Distraught father of 3 victims tries to physically attack Larry Nassar in courtroom

Distraught father of 3 victims tries to physically attack Larry Nassar in courtroom

Randall Margraves, father of three victims, is tackled by Eaton County Sheriff deputies as he tries to attack Larry Nassar during the second day of his sentencing at the Eaton County Courthouse in Charolette, Mich. on Feb. 2, 2018. (Joel Bissell | MLive.com)

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90 Responses

  1. James Roseboro says:

    Great Job Dad!!

  2. Roua Al says:

    This monster does not need to have three meals a day and a bed to sleep on! He deserves to die. GET RID OF HIM!

  3. Warren Spearman says:

    That man deserves his revenge.

    • Adam Williams says:

      An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

      The court system exists as a more-optimal alternative to a never-ending chain of revenge.

    • Caleb Speasmaker says:

      max im did you not hear the DOZENS of young women who came in and spoke their horrific story? He did it and deserves to be hung til dead.

    • Blue Apple says:

      +Adam Williams actually an eye for an eye has people stop and think before they commit a crime

    • Caleb Speasmaker says:

      Adam Williams no and eye for an eye doesn’t make the world blind. A because that’s stupid and not how Sharia law works and B we all have two eyes. The courts have to much red tape and can never get anything done, the courts have know since 2004 that this bastards was raping young women and didn’t do anything because of the rules that hold them back so for 13 GODDAMN more years this bastard got to continue getting paid for raping these poor women due to the incompetence of the court system all under the haze of ‘civility’. For 13 god damn more years this guy got to live free because of people like you with your weak mindset and it all could have been resolved if someone like this father would have been allowed to take care of business.

    • Oliver Garcia says:

      max im this is YouTube and no one will take my comment seriously and I would do the same the dad did, but this is true. Some drug dealer in Cuba ghosted my phone and was using my phone number to make ongoing/outgoing calls which were being traced by the DEA for months. My phone line randomly gets shut off and the FBI pulls me out of my college dorm room at 6 in the morning waking up literally 1200 guys because everyone wanted to know why the FBI stormed into our dorm. After 2 months of brutal accusations, being questioned, having all this “evidence” brought forth me, etc. Then they realized a medical student who only slept 4 hours a night couldn’t run a drug ring out of Cuba. They let me go clean but the school didn’t let me back into classes, I’ve had PTSD for 5+ years, 13+ suicide attempts, I haven’t spoken to another person besides my mom in 8 months. Literally.

  4. Raffy Things says:

    they should let the father’s or mothers of the victims let them have 5 minutes with him alone but trust me he will have hundreds & thousands of minutes with inmates that will treat him very nice.

  5. Eleanor Svenson says:

    They should be able to scream at him. Don’t chastise those people! And that father better have been released right away.

  6. Kenneth Crain says:

    I would have gave him 10 minutes with Nassar.

  7. Meaty Clackers says:

    Genius plan now they can be cellmates

  8. Greg Tucher says:


    • Morel Hunter says:

      Ted 1 No one is untouchable.

    • Achielles says:

      Ted 1 im sure some guards would look away, if not participate themselves.

    • Hugh Hoang says:

      In prison it’s called a “smash in”. Guards from time to time “just happen to be looking the other way” An inmate’s your job is to smash in predator when the guards “happen to look the other way”. If you don’t smash in a predator the other inmates will smash in you…prison rules.

    • Scott Davidson says:

      Greg Tucher Oh my gosh….he will get annihilated in the booty joint. Most likely murdered.

    • PJ Mo says:

      Greg Tucher he won’t be put anywhere near dangerous general population inmates. Molesters get thrown in segregation with other sexual predators. Plus Nassar is going to a lower level facility they said do not many hardcore ppl are there

  9. oooweeitznee says:

    Good job dad !!! 👌🏼

  10. Tarkan Süalp says:

    That dude was the only ‘man’ who ever attended any of these hearings

    • bradleyk200 says:

      Verissimus stop trying to sound intellectual. And He didn’t “succumb to his emotions over reason and logic.” What is logical about speaking your feelings to the guy who raped your three daughters? It’s seems more logical that Nassar should suffer physical pain from the man who’s daughters he raped. Prison time doesn’t do justice

    • Tom Atos says:

      Verissimus maybe you didn’t read what I wrote, your courtroom of justice and civility is built on top the bodies of dead natives of the land. So what are you saying?

    • AgeDrain says:


      Verissimimus😇: “If man acts like a ape and…….. wait what did you do to my mother! You son a 🤬

      🤔: wait what about reason and logic for the court system.

      Veri: So what im a hypocrite so sue me in court

    • prospect689 says:

      Verissimus You are full of shit

  11. Dandy Don says:

    Put me on his assault charge jury, please.  NOT GUILTY.  Go Fund Me for him.

  12. Jim H. says:

    The part that really got to me was when the judge started yelling at the poor man. “I understand your frustration, but you cannot do this. This is not helping your children, this is not helping your community, this is not helping us, this is not helping the police dept.”

    Are you effing kidding me, lady? I agree with the daughters part, but the community, the police, and the royal YOU, you’re referring to are the reason this guy was able to get away with this for decades unimpeded. They had a report in hand in 2004 that this was going on and did nothing.

    I don’t typically like engaging in profanity, but who gives a fuck about helping you people? Only after overwhelming numbers came out did you do anything!

  13. John Michael says:

    Let him have his 5min! hit like

  14. Paul Page says:

    A father’s instincts is to protect his daughters from a monstrous predator like Nassar.

    • Richard Stroker says:

      And he failed.

    • lmnop1022 says:

      How is he protecting them after they’ve already been molested, Sherlock?

    • Mr. G says:

      Richard Stroker I hate being judgemental, but he got not 1 , not 2, but 3 of your kids… In a way looking at him I felt like he was doing that more out of shame.

    • Mark Smith says:

      You are correct. He probably feels like a failure, that he let his kids down. His kids are standing there saying what sounds like “stop”. I think this type of outburst is cowardly at this point. It does no good. He’s already received his sentencing. This father who is understandably upset, ultimately failed his daughters. I don’t blame him for wanting this but at this point its not for his daughters sake, its for his.

    • ShortOnTalent says:

      Mark Smith cowardly? You voted for Hillary didn’t you? Just shut the fuck up if you’re going to say stupid shit like that. So easy for you to say behind a mouse and keyboard, sucking on 1 thumb while the other thumb is up your ass.

  15. Mikey Mike says:

    They should’ve let the father get at least one good punch in before taking him down. Bravo to the father.

    • UltimateKyuubiFox says:

      PolishandProud Raping hundreds of underage girls versus punching a child rapist aren’t even close.

    • Robbie Hartless says:

      If the police would have reacted as fast as the camera man panning over to the action,, maybe he woulda .. #panfasternextime

  16. Anthony Napolitano says:

    Father of the YEAR!

  17. Scott Dilinger says:

    I would of done the same thing

  18. Not MyName says:

    Hold your head up dad. You did exactly what any reasonable father would and should have done.

  19. Brian M says:

    Incredible Dad, my heart breaks for him and his paid. Wish the cops would of let him get a couple of swings in first. Hope his fam starts a go fund me page I will happily contribute to pay his fine.

    • mustanghunter2020 says:

      PolishandProud get off your high horse. You are on the outside looking in. You can not comprehend his pain and mental state at that moment. Go ahead let your daughter get molested and assaulted for an unspecified number of years and tell me your fabricated mindset.

    • Sayu Satoru says:


      You seem like the type who has failed every math class they ever took.

      Objectively he isn’t even close to the same level as Nassar. I don’t know how 0+1=150 to you.

    • hhgttg says:

      PolishandProud, you must be one of the idiot soy boys I have heard about. Don’t doubt for one minute every officer in that room wouldn’t have done exactly what this Father tried to do. Go troll somewhere else.

    • AJ T says:

      mustanghunter2020 Thank you for your comment; I was gonna make the same comment. Unfortunately it seems in the America (we are not a UNITED States anymore) I think all these idiots are bullies & proud of it. Apparently they like being total asses. Thx again!

    • Cheesy Maccool says:

      PolishandProud you probably never have been sexually touch or rape huh? Or had one of your kids molested? Don’t judge without any knowledge son.

  20. TizziQ says:

    I will gladly help pay for his court costs/bail.

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