thats wrong the more addicted to this mindset you become and the deeper the grave you dig for yourself…its a vicious cycle. Hope her loved ones can help her see accountability instead of enabling this- sometimes truth sounds “harsher” but thats the only way to heal is to be honest. Feeling bad for u and just enabling it wont help, in fact it does the opposite.

    • Courtney Halchak says:

      @kristeena c I understand where you are coming from. Her statement about drinking a reward drink for not drinking took me back to my days when I was trying to quit drinking. I had the same bargaining system with myself. Then when I sobered up, I did it with food. I was an addict in every facet of my life. Period. I still have the same struggles today, because addiction is forever. I hope she can find what works for her. I know how damn hard it is. Every. Single. Day.

    • kristeena c says:

      I agree, i was so confused when she said “im focusing on the no drinking” & then in the next clip she says “im going to have a drink or two this will be my reward for not drinking” like huh? She has a problem i feel. If you cant just say im not drinking & ill be fine. Also i feel like the people around her are enabling her. He logic is just not adding up. Makes me sad that she wont just take time away to deal with her sobriety its no wonder that shes all over the place. I hope at some point she can be honest with herself & seek help. I feel like until that happens everything else wont fall into place.

    • Lena Ortega says:

      @Avery Martinez Didn’t say she was clumsy. Didn’t say she was a horrible person. You do fall and you get up. She wouldn’t be feeling overwhelmed by everything if she stopped and literally worked on one thing at a time. She’s been trying for a long time and obviously the way she’s working on herself isn’t really working. And you said at least she’s seeking help, yes. She should seek help. She should seek help for all her issues. Food. Alcohol. Etc not just her Mental health. I follow Jacklyn because I think she’s awesome. No other reason. ✌🏼

    • Avery Martinez says:

      Y’all need to chill. That’s life. You fall then you just keep getting up. Some people are clumsier than others. But at least she keeps trying. You should stop putting people down. If she really does have problems, mentally and with alcohol, it’s easier said than done. It IS an addiction. She is FAR from the worst person out there. At least she is seeking help unlike others who choose not to get help.

  3. Laura Catherine Chacon says:

    I’m confused why you haven’t gotten professional help from a nutritionist/dietitian and personal trainer. Some therapists also focus on alcohol abuse. You have the means and access to not do this on your own and overwhelm yourself to the point that you backtrack, take advantage of that! 💕

    • Pink Cake says:

      @Seven Hunnid MannyMua, Iluvsarahii & Sebastian, & many of their friends are very successful & Mexican..but it shouldn’t really matter where a person comes from. It matters how hard they work. That is what makes them successful.

    • Lisa A says:

      Doing it for the views

    • Brooke says:

      @hawazen j actually the comment I replied to was hateful and was deleted

    • hawazen j says:

      @Brooke it’s not hateful, she complains about being overweight yet continues to make bad decisions with no outside help. Even when i was pregnant i had horrible body dysmorphia, i went to therapy and went to a nutritionist. logic.

    • Dan and Candy Parrott says:

      @cami lachae I don’t think you understand the definition of “hateful and cruel”, because this isn’t it. Some people need truthful words to wake up.

  4. Lauren Smith says:

    Jaclyn, I love you and the person that you are. But never reward yourself with alcohol for not going to alcohol in the midst of tragedy. That is your drug of choice, it is a struggle for you. you should not do that to yourself. It’s like telling a crackhead “hey you can have a rock, you haven’t smoked in 6 months. you deserve this!!!” it’ll only lead down bad paths. I’m a recovering addict myself. You have to remove and move away from situations and people and stuff that could bring you back down to that path and when you get weak, you go to who supports you the most and that’s Jordan and your mom and your family and all of us here that love you. I don’t want to see something bad happen to you because you rewarded yourself with a drink but then you got out of hand unintentionally. I’ve been on this journey since I was 18, I’ll be 32 in 5 days. So it’s been a minute since I started my journey. Please consider my advice. I usually just watch videos on the internet quietly and keep my opinions to myself, unless I feel like it may be needed. I’ve watched you for the past 5 years very quietly 💛🙏🏼 very few times I’ve commented but I love you.

    • Victoria R says:


    • keira says:

      totally agree

    • Natasha Renfro says:

      I totally agree. I’m sober and that kind of mentality will eventually bring you right back

    • Brandie Greig says:

      I agree with you (thank you for your honesty and this comment) I am in recovery as well ~ watching this just reminds me of the insanity and what it’s like to be on the precipice of the first step of admitting that you’re powerless over alcohol/or drugs and that your life has become unmanageable. I really do hope that she is able to recognize what’s going on and take decisive action quickly.

  5. Julia Campbell says:

    sensing some serious ED behaviors here… addiction and eating disorders often go hand and hand. Definitely think that outside help would be so beneficially. You can do this Jaclyn!

  6. Brittany Post says:

    Highly recommend not thinking of alcohol in any amount as a reward for not having had alcohol. One of those little mindset things that can lead you back in the wrong direction. Good for you for making changes!

    • Deva Jacobsen says:

      I agree. The only thing worked for me was to go cold turkey and find other ways to reward myself. After a few months I completely stopped thinking about alcohol… It was liberating

    • Down with the Clique says:

      Makes me think that she has a problem

  7. Kia ! T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me says:

    Honest question here Jaclyn, don’t you think that “rewarding” yourself for doing well with not abusing alcohol by having a drink or two is totally counterintuitive? You admit to having a problem with alcohol abuse (congratulations for that) so maybe it’s time now to be a bit more real with yourself.

    • Girl Scout Cookies says:

      Honest question but how are bots suddenly able to interpret videos? I’ve seen similar profiles with this with same comments or slightly different it’s like they’re setting up people to watch videos and interpret them idk A.I. getting too real man.

    • catherine contino says:

      I THOUGHT THE SAME THING like she is soo scary to hear talk like how she rationalizes her lack of discipline, every single jaclyn journey is her “taking a break”😂

    • Maribel Rivera says:

      California Rehab vibes…..a-la Demi Lovato. Crazy a$$ rich people.

    • Laura H says:

      100% agree so sad that no one can tell her that on her team

  8. BrookeyJade says:

    I love how Jordan took the scale away ♥️🥺👏🏻 Totally agree with one thing at a time- you’ve got this jac you are soo strong and no matter what we are all so proud of you! You’re doing amazing!!!! 🌸☀️🧡🙌🏻

  9. Adasa Montano says:

    Im a recovering alcoholic, Jaclyn so I understand exactly how you feel. Hang in there hun. The more often you deny yourself a drink the easier it gets but it does take a good while. Those first few months are torture. Remember why youre doing this. Sober for 6 yrs now.

    • butrflysings01 says:

      @Michelle Vega There’s 100’s of diagnosis that can cause that. I don’t think it’s right to label someone with a term that requires a medical diagnosis.

    • Michelle Vega says:

      @butrflysings01 and…what is anothwr word to say person that haves problems with alcohol???

    • Laura Catherine Chacon says:

      @Alyssa Hamlett yep and whether she’s an alcoholic or not, she cries about it one clip and then she’s making a joke about being blacked out and almost having sex on an airplane. It’s insulting to those who truly are struggling.

    • Alexandria Cosentino says:

      @Alyssa Hamlett AGREED!!

  10. Mikayla Cano says:

    I support her journey. Just don’t understand why she is so confused there is no progress when she is constantly being indulgent. There’s no “reward” after a few days if you’re being serious about progress. Reward should only come after at least a month of what you are aiming to do.. no wonder she is all over the place. She’s confusing her body and mind constantly. I’d be having panic attacks too.

    • Gabriela Vega says:

      True, and it breaks my heart because i get the strong feeling that people around her are affraid to give it to her straight. No discipline = no progress.

    • Kasey Sage says:

      I agree, I feel like she’s gotta hunker down and just commit to no alcohol and improved eating habits! I think she scared she’s going to lose the social aspect which I completely understand

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